An internationally known German composer and keyboard virtuoso, Handel has written more than 40 Italian operas, chamber music, church music. Sung by Catherine ("Kitty") Clive in James Miller's comedy, "The Universal Passions" (Act II), Phillis: My fair, ye Swains, is gone astray, Strephon's Complaint of Love: Oh cruel Tyrant Love, Stand round, my brave boys or Song made for the Gentlemen Volunteers of the City of London, First performance : Sung by Thomas Lowe in "The Relapse or Virtue in Danger" by John Vanbrugh, at Drury Lane Theatre, London: 14 November 1745. Lampugnani arranged music from Handel's "Alessandro" (HWV 21), which was subsequently performed by the "Middlesex" opera company, Another version of the French song (HWV 155) in a lower key and a simpler bass line, Nine movements. Revival on 28 November 1730: London, King's Theatre, Haymarket (5 performances to 8 December). Probably completed in London, As addition to oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus" (HWV 63) or to Concerto a due cori in F major (HWV 334), Independent wind version of the oratorio, "Judas Maccabeus" march (HWV 63, no. Composed for performances with oratorios; probably performed during Joshua (HWV 64), Concerto a due cori in F major, No. 1a; Variant form of Op. Copied for Ruspoli, 1709. George Frideric Handel (23 February 1685 ? 1 for chorus & orchestra, HWV 258, Das zitternde Glänzen (German Aria No.2), hymn, for soprano & continuo, HWV 203. Autograph, which survives, presented to Legh in 1751, The unhappy Lovers: As Celia's fatal arrows flew, Charming Cloris: Ask not the cause / The poor Shepherd: The Sun was sunk beneath the Hills, Bacchus Speech in Praise of Wine: Bacchus one day gayly striding, The Polish Minuet or Miss Kitty Grevil's Delight: Charming is your shape and air, The Sailor's Complaint: Come and listen to my ditty / Hosier's Ghost: As near Portobello lying, Di godere ha speranza il mio core / Oh my dearest, my lovely creature, The forsaken Maid's Complaint: Faithless ungrateful / The slighted Swain: Cloe proves false, From scourging rebellion or A Song on the Victory obtained over the Rebels by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, The forsaken Nymph: Guardian Angels now protect me, First performance: 28 February 1737: London, Drury Lane Theatre. Incidental music; sung in Gay's "The Beggar's Opera" - Lucy's song XXVIII "How Cruel are the Traytors," probably sung in John Gay's "Comic Tragick Pastoral Farce" or, The Rapture / Matchless Clarinda: When I survey Clarinda's charms / Venus now leaves, The Death of the Stag: When Phoebus the tops of the Hills does adorn, An Answer to Collin's Complaint: Ye winds to whome Collin complains, Ah! 7: No. It may be the only surviving fragment of a completed sonata in C minor. 4 for chorus & orchestra, HWV 259, Look Down, Harmonious Saint, cantata for tenor, strings & continuo, HWV 124, Love's But the Frailty of the Mind, song, HWV 218, La Lucrezia (O Numi Eterni), cantata for soprano & continuo, HWV 145, Lungi da me, pensier tiranno, cantata for alto & continuo, HWV 125b, Lungi da me, pensier tiranno, cantata for soprano & continuo, HWV125a, Lungi da voi, che sieti poli, cantata, HWV 126, Lungi n'ando Fileno, cantata for soprano, HWV 128, Manca pur quanto sai, cantata for soprano, HWV 129, March for wind ensemble in F major, HWV 346, March for wind ensemble in G major, HWV 418, March for wind ensemble in D major, HWV 416, Meine Seele hört im Sehen (German Aria No.6), hymn for soprano & continuo, HWV 207, Mentre il tutto e in furore, cantata, HWV 130, Menuet for wind ensemble in G major, HWV 423, Menuets (37) for keyboard in various keys, HWV A15, Menzognere speranze, cantata for soprano, HWV 131, Minuet in G minor for harpsichord, HWV540b, Mira, Lilla gentile, cantata for soprano, violin or cello & continuo (attributed), Der Mund spricht zwar, air for voice & continuo, HWV deest, Music for the Royal Fireworks, for orchestra, HWV 351, My God, I love thee, hymn (adapted from "Solomon", HWV 67), My Heart Is Inditing, coronation anthem No. Facts About George Frideric Handel: George Frideric Handel was born on 23rd February 1685 – the same year as two other composers were born; Domenico Scarlatti and Johann Sebastian Bach. Highlight some of the best pieces George Frideric Handel wrote and some of the lesser-known Frideric Handel works but ones that perhaps deserve a more frequent time in the spotlight Identified in the year 2001 at the, For soprano. About George Frideric Handel. With his opera Rinaldo, based on La Gerusalemme Liberata by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso, Handel enjoyed great success, although it was composed quickly, with many borrowings from his older Italian works. The following works are no longer thought to have been composed by Handel: Agrippina condotta a morire or Dunque sarà pur vero, This is the day which the Lord hath made or Anthem for Wedding of Princess Anne, Sing unto God or Anthem for Wedding of Prince Frederick, The ways of Zion do mourn or Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline, Blessed are they that considereth the poor or Foundling Hospital Anthem, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, International Music Score Library Project, The Ways of Zion Do Mourn / Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline, Sing Unto God/Anthem for the Wedding of Frederick, Prince of Wales,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Only a copy of the libretto and fragments of the music survive, The 1712 version is 8a.

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