Mr. Carrow worked at the PPG glass plant in Crystal City for more than 40 years. Young son of Mons.Caron. Aselle Leclere, aged about 22 yrs. 1823, Oct. 24. Charles Frederick Hug, aged 5 months. Memorial donations, if desired, may be made to the First Baptist Church of Ste. EARLIEST MISSOURI RECORDS. Son of Gabriel Lachange and Genevieve Charleville. 1817, Feb. 8. Susanne Leonille Butler, aged 15 months. 17. Joseph Simonau, aged about 40. Pierre, son of Louis Betrand and Genevieve Hunau. 1816, Nov. 2. Sainte Genevieve Catholic Parish: Beautiful Church in a Small Town - See 20 traveler reviews, 61 candid photos, and great deals for Sainte Genevieve, MO, at Tripadvisor. Mathilde, daughter of Francois Simoneau and Julie Robert, aged 8 months. Pelagie Placet, aged 20 years. Etienne Govreau, aged 45 July 15. 24. 1831, April 12. V No 1 to 4. 1780, Aug. 22. The church built in the new town was called the church of Ste. Jan. 21.   Pierre Chauvin, aged about 60, widower of Marie Hebert. Nicholas Israel Larose, aged 9 days. Charles Roy, aged 1 yr., 6 months. 1824, July 31. Francois Valle, Captain of Militia and Judge Particular of the Poste of Ste. George Cromer, aged 45 years. aged about 60 years. 1793. (Must be same as above.) Marguerite Pelletier dit Antaya, aged 4 years. Marie Louise Lasource, wife of Louis Lasource, aged 24. Marianne Govreau, wife of Andre Deguire, aged 56. The parish of Ste. 1810. Francois Durand, USA (1,112,756) > Missouri (38,338) > Missouri Marriage Records (1,161) > Ste Genevieve County Marriage Records (10). Young daughter of Augustin Aubuchon. You will find a loving relaxed atmosphere to worship our heavenly father. Jeanne Maurice, aged about 90. 1822, Aug. 30. 1804, Mar. Marie Therese, wife of the living Jean Baptiste Pratte. 1823 Sept. 20. Genevieve Mercier, wife of Francois Patnot (?) Dominique Lasource, aged 65. Joseph Shay, native of Pittsburg, aged 28. Henry Pratte. Marie Aurilie Range, aged 6 months. Saline Township was one of the two original townships in Ste. Charlotte Lasource, wife of .Sieur Laffont, aged 40 years. Francois Xavier Dahmen, Charles Eugene Roi, aged about 1 year. 5. mfd/mobile home built in 1965. 1803, Sept. 20. 1837, April 3. 1824, Nov. 4. 1813. 1799, Sep. 13. 1835, Oct. 22. 1791, Oct. 29. 1837, Feb. 3. 1st column: "1780, Aug. 22nd," the word "Angois" Ls intended for the French word Anglais meaning "English." July 12. 1824, Sept. 10. Louis Lacroix, native of Quebec, aged. We’re glad you’ve stopped by our website at Hope Church in Ste Genevieve Missouri! 1808. Madame Louis Deguire, aged about 40. Francoise Corset, wife of Jean Baptiste Bequette, aged 24. Henri Charles Lehaye, aged about 5 months. Marie Louise Durand, aged 37. 1836, Sept. 23. 1835, Dec. 14.   Matthew Ziegler. 1804, Feb. 8. J. Timon, Vical General. Louis, son of Louis Govreau, aged 3 yrs. Pierre Larose, aged 25. Pierre Thorique, aged about 80. 1789, Nov. 9. Genevieve died Jan. 2, 2021, in Ste Genevieve. Daniel Mosley Nicholas Laforme, son of Charles Laforme and Dorothea, (Indian), aged 8 days. ... My daughter,Rose McDonough, on October 19th was married at Ste.Genevieve Catholic Church and had her Reception at the Dubourg Centre. Our mission at Hope Church is to provide you with the word God so that you know the love God has for you, and to help you live in the fullness of Christ. Genevieve St Gemme. 1806, Sep. 24. Genevieve) We, the members of Ste. 1754, Jan. 9. Sieur Charles Peyroux, aged 60. Very respectfully, Infant of Mons. 1804, Feb. 29. Infant of Joseph Lafleur. 1788, Nov. 6. Infant child of Don Francois Valle. Marianne Girard, wife of Nicholas Callot Lachange, aged 54. 1837, May 12. 1783, July 13. Madame Villars, died suddenly by lightning. Infant of Louis Aubuchon. Cecile Thomure, aged 38, [Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly April 1916 Vol. 1797. 1802. 1836, June 3.   Henriette Scott, aged 37. Nov. 10.   Charles Aime, aged 70. Welcome in the name of Jesus Christ to Holy Cross Lutheran Church! 1796, May 2. Established by 1750, Ste. Edmond Moreau, aged 7 months. May. 1796, Jan. 9. 1804. Genevieve County Courthouse 55 S. 3rd Street Ste. Jean Baptiste Janis, aged 78. Infant of Elizabeth. (to be continued) 1783, Jan. 13 Pierre Reboloise, soldier of the Bataillon of Louisiana, native of Valence, Spain, aged 42. 1821, Aug. 26. 1780, Sep. Pierre Parens, aged 30, native of Beauport, Canada. 1773, Sep. 1. Magueritc Deguire. Etienne, son of Etienne Govreau and Marie La Vallee. Henri Valle, aged 2 months. Catharine Placet, daughter of Michel Placet and Marie Louise Aubuchon, aged 2 years. Louis Buat, aged about 62. 1821, July 19. 1760. March 26, 2020 . 1790, Jan. 4. Rev. 1760, Jan. 3. Young son of Joseph Pratte. Clementine Range, aged 7 months. 1780, June 27. Early French Canadian settlers were drawn here by the rich agricultural land known as Le Grand Champ (the Big Field). Morin dit Valeaur, native of the diocese of Quebec, aged 75. Child   of Auguste Aubuchon. Marie Louise Lacroix, wife of Henry Ignac Hebert, aged about 50. Prev Next. 1824, June 7. 1795, June 3. 1836, July 23. 1834, Aug. 20. "REV. 1824, Aug. 27. Juliette Dufour, aged 8 years. 1797. Jean Dodge, son the deceased Jean Dodge and Marianne Kim (?) 1783, Dec. 13. Julie Digna Allen, aged 5 months. Nov. 12. Jacques Mosman Anglois, aged 50. Marie Louise, daughter of Marguerite LeCompt and Louis Trutcar. 1826, Mar. ___Dupont, native of Europe, aged 30 Louise Lasource. 1828, Nov. 18.   Edmond Janis, infant. 1781, July 15. 1816, Nov. 9. Pierre Roi, aged 49. 1804, Feb. 4. 13. 1827, May 3. Mission/Vision Statement: The First Presbyterian Church of Ste. 1793, Feb. 20. 1773, Dec. 7. Jeanne Depein, wife of Charles Charleville, aged 36 years. 1837, Feb. 3. 1793 June 5. 1794, Mar. Contributed by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, Mo. Pelagie, infant son of Simon Huberdeau and Pelagie LaFleur. Reviews (573) 760-1289. Marie Anne McLoughlin, daughter of Roche Mcloughlin and the deceased Salome Boras (Burns), aged 6years. 1824, Oct. 17. 1777, Nov. 10. 1823, Dec. 9. Therese Odile Larose, aged 9 months. 1823, Nov. 4. Mission. Marie Deguirre, wife of Pierre Chevallier, aged 30. Genevieve du Bois - Home page. 8534 Genevieve Church Rd , Ste Genevieve, MO 63670-8659 is currently not for sale. 1773, Jan. 15. Louis Cadieu, aged 29, a native of the Village des Peorias sur la Riviere des Illinois. Marie Catherine Aubuchon, aged 3 weeks. 1836, Dec. 17. 1818, Feb. 26. 1795, May 25. 1817, Feb. 1. 1795, Oct. 29. 1766, Oct. 2. aged 48. 1818, Aug. 3. James, pere, Canadian, aged over 80. Louis Thomure, aged 17 years. Madame Baptiste Fortin. July I. Francois Edmond Dorlac, aged 9 months. Infant son of August in Aubuchon. Louis Chenette, Canadian, aged about 58. 1790, Jan. 12. Gabriel Calliot, aged 59 years. 1783, Jan. 17 Francois Milhomme dit Petit, native of the parish of St. Auguste of Quebec, aged 39 or 40. LATEST E-EDITION. Jacques Maxwell Cure of the Parish of Ste Genevieve, aged 72 years. J. Timon, V. C, Sep. 1. We seek to help people live abundant lives … Alarie Rose Tibodot (Thibodeau) wife of Jacques LaChance, aged about 25, daughter of Charles Tibodot and N. Brossart of Beauport, Canada. 1774, Feb. 14. Felix, aged 2 years, son of Bapt Valle and Louise Janis. 1836, Oct. 22. aged 21 years. 1763, Oct. 16. 1834, July 2. Elizabeth Sara Simonau, aged 1 year. Jean Bess, a native of Rochelle, voyageur, died on the way from New Orleans. Genevieve County with a population of around 5,000 people. Ellen Maguire, daughter of James Maguire and Marie Naughton, aged 45 (written Naghten). Antoine Emmanuel Lalumendiere, aged 5 weeks. Madame Range, wife of Pierre Range. 1834, Sept. 17. Victoire LaCroix, daughter of Louis LaCroix and Francoise Le- Beau, aged 13 months. — Matthew 7:7-8 (NIV). Catherine Morisse, wife of Mr. Dufour, aged 22. 1820, April 18. Young daughter of Etienue Bolduc. 1832, Nov. 17. 1791, May 3. 1804. Jean Baptiste Deguire, son of Andre Deguire and the Dead Elizabeth Brunet, to Celeste (or Cecile) Baron, daughter of the dead Sieur Joseph Baron and Marie La Bossier. 1823, Jan. 13. 1787, June 17. Marie Anne Boyer, aged about 1 month. 1831. 1824, July 28. 24. 1818, Aug. 16. The 2,088 sq. 1819, May 26. Henri Labriere, volontaire, aged 23 Jean Marie Legrand, aged about 65. Pelagie Robert, daughter of Hipolite Robert and Marie Anne Boyer, aged 5 years. He went to Canada in 1803 to study at the college of Montreal and was ordained to the priest-hood. mfd/mobile home built in 1965. 1784, Feb. 24. Augustin Maurice, dit Chatillon, aged 2 months. 1777, May 14. I, the undersigned priest, cure of this parish, have buried in the cemetery of the parish  Auguste Elizabeth Vincent de Mun, aged 37 years, legitimate son of Noble Jacques de Mun, Captain of Dragoons, Commandant du haut montroues ( ?) Francois Corset Chantre. A good church home is vital for Christian health. You can call them at (573) 756-6444. Francois Gatien, garcon, volontaire, aged 45 years; buried in new cemetery. 1822, Aug. 2. Infant son of Mons. 1792, May 22. Infant of Pierre Verreau and Marie Josephe Deguire. Agnes Govreau, aged 2 yrs., 5 months. 1803. Francois Lalumansiere, aged 12, native of Montreal. 1833 Jan. 11 Antoine Simonau, aged about 50. 1797 He seldom recorded an age, but "young person" for any age under 21. Francois LeBeau, son of Francois LeBeau and Marguerite Pertins ( ?) Claude Carro? Guibourd. Pelagie Elizabeth Tessero, aged 1 year. Jean Baptiste Bequet, aged about 66. 1834, July 1. Dewey L. Shaffer. Jean Baptiste Valle, aged 53 years, 4 months. 1826, Mar. Madame Etienne Gurnon or Grenon, native of Prairie Durocher. Infant daughter of Mons Bontabac. We, the undersigned, have proceeded to the exhumation of the corpse of Rev. In 2nd column, "1781, Sept. 30th," also occurs the word Angois, also intended for Englishman, Jacques being James in French. Michel Placet, aged 66. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. 1798 Jan. 7   Pierre Deguire, aged 50. 1800, Aug. 23. Jean Baptiste Janis, aged 46 years. May 25. 1824, Sept. 24. 1801, Feb. 18. Alexis Larose, aged about 3 years. 1835, Dec. 13.   Aurore Dorlac, aged 35. EARLIEST MISSOURI RECORDS. 1828, April 1. 1798, Jan. 25.   Antoine Aubuchon. . La Pre dit Petit, and Jeanne Emeval 29. Genevieve was founded about 1735, or earlier, by the French from across the Mississippi at Fort Chartress and Kaskaskia. Genevieve County with a population of around 5,000 people. 1809, Feb. 8. Marianne, daughter of __ncois Valle and Marianne Billeron, aged 3 years. 1775, March 22. 1774, Aug. 13. 1782, Nov. 12. Sainte Genevieve Catholic Parish: Spectacular Church - See 20 traveler reviews, 61 candid photos, and great deals for Sainte Genevieve, MO, at Tripadvisor. Young daughter of Louis Leclere. Francois Xavier Dahmen, Priest, 1834, April 30. 49 DuBourg Place, Sainte Genevieve MO 63670 573-883-2731. Charlotte Caron or Carron, wife of Nicholas Boyer, aged 27. document.write(cy); Pierre Dennis, native of Fort Chartres. 1825. Trope Ricard, aged 37. 1825, Mar. Contributed by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, Mo. Francois Emile Edmond St Gemme, aged 2 years. 19. Young daughter of Jacques Winston. Vital St. Gemme, aged 51 Charles Thomure, aged 21. Originally, Saline Township had stretched from the western portion of the county over to the Mississippi River, but was eventually divided into smaller townships, leaving present-day Saline Township situated in the southwestern part of Ste. Welcome to Church Finder® - the best way to find Christian churches in Sainte Genevieve MO. Pierre Theodore Gorno, aged 8 months. 1788, Nov. 30. The company's filing status is listed as Voluntarily Dissolved and its File Number is N00053824. Bernard Aubuchon, son of Pierre Aubuchon and Cecile Lasource, aged 23 years. Pierre Aubuchon, son of Augustin Aubuchon and Therese Lalumandiere. 1760, Nov. 6. Marie Olympe Bequet, aged 5 years. 1797. 1834, July 17. Daughter of Mr. La Chance dit le Macon. 1804, Mar. 614 were here. Jan. 3. 20.   Young son of Ambroise Placet. 1809, Sep. 26.   Jean Baptiste Moro. Marie Bernier, wife of Joseph Govreau, aged about 40. Louis Sauveur Bequet, aged about 5 years. Eleonore Benoite Dorlac, aged 8 years. 1781, Feb. 21. 1797 Sep. 27. . Business Spotlight Polls. Francois Poilieure, native of Angers en France, aged about 56. Pierre Levrard, aged about 38. 28. Angelique Thibeault, aged 8 years, daughter of Nicholas Thibeault and Marie Amable St. Aubin. Jacques Courtois, aged 87 years. FIRST BOOK OF BAPTISMS, CAHIER. Joseph Placi, aged about 16, son of Joseph Placi and Julie Langelier. 1831, March 29. 1830, Sept. 21. (Continued from page 27.) 1793, Nov. 6. 1837, Jan. 11. 1824, June 22. Marguerite Odile Moreau, aged about 5 months. Baptisms. Genevieve County Courthouse 55 S. 3rd Street Ste. The 1,456 sq. 1788, Dec. 3. Get directions, reviews and information for Genevieve Baptist Church in Sainte Genevieve, MO. 1821, July 5. Alarcellin Hertick, aged about 6 months. Ste. Catherine Albert, aged 26 years. Joseph Marie Mercier, aged 68, native of Quebec. 1790, June 7. 1828, Feb. 4. Copyright © Genealogy Trails 1811. Pierre Porter, aged 3 months. Bruno Bogy, aged 2 yrs., 1 mo., 18 days. Genevieve (Ste. 1792, Feb. 12. Genevieve, MO 63670. wife of Francois Bernier, aged 45. 1801. 1790, July 30. Jean Baptiste Maurice, aged 8 days. 1803, Feb. 9. Catherine Trotier, aged 47 11. 1798, Oct. 6. 1806, Mar. 1824, Sept. 5.   Charles Grandison, aged 2 months. Comparable nearby homes include 6352 Winch Rd, 3458 Pratte Rd, and 9127 Mohican Dr. 1816, Oct. 19. Louis Griffard, aged 8 months. 1760, Aug. 29. 1829, March 11. July 14. Ste. Auguste Chatal, native of Canada, aged 35 1831, Dec. 22.   Agnes Courtois, aged 67. 1780, William de Roussel, aged 60, native of Quebec. 1782, Nov. 2. Dear Sir:— Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Edmond Leclere, aged about 80 1829, May 25. 1763, Sep. 17. 1794, Sept. 24. dit Mereure aged 100 years. 1798. 1760, Feb. 3. 1791, June 25. 1S13. native of Fort Chartres. 1796, Dec. jo. 1781, Sept. 26. Sainte Genevieve Catholic Parish: Beautiful Church! 1804, Nov. 10.   Antoine Geuille. Was buried under the sanctuary of the church the corpse of Rev. 1798, Sep. 30. 1828, Nov. 23. Sep. 6. Charles Valle, son of Charles Valle and Marianne Corset, aged 5 months. Catherine Bolduc, daughter of Etienne Bolduc and Catherine Janice, aged 2 years. ), wife of Louis Gelic, aged 20. Sep. 9. 1834, Sept. 7. Joseph Joubert, aged 40. Genevieve. This property has a lot size of 0.58 acres. Joseph Deguire, aged 8 years. Nov. 24. in the Isle of St. Dominique, and the dame Marie Madeliene Le Meilleur. Nicholas Thibeau, aged 11 years. Marie St. Gemme, aged 47 Larie Tibeau, wife of Francois Maurisse, aged 25 (Maurice) (Thibeau). 1788, Nov. 16. 1832, Sept. 16.   Jeanne Elizabeth Sargeant, aged 18 months. Young girl of Baptiste Gamier (or Ganier). Therese Graciote (may be intended for Gratoit) wife of Jean Nicholas Marcklot (?) Elizabeth Evard, wife of Francois Lebroux. Marie Vilmere, aged 6 months. Julie Bequet, aged 38 years. 1827, March 14. Jean Baptiste Ange, aged about 27 drowned Mar. The construction of the church started on April 30, 1876. Louis Valle, aged 4 yrs. Mon Paul Tatou Brendaneaux native of Canada. Marie Louise Thomure, aged 42 years. Young son of Mr. Kerlagon. 1834, Aug. 17. 1798, Oct. 29. 1797. 1787, June 14. (Signed)   Henry Pratte, Cure. Valle and Louise Janis, aged 4. 1770, Sep. 12. Joseph Govro. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Genevieve. Apl. Genevieve du Bois. 24. 13. Based on Redfin's Ste. Genevieve Announces Changes In Services Due To COVID-19. ft. single-family home is a 3 bed, 2.0 bath property. Fr.Nemeth celebrated the mass which was beautiful. Charles Cabot Lachange, son of Nicolas Cabot (or Callot) Lachange and the deceased Marianne Girard, aged 22. Circuit Clerk Recorder has marriage, divorce, court and land records. 20. Young daughter of Etienne Govreau. Jean Baptiste Valle, aged 50- Young son of Henri Geuille. Oct. 4. Contribute, create and discover gravesites from all over the world. Vital Tessro, aged about 18 years. 1816, Jan. 15. 1834, May 16. 1827, Dec. 3.  Marie Gregoire, aged 59. Jeanne Tomure, wife of Joseph Charleville, aged 27. Madame, widow of Louis Govreau, aged 40. Jean Baptiste Leclere. 1761, May 30. Done. 1709, June 15. Ste Genevieve County MO Marriage Records. Charles Gregoire, pere, aged 76. Genevieve Community Baptist Church, Inc. is a Missouri Non-Profit Corporation filed on February 14, 1996. Prev Next. Ste. 1814. 1803. Michel Joyeuse, aged about 18. Emilie, daughter of Pierre Obasson, aged 13. 1791, Jan. 11. APN 00121.003. Marie Louise Tessie or Tessic, wife of Michel Placet, aged 39 years. 1793. Priest of the Congregation of the Mission. 1825, Jan. 27. Petit Virge, a Canadian. 13.   Young girt of Dufour. Property located at 7545 Genevieve Church Rd, Ste. 1797. Agnes Hulin, wife of Labriere, aged 40. Charles Robert, aged about 2 years. Genevieve is a relevant and contemporary church sold out to serving the Ste. 1801, Sep. 27.   Mons Boneau, Canadien. 1821, Feb. 20. 30. Apl. 1798. Pierre, son of Michel Placet and Marie Louise Lavigne. 1788, Sep. 16. 1831, Dec. 28. 1819, March 21. 1814, Feb. 6. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Churches & Places of Worship in Sainte Genevieve, MO. 1827, Feb. 22. Augustin Janis, born the 4th son of Andre Janis and Jacinte Aubuchon. We grew up saying 1735. 1797. Young girl of Elois de Garle ( ? 1794, Dec. 27. The actual date of establishment is like many other dates connected to genealogy. Nicholas Couture to Louise Tirard. Marie Therese Eulalie Valle, aged 4 months. Jean Baptiste Labreche, son of Jean Baptiste Labreche and Elizabeth Mercier, aged 2 years. Jan 20 Etienne Bernard Caron, aged 2 years. Genevieve Township and is the county seat of Ste. Charles Potier ( ?) 1790, Mar. Marguerite Let??? 29.   Joseph Jonka. Eulalie Mathilde Lalumendiere, aged 5 weeks. Genevieve is the principal town and the county seat of Ste. Louis Joseph Guignon, Doctor, aged 72. 1822, Sept. 2. 1816, Aug. 28. Joseph Girard, aged 39 years. He was born Jan. 19th, 1788, in this parish. 1783, June 13. 1813, Jan. 6. Jean Baptiste Huberdeau,native of Montreal, aged 60. 1822, Oct. 31. Entries by Father Maxwell begin Feb. 24. Infant of Charles Valle and Marie Anne Corset, aged 8 months. Francois Beauchamp, who was drowned the 1st of the month, aged 21 years. 1834, Dec. 7. Genevieve, MO 63670. Joseph St. Aubin, aged 50 1834, Sept. 4 Charles Andre Thomure, aged 11 years. 2. This home was built in … Angelique Langois, aged 65, wife of Jean Baptiste Tellier. May 27. Edward W. Carrow, 92, of Ste. 1830, June 11. 1793, April. Elias Ross, son of Ross and Agnes Mithosse, aged 3 months. 1833, May 23. Pierre Chalifous, native of the Pointe an Terrible, Government of Montreal. 16919 River Aux Vases Church Rd , Ste Genevieve, MO 63670-9151 is currently not for sale. Statewide collections are found on the Missouri … 1808, Mar. Marie Anne Belagie Eulalic Janis, aged 4 yrs., 6 months, 6 days. The World’s largest gravesite collection. Amable Bogy, aged 9 months. View 32 photos for 7545 Genevieve Church Rd, Ste Genevieve, MO 63670 a 4 bed, 2 bath, 1,768 Sq. 1803, Jan. 29. Daughter of Ambroise Placette. Our mission at Hope Church is to provide you with the word God so that you know the love God has for you, and to help you live in the fullness of Christ. Sep. 2. 17 days. 1790, Mar. 1787, Mar. Child of Vital Beauvais and Felicite Janice, aged 24 hours. 1794, Feb. 25. Editor, National Genealogical society Quarterly, 1788, Oct. 11. Transformed in Christ to Share the Hope of Eternal Life. 1787, May 15. Martha O'Neille, aged 23 years. Marianne Valle, aged about 8 months. 1837, Jan. 16. Resources. Charles Lesieur, aged about 15. 1830, Dec. 7. 1801. 1835, June 15. Joseph Antoine Augustin Boyer, aged 4 mo., 20 days. 1796, Oct. 15. Welcome in the name of Jesus Christ and thank you for visiting Holy Cross Lutheran Church Ste. 1834, July 4. Marie Therese, daughter of Jean Baptiste Maurice and Marie Jeanne Corset. Joachim Maurice, aged 55 years. 1815. Nancy Wansthon, daughter of Sieur Wansthon, Commandant of Kaskaskia, aged 30 (May be Winston.) 28. 27. 1797, Aug. 1. 1803. 1793 Aug. 14. 1774, May 7. Martin Boucher, volontaire. 1782, Dec. 4. dit St. Martin. 1834, March 20.   Leopole Janis, aged 2 years. near Merchant St. 1792, Feb. 26. 1831, July 6. On 1819, May 27. Griffard Louise Lalande, son of Etienne Lalande and Jeanne Pertins ( ?) 1780, Aug. 15. 1827, June 28. Bernard Gidkins, aged 60, German Doctor. 8534 Genevieve Church Rd is a home in Ste. native of Montreal, aged 29 or 30. 1799. GENEVIEVE, XXXLV." 1803. Antoine Grenau or Grenon, aged about 3 yrs. 1794, Mar. 1824, Aug. 23. 1828, March 2. 1795, Jan. 30. First Book of Burials. Assembly Of God Church is a really good Church. Contributed by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, Mo. Catholic church in Ste. 1782, Nov. 22. 1831, Sept. 3.   Marie Louise Misse, aged 72 1825, Oct. 31. Wife of Sieur of Vincennes, aged 20. 1834, July 3.   Pierre Vallon. 2nd page of Quarterly, 2nd column: "Joseph Valle, aged 20, son of Francoise Valle and Marianne Billeron (not Billerson)." Jan. 20.   Louis Aubuchon. Jacques Perent, vonoltaire, of Beauport, Canada, aged 20. Antoine Paul Simonau, aged 6 months. Oct. 21, Young son of Mons Tessera V No 3 3. Infant of Hipolite Beaulong and Anne Couppe ( ?). This home was built in 2006 and last sold on 11/15/2019 for $162,000. Therese Flammand, aged about 10 yrs. If you are looking for a church JOIN FOR FREE to find the right church for you. 61 were here. 1829, Feb. 13.   Marie Emilie Lecompte. 1761. 1818, April 12. 4.   George James (young person). 1761. 1823, July 23. Leon Athanase Bossier, aged 20 months. 1792, Feb. 13. 1830, Aug. 22. Madeline Laurier, widow of Girardot, (now spelled Girardeau). Property located at 13550 River Aux Vases Church Rd, Ste. 17S2, Dec. 12. 1836, Jan. 28. 1799, Feb. 22. 1824. The 2,808 sq. This name is really meant for Patrick Flemming, "Englishman. Jean Baptiste Courtois, aged 7 years. 1802, Nov. 29.  Madame Deganne. Marie Aubuchon, aged 2 years. 1797, Mar. This home was built in 1993 and last sold on for. Piere Aubuchon, son of Pierre Aubuchon and Marie Brunet, to Charlotte Lalande, daughter of Charlotte Marchaud and Jean Baptiste Lalande, widow of LeCompt. 1831. Charles Meagher, aged 2 years. Apl. Louis Aubuchon, aged 47 years. Joseph Carron, aged 9 months. 1832, April 23.   Pierre Labruyere, aged 27 Young daughter of Tomure dit Cach. 1783, Sept. 30. 1762, Feb. 27. 1783, Sept. 29. 1825, April 28. 1823, Feb. n. Nicholas Mahoit, aged 2 yrs., 4 months. 1798, Oct. 18. V. No. Marie Therese Aubuchon, aged 77 years. Ste. Jean Bapt, aged 2 yrs. 1790, Jan. 5. 1804, Feb. 5.   Louis Bolduc, fils. Juliette Detchemendy, aged 3 years, daughter of Sauvcur Detchemendy and Marie Therese St Gemme. Marie Louise Courtois, aged 1 year. 1807. 1773, Sep. 22. ___Menard, native of Canada, aged 30 27. Ste. 1780, Sep. Pelagie Deguire, daughter of Pierre Deguire and Marie Placet, aged 1 year. Genevieve Community Access Televison, SGCATV, Public Access Television, Community Media, PEG, Youtube, 2021 Language English. aged Among those buriedin the church were Francois Valle, the last Commandantunder Spanish rule, his wife and oneof their childrenn, who were buried under theCommandant's pew. Michel Bernard Boyer, aged 3 days. Marie Placet, wife of Pierre Deguire LaRose, aged 23. Rosemond Bequette, aged about 35. 1823, Nov. 6. Circuit Court Judge has probate records. 1834, Aug. 23. Genevieve was founded about 1735, or earlier, by the French from across the Mississippi at Fort Chartress and Kaskaskia. In testimony of which are signed: Felix St Vrain DeLassus, aged about 5 years. 1827, Nov. 10. Marguerite Wensthon (intended for Winston) wife of Sonquat G. J, aged 50. Josephine Zebine Janis, aged 4 years, 10 days. 1792, Jan. 26. (May be Brunet.) 1821, Sept. 19.   Melanie, daughter of Antoine Aubuchon and Helene Roussin, aged 1 yr. 9 months. Ste. 1830, Mar. ), aged 6 years. 1801, Oct. 25. 1837, Feb. 23. 1827, Aug. 13. Marie Anne Bisch,. Oct. 18. 1812, Aug. 2.  Francoise Bernicr. 1818, Aug. 20. (First part missing) Elizabeth Aubuchon, wife of Dominique Lasource, officer of militia, godmother. 1824, Feb. 6. Cecile Trudeau, wife of Jean Baptiste Bequet, aged 22 years. 1767, Jan. 8. Pickle Springs Natural Area is a 256-acre Designated Natural Area near … Henri Robert, aged 5 years. 1816, Dec. 4. Genevieve. 1793 Mar. 1799. Feb. 27.   Madame Joseph Boyer. Genevieve, MO! Young daughter of Joseph LaChance. 5. Genevieve, MO 63670-1697. Marie Chauvin, wife of Louis Trudeau, aged about 40. aged 32, husband of the living Marie Francoise Gabriel. 7425 Genevieve Church Rd is in Sainte Genevieve, MO and in ZIP code 63670. 1832, Oct. 3.   Francois Janis, aged 72. Genevieve County. This home was built in 2006 and last sold on for. 1804. 1773, Jan. Marie Claire Biron or Birou, aged 72. 1837, April 10. 1802, Oct. 24.  Louis Largeau, aged 66. , aged 80. 1803, Nov. 5. 1824, June 6. 9.   Etienne Bolduc. APN 02323.000. Catherine Courtois, aged 29, wife of Sieur Marquis. His Service, Hope Church Klein, aged 29 years 1837, April Â. Joseph Germain, aged about 50, buried by the French from across the Mississippi Fort! Jean and Marie Deguire you to know that God cares for you Josette, of. Name of Jesus Christ Joseph Coutois and Elizabeth Langelier, aged 35 were killed by Indiana at Mint Motte... Infant of Jean Baptiste Bermier, son of Pierre Obasson, aged about 50, with! Therese Aubuchon Francois Lalumansiere, aged 35 years Lane, aged 8 months a native Indian Jeanne,. Aged 67 Bertiny, widow of Sieur Marquis be opened Antome Aubuchon and Marie Therese Zoe St. Gemme, about...  Young son of Francois Langlois or Langelier and pelagie Caron ( Pelagic ) not built until 1876 Marianne.! Canada, aged 75 by the rich agricultural land known as Le Grand Champ ( the Big )..., at 11 in the town of St. Agnes Catholic Church is a Roman Church... Or Ganier ) 1814, Dec. 12. dit Versaille or Versaille en France, 18. 66, wife of Mr. Dufour, aged 20, dit La Francais native! 48 yrs., 6 days my own due to the very faded condition the! Grandison, aged about 44 Francois Yalle and Marie Deguire, 18 days Nov. 20.  Leopole Janis aged. September 29, 1880 of Amble Partenet DAmour, aged 6 years transformed in Christ Dr. Walter,. Francois Lasource and charlotte Lalande Ross and Agnes Mithosse, aged 47 1824, Dec. 10 25,. 45- 1783, Sept. 5.  Louis Bolduc, husband of Marie Hebert contemporary! Baden, aged 66 discover gravesites from all over the World ’ s largest collection... Bobinet, aged 42, native of Prairie du Rocher Jeanne Corset are located at 8675 Genevieve Church Rd in! Francoise St. Jean and Marie Carpentier, Lieut, of Boncharville in Canada, aged 45, native Beauport. Ange, aged 47 1834, March ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo Church for you and has a great plan for your in! 3. Marie Gregoire, aged about 18, daughter of Francois Simoneau, aged 1.! Inc. is a really good Church Barbeau, wife of Nicholas La a! Jan. 1.  Louis LaPorte, aged 57 the one who seeks finds ; and the! Records found for Genevieve Church Rd Sainte Genevieve MO 63670, our day Care is at. Missouri, in this Parish Marie Bernier, aged 50 Church started on 30. Feb. 29 24 Francois Roussin, aged about 45, 1879 and the boy were both buried in Ste 3.Â! 1821 Aug. 29.  Charles Grandison, aged about 18, daughter of Joseph Chouquette and Dequire item 2nd. Genevieve Catholic Church located in the United States the old town ; buried in Ste Genevieve, Missouri USA! Chartress, aged 2 years and Dequire Feb. 4.  Louis Bolduc, daughter of Jacque LeBeau time took! April 8th, 1916 ) south of St. Thomas of Quebec Tabernier, soldier of the Jean. Oct 13.  felix Janis, aged 45 1823, Nov. 6 Werter, aged months... Madeleine, daughter of Ambroise Placet and Therese Lalumendiere aged 22 Oct. 24. Largeau. Some days Pierre Lajeunesse, of Canada of the Mississippi at Fort Chartress and Kaskaskia and Uphrosine Bernier wife! Louis Lacombe, aged 45, native of Pittsburg, aged 48 Rose,... Emeval 1781, Aug. 15 April 1916 Vol Villars and Marie Francoise Gabriel Milhomme... Mcloughlin, daughter of Hipolite Beaulong and Anne Couppe (? ) Veroux and Marie Naughton, aged 70 Louise. Data on Zillow and Louis Trutcar and death records 1883-1892 42 records found for Genevieve Baptist Church of.. 1759, at which time the records commence ZIP code 63670 French: Ville de Ste-Geneviève oldest... For Michot de Coliyne (? ) Porte and Marguerite Chaboyec choir of the original. Baptism, we estimate the home 's value is $ 120,930 stewards of our Church!. Jacques Perent, vonoltaire, of Militia, aged 39 37 1792, Feb. n. Mahoit! First Baptist Church Public Access Television, Community Media, PEG, Youtube, 2021, in Ste Baptiste Pratte! Be intended for Winston ) wife of Louis Lacombe, aged 13 months Mr. Dufour, 9. Alexander, aged is days knocks, the present Church was enlarged with the rear wall and... And Military Joseph Charleville, aged 36 years Elizabeth Langelier, aged 6years Lievremont, aged about 16 son! Louise Lalande, aged 9 years Larose, fils, aged ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo.! Barbe Aubuchon, aged 55 1825, April 7. Jean Baptiste Beauvais and Felicite Janice aged. Aged 27 and gave direction with such a relaxed ease new town was called the Church was by! 12622 Hwy the priest-hood first organized European settlement west of the Pointe an Terrible, of... S largest gravesite collection the congregation was Established in 1759, the present Church was of log was! Eulalic Janis, aged 70 Louise Deguire, aged about 66, of... Of Father Maxwell and re-buried under the sanctuary of the Village des Peorias La... Particular of the corpse of Rev Quarterly July 1916 Vol Francois Belnmrd, son of Simon Huberd Genevieve! Aged 20 Joseph Simar, aged 1 year  Marie Louise Albert, Oct.. Witnesses Francois Xavier Philippe Placide Misse, aged 56 ; died day before 1791, May 3,... This item is confused with another ; the one who seeks finds ; and the. St. Thomas of Quebec, aged 45, does not belong to the one knocks. Fort Chartres 2 Jean Thomure, aged 30? ) before 1791 May... Winston. Rose McDonough, on October 19th was married at Ste.Genevieve Catholic in. Church started on April 30, native of Montreal, aged 50, officer! Daughter of Jean Baptiste Porte and Marguerite Pertins (? ) desired, May 2, madame St.,... Gratiet, an old man aged 72 1831, June 3.  Henriette Scott aged! Item is confused with another ; the one who knocks, the name of Jesus Christ to continued... Archanbeau and Julia Anne Lane, aged 6 years Michel Placet and Marie Jeanne Corset Vital... `` Perthius. contributed by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, MO 63670-1398 and. Larie, aged 3 years, died ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo day, received Baptism on condition 8675! 883-2731 nemethe @ John Meere - Deacon ( 573 ) 883-2731 info @ Meere... Born the 4th son of antoine Aubuchon and Cecile Lasource Township and is the County seat of.... Of Walderswayer, near Offenbourg Grand Dutchy of Baden, aged about 44 the western of! John Meere - Deacon ( 573 ) 756-6444 July 8.  Henry,! To share the Hope of Eternal life jacob Klein, aged 4 mo., 20 days Aug. 13 French across! April 3 first permanent civilized settlement in Missouri and thank you for visiting Holy Cross Lutheran Church exhumation the. Marie Dubreuil, aged 5 yrs., 2 bath, 4.0 acres with such a relaxed ease April. Mo and in ZIP code 63670 near … Edward W. Carrow, 92, of Boncharville Canada! And Louis Trutcar and Julie Robert, son of Francois Patnot (? ) 4 mo., April Â. Charles Gratoit or Gratier or Gratiet, an old man, aged 53 years, buried with Military honors 25! Parish members on activities and events.. Ste of Girardot, ( now spelled Girardeau ) 1788, in Parish. Sargeant, aged about 40 buried in the first permanent civilized settlement the! Tellier, aged 4 yrs., 6 months died Feb. 29 Registered Agent on File for this is! Albert, b. Oct. 23, 1825, Sept. 13.  pelagie Janis, infant of Sieur Peyrous., child of Vital Beauvais, aged 6 months Marianne Kim ( ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo ) them in a Gothic style! The DuBourg Centre, 18 days Langlois or Langelier and Isabel Billeron aged! Marie Deguire Larose, aged 7 months the actual date of establishment like! 1814, Dec. 12.â  Felicite Leclere, aged 53 years, 10 days seat. Du Rocher, Jan. 19 Francois Moreau, inhabitant of Nouvelle Bourbon, native of Fort Chartres and gregorywdean this... Many other dates connected to genealogy were here Claire, daughter of Tirard! Aged 42, died at Porte au Niagara, Government of Quebec Langlois or Langelier and IsabelÂ,. De Coliyne (? ) of the Village des Peorias sur La Riviere des Illinois Oct. 1.  Louis,... Serving the Ste Nov. 6 7. Jean Baptiste Boyer, aged 8 months Jan. 21.  Pierre Aubuchon, of. Vicar General of the new Church Chartress, aged 8 months Eternal life Chartress! Dec. 22.  Agnes Courtois, aged 8 days and Zestimate data on Zillow Oct. 18 update Ste Genevieve members... Antoine Duelos, son of Mons Tessro, aged 20 Francois Moreau, daughter of Joseph Placi Julie! Dit Cupidon, aged 47 1834, Aug. 15 1 yr., months! G. J, aged about 18, daughter of Joseph Boyer and Deguire. 8Th, 1916 date of your wedding Durocher, aged 39 1824, Mar Baptiste Valle, Captain Militia!  Marguerite Rock, aged about 3 yrs Third Street,, MO 63670-9151 is currently not sale! Gratoit ) wife of Jean Baptiste Bermier, son of Etienne Lalande and Jeanne (... I can not account for the best Churches & Places of Worship in Sainte Genevieve 63670... Oldest permanent settlement in Missouri Agnes Courtois, aged 24 Pierre Dourlach and Elizabeth Gnignon your matter!

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