If you want your friends to help draw and contribute to the note, here’s how to invite them … To sort your notes inside of folders: Go to the folder that you want to sort. Double-tap the eraser to view erasing options on your iPad. There is one little trick that allows you to immediately find all attachments from different notes. This will open the drawing canvas, allowing you to draw with your finger. Draw straight shapes Tap to start a new note. Tap the More button , then tap Sort Notes By. You can also add sketches — separate sections or entire notes that you draw into with your finger or … I find it very frustrating when iOS creates a new note whenever I want to clear a notification and don‘t think of using my finger instead of the Pencil. Select the Handwriting tool from the selection available. “The Notes app makes it easy to sketch an idea with an Apple Pencil or your finger. To add a drawing to your notes on your iPhone, you'll need to be running iOS 9 or later, as well as the upgraded version of Notes. For a long time now, you can add photos, scanned documents or hand-drawn sketches to standard iPhone notes. To draw perfect shapes with an Apple Pencil in the Notes app, just start drawing and hold down your Apple Pencil at the end, and iPadOS 14 will detect and adjust the shape for you automatically. With iPadOS 14 and a new feature called Scribble, the Apple Pencil is becoming more sophisticated. Getting tired of attempting to draw a perfect circle? You can also start by tapping to open the tool palette. The Notes app comes preinstalled on your iOS device. In the Photos app, you can draw over existing photos with the Markup tool, which allows you to choose different colors and drawing … Tap the Drawing button that appears above the keyboard when you press +. This article is based on the version of Notes that comes with iOS 12 and iOS 11 , although many aspects of it apply to earlier versions. Choose from several drawing tools and colors, and switch to the eraser if you make a mistake. The drawing tools are only available on iPhone 5 and newer models. Not to worry — tap and hold the Apple Pencil at the very end of your drawing, and the Notes app will automatically recognize the shape and adjust it accordingly. Start drawing with your Apple Pencil. Open a folder or list of notes, tap the More button , then tap View as Gallery. You can do so much more, including adding pictures, web pages, and grids. Open the Notes app and create a new note. To do this, in the list of notes you need click on the circle with three dots and select item View all attachments. The Notes app on iPhone and iPad isn't just for typing. It recognizes handwriting and turns it into typed text that can be used across the OS and apps. Tap the Markup icon in the corner to bring up the Markup toolbar. With iOS 13 and later, Gallery view gives you a new way to see your notes — making it easier than ever to find the note you're looking for. 3. To draw in the Notes app: Open Notes. You can draw on your iPhone in the Photos or Notes app. It … Handwriting enhancements aside, the Notes app in iPadOS 14 lets you draw shapes with increased precision. It is also extremely annoying that the just updated Numbers, Pages and Keynote apps now implemented automatic drawing without the possibility of turning that behaviour off. Here are a few tips on how to use the basic Notes features, as well as advanced features such as encrypting notes, drawing in notes, syncing notes to iCloud, and more.

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