Some FGR.2s were equipped with dual controls, and others could carry a reconnaissance pod that was equipped with a Texas Instruments RS-700 infrared linescan unit, high-definition sideways-looking radar and five optical cameras. The next day, at Bremgarten, the aircraft was accepted by the Inspekteur der Luftwaffe ("Inspector of the Luftwaffe", Gunther Rall.[14]. On 1 November 1968, this choice was made public and Japan became one of the few countries that license-produced this aircraft. The rear fuselage was heavily modified to accommodate the larger Speys and the air intakes enlarged to permit the greater airflow they required. These aircraft were equipped with an AN/AWG-11 radar system, which was a version of the Westinghouse AN/AWG-10 built under licence by Ferranti,[87][88] equipped with a Doppler unit to allow some basic look-down capabilities. Under this program 40 F-4Es were delivered to 131 and 132 Filo, 3 JAB, Konya. To make matters worse, the new theocratic government carried out purges of suspected Shah loyalists in the armed forces, especially in the renamed Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF). Also, acquisition of the Phantom would have required disbanding at least one Mirage squadron in order to provide the necessary aircrew (No. These encounters gave the EAF a measure of the type's effectiveness, especially as a bomber. ", "Downing of Turkish jet unlikely to spark international intervention in Syrian conflict. Greece upgraded 39 to Peace Icarus 2000 standard. Filo 111, 112, 113, all based on JAB 1, Eskişehir, were the new Phantom units. The first Phantoms delivered to the THK had Southeast Asia camouflage colors and TISEO equipment, consisting of a wing-mounted television camera with zoom capacity for spotting targets outside of normal visual range. Through the Mutual Defense Aid Program (MDAP), Spain acquired 36 ex-USAF F-4Cs for the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force). At the end of 1994, there were about 70 F-4F ICE aircraft already modified, 40 were still waiting for APG-65 radar, and 40 were not modified but still in service. See more ideas about phantom, fighter jets, military aircraft. Japan has operated the F-4 Phantom II fighter jet since the late 1960s, with at least one plane still flying that's almost 50 years old. Crews liked the aircraft, and generally rated them better than the Spey-equipped FGR.2s. Since 1991, 254 Phantoms have served as unpiloted flying targets for missile and gun tests conducted near Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida and Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The next 11 aircraft were assembled in Japan and the first Japanese-built example flew on 12 May 1972. The F-4E was known as Kurnass (Heavy Hammer) in Israeli service while the RF-4E was called Orev (Raven). At least one F-4E flew in combat still bearing a U.S. tail code, while others stayed painted in USAF camouflage patterns. [74] Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said "the downing was an accident, caused by the "automatic response" of an officer commanding an anti-aircraft gun. Initially, the ICE upgrades were intended only for the interceptor wings, but more were upgraded due to delays in the Eurofighter Typhoon program. In one engagement on the first day of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, 28 Egyptian MiGs attacked Ofir Air Base. The old RF-84Fs were retained until 1990 for training purposes. [70], At the end of the 20th century, the following THK units operated Phantoms:[70], Following cancellation of the supersonic V/STOL Hawker Siddeley P.1154, the Royal Navy selected the Phantom as a replacement for the Supermarine Scimitar and de Havilland Sea Vixen. The first F-4 was delivered to the U.S. Navy in 1960 and to the Air Force in 1963. [15], After the reduction of conventional forces in Europe, the Luftwaffe began phasing out the RF-4Es in 1993–94. Israel employed three F-4E(S), which were equipped with a special high-altitude camera system (HIAC) for reconnaissance missions. [47], Fourteen RF-4Es were delivered between November 1974 and June 1975. [34][37], A total of 24 Phantoms were delivered under Peace Echo II and III. However, when the SEPECAT Jaguar entered service from 1974 onwards, the Phantom FGR.2s were redeployed in the air defence role, replacing English Electric Lightnings with Nos. At that time there were 122 F-4E and 6 RF-4Es in service with the IDF.[34][37]. [72], On 22 June 2012, the Turkish government announced that Syrian forces had shot down a Turkish RF-4E from 113 Filo with two crew members over the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Hatay Province, which borders the Syrian Latakia Governorate. Less than a year after its retirement from US military service, you can still keep the F-4 Phantom flying in your RC fleet! This video, entitled “Paradise of Phantoms- Samurai Riders” was produced and uploaded to YouTube by 1-300. Up to five MiGs were shot down when eight Israeli Mirages, flying at low level, jumped them, achieving complete surprise. [70], Peace Diamond III was an additional phase of the plan to reinforce the THK, always striving to keep a balance with the Greek Hellenic Air Force, because even though both are NATO countries, Greece and Turkey are historical enemies and there have been air clashes over the Aegean Sea between them. The RF-4Cs continued to serve in the reconnaissance role along with another eight ex-USAF RF-4C delivered in 1989 in the 123 Squadron, that operated from Torrejón airbase. One of the most prominent Phantom users is the Turkish Air Force ("Türk Hava Kuvvetleri" or THK), which operates about 233 F-4s. [32], Israel first expressed interest in the F-4 in 1965,[33] but the U.S. was unwilling to provide them at that time. [91], With the cancellation of home-grown programmes and the need to replace the Hawker Hunter and English Electric Canberra in the ground-attack and tactical reconnaissance roles, the RAF ordered 118 aircraft in 1965. Luftwaffe aircrew training was conducted by the USAF at Sheppard AFB. Just two Phantoms managed to scramble in defense, but they shot down seven of the attackers. These included 10 ex-Indiana Air National Guard aircraft, later followed by another 18. As of 2007, Japan has a fleet of 90 F-4s currently in service. Production of the Phantom peaked at a rate of more than 70 aircraft a month and by 1979, when production ceased, 5,195 had been built. The Imperial Iranian Air Force placed a order for 16 F-4Ds in 1967. This was intended to provide for two squadrons each of 12 aircraft to be operated from Eagle and Ark Royal, both of which were to be heavily modified. Operationally, the F-4Fs used by JG 71 and JG 74 were employed in the air-to-air role, while those used by JaboG 35 and 36 were used in air-to-air and air-to-ground roles.[13]. In 1980–83, the F-4F fleet was fitted with air-refueling probes, utilizing USAF tankers to make longer flights to Canada and Spain. Another reason was that Iranian air bases had been built for USAF deployment in case of war with the Soviet Union. Another deserting F-4 was less lucky, being intercepted and shot down by Saudi F-15 Eagles on 5 June 1984. Advanced training was conducted in Canada at CFB Goose Bay and at Decimomannu in Sardinia.[13]. The last of the produced F-4 Phantom jets has been converted into a flying dummy target-drone for missile training. During this opening phase a pair of Phantoms managed to shoot down seven Egyptian aircraft, and others shot down five Mil Mi-8s carrying assault troops over the Sinai desert. A proposal made by DASA was evaluated that would have included installation of the APG-66 radar and AMRAAM missiles. The German Air Force retired its last operational F-4F Phantom IIs on 29 June 2013. Operation Peace Patch involved another batch of 12 Phantoms, delivered in 1971. Under the Peace Diamond I program 40 F-4Es were ordered, with deliveries starting in June 1974, although completion of the order was delayed by an arms embargo following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. In June 2007, Lockheed Martin announced that the company has been awarded a contract to equip several F-15 Eagles with synthetic aperture radar pods. The aircraft was named Phantom II on July 3, 1959, during a ceremony held at the McDonnell plant in St. Louis, Mo., to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary. These aircraft were also used for ground attack, and during one such mission, rebels in Oman shot one down. [25] Other programs saw the upgrade of several Greek Phantoms to carry out anti-radar operations. [34] About 220 F-4Es and RF-4Es were delivered to Israel between 1969 and 1976 under U.S. aid programs, and served with the Tsvah Haganah le Israel/Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force). [64], These improvements allowed the Spanish RF-4C fleet to serve into the 21st century, finally being retired in 2002.[66][67][68]. Other British contractors, including Short Brothers and British Aircraft Corporation, built sub-assemblies and supplied parts to the United States where the aircraft were assembled by McDonnell Douglas at Saint Louis. After the Camp David Accords, and the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty signed on 26 March 1979, Egypt ended its military dependence on the Soviet Union. Boeing’s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 65 countries. By then, the numeral "II" had been discontinued; it had become the only Phantom. Reconnaissance Phantom updates were carried out during several separate programs. All Rights Reserved. From 1975 the aircraft were modified with structural reinforcements and tail-mounted radar warning receivers. [40] These RF-4Es were special high-performance Phantoms, with the same cameras planned for the Mach 3.2 RF-4X that was cancelled in 1975. Just compare it to F-15 Eagle. The Israeli Phantoms’ primary target — and most deadly foe — during these campaigns were … But even if old, these aircraft were desirable to countries like Turkey who already had F-4 fleets. Presented in 18 languages with an interactive library. [12], In July 1989, the first F-4F ICE Phase 2 aircraft was completed, and on 22 November 1991 the first firing of an AIM-120 AMRAAM took place. In total 38 aircraft were upgraded, 37 of them by Hellenic Aerospace Industry, at Tanagra. This was the last F-4 built in the world. [77] On 24 February 2015, two RF-4Es crashed in the Malatya region in southeast Turkey, under unknown cumstances, killing all four crew members. The last of these was the 5,068th F-4 built in St. Louis. [29], In 1970, the first reconnaissance RF-4Es were delivered. The first eight were sent to George AFB where crew training was carried out. In August 1995, after a hotly contested competition with DASA (F-4 ICE), IAI was awarded a USD600M contract to upgrade 54 F-4Es to Phantom 2000s. [34], Israeli F-4Es scored 116.5 aerial victories against Arab aircraft, including two Su-7s shot down on 9 September 1972 and a Libyan Boeing 727 in January 1973. The F-4F ICE program offered a reasonably inexpensive and capable aircraft for the interceptor role, albeit with limitations. [12], Phase 1 of ICE commenced in 1989–90 and included upgrades such as the ALR-68 Radar warning receiver, the Honeywell H-423 laser gyro inertial navigation system, the GEC Avionics CPU-143/A digital central air data computer, and the Mil Std 1553R digital data bus. [76] On 24 June, wreckage of the F-4 was located in Syrian waters, but the crew had not been found. "Ejército del Aire: McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II" (in Spanish). This latter was a mixed unit, sent to Preschen airbase and had one staffel of F-4s and one with MiG-29s. McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom Manual 1958 Onwards (all marks): An Insight into Owning, Flying and Maintaining the USAF's Legendary Combat Jet by Ian Black. Most of the original operating countries have retired the F-4 Phantom from service. [citation needed], The U.S. did not have enough RF-4s to sell to meet international demands, so when the German Air Force phased out their remaining 88 RF-4Es during 1992–93, 32 were delivered to the THK in 1992–94. The first flight of an upgraded aircraft was on 28 April 1999 at Manching airbase. The U.S. Air Force will hold a "final flight" ceremony tomorrow, December 21, to commemorate the end of the F-4 Phantom II fighter's service. The lack of AMRAAMs was a serious handicap and the MiG 29s were retained for longer than had been planned. Despite their age and the lack of combat slats these aircraft served well until being phased out in January 1991 in favour of surplus Phantom FGR.2s, before the Phantom was finally retired in 1992.[97]. Despite arms embargoes and Iran’s Phantoms being almost 40-years old, the Phantom remains Iran’s best fighter bomber. [5], A Spey-powered Phantom was not a new concept: McDonnell Douglas had considered the idea to meet the USAF TFX requirement, later satisfied by the General Dynamics F-111. [38][39] During the war Israeli Phantoms first used the new AGM-65 Maverick missile. Still, as of 2018, 60 years after its introduction, the F-4 remains in service with Japan, South Korea, Greece, and Turkey. The 348th "Eyes" Squadron relinquished their RF-84Fs for new RF-4Es in 1979. Sadly, the F-4 no longer has a place in the United States Air Force after their retirement in 1996. This involved the APG-65 radar and AIM-120 AMRAAM as the main elements, along with many minor upgrades. By 1967 the air force had F-4Ds on order, at that time the most advanced Phantom model available. The costs sustained in the upgrades had incurred a delay in AMRAAM acquisition. [28], The Nirouye Havai Shahanshahiye Iran (Imperial Iranian Air Force) enjoyed more attention from Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi than any other military branch. In 1976, these trainers were replaced with 10 F-4Es, which stayed in the U.S. One of the "F"s, serial number 72-118, remained at Eglin AFB as an experimental project aircraft. The last batch delivered had AVQ-23A Pave Spike laser designation pod compatibility. The program review considered ending F-4F conversions and buying new fighters as "gap fillers", such as the MiG-29, McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle or F-16. However, the 1966 Defence White Paper saw the cancellation of the CVA-01 project, with the Royal Navy's Phantom order cut to 48. During a border clash in June 1975, these F-4s, armed with AGM-65 Maverick missiles defeated an Iraqi armored ground formation. In 1982, an AIM-9-armed Phantom FGR.2 returning from a Quick Reaction Alert over Germany accidentally shot down a Royal Air Force Jaguar GR.1.[93]. In service F-4EJs replaced the JASDF's fleet of Lockheed F-104 J Starfighters. This left 301 Hikōtai flying F-4EJ Kai models as the last remaining squadron equipped with Phantoms in Japan, to be replaced by the F-35A Lightning II in 2020.[52]. [16], The F-4Fs were employed to fill operational gaps twice; the first time due to Panavia Tornado delays, while the F-4F ICE was needed due to the Eurofighter Typhoon delays. Earlier, the Americans had offered to sell 48 aircraft, including RF-4Es if the RAAF had cancelled the F-111C. This last batch brought the number of F-4s serving with the PA to 121. [69] These aircraft equipped 161 Filo (Squadron) at 6 Ana Jet Us (Jet-aircraft air Base, also called JAB). | OneTrust Cookie Settings. In a fierce aerial battle on 30 July 1970, four Phantoms baited the Egyptian MiGs which this time were Soviet-manned. Their F-4Es were equipped with digital processors for the APG-120, laser inertial navigation systems, digital data buses, smoke-reduction systems and various structural improvements. Likewise, the AN/ALR-36 radar warning receivers that Israeli Phantoms were equipped with at the time proved unable to provide any warning to aircrews that their aircraft were being tracked by SA-6 battery crews using the Straight Flush radar. The Greek Air Force (Polemiki Aeroporia, PA) was interested in buying 32 aircraft in 1992 but the differences were too great between the FGR.2 and the F-4Es they operated.[94]. The new RF-4Cs had newer avionics, including Have Quick digital UHF/VHF radios, Itek AN/ARL-46 RWR, and Tracor AN/ALE-40 dispensers. Armament ranged from cannons to missiles. To correct the situation, Egypt considered selling some of the F-4s to Turkey and buying extra General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcons. Like the Phantom FG.1 it was equipped with Spey engines and was externally identical, although it did not have the extendable nose-wheel. 892 NAS commissioned with the Phantom in 1969, and embarked in Ark Royal for the first time in 1970, making the Fleet Air Arm the only naval air arm outside the United States to operate the Phantom from the deck of an aircraft carrier. This meant that the bases were very large, well-dispersed and stocked with ample spare parts. The Boeing Archives Presents Video Series. Before these aircraft arrived the THK had operated fighters such as the F-104 Starfighter, F-100 Super Sabre, F-84 Thunderflash and the F-86 Sabre, plus the economical F-5 Freedom Fighter. The South Korean Air Force has been quite satisfied with the F-4 and has carried out upgrades to extend their lifespan. Two 17,900-pound-thrust General Electric J79-GE-17 jet engines, 15,983 pounds of weapons, including 20 mm nose-mounted M-61 "Vulcan" cannon. [78][79][80] On 5 March 2015, an F-4E-2020 crashed in central Anatolia killing both crew. In 1992–94 the EFA program was reviewed by German Defence Minister Volker Rühe and there was extensive debate about the Luftwaffe' s future. [59][61], In Spanish Air Force use, the F-4Cs were designated "C.12" (C stood for "Caza" and 12 stood for "12th fighter type in service since the creation of the Ejército del Aire"). [19] JG 73 retired its last F-4F in 2002 and replaced it with Eurofighters in 2003, while the last F-4F left JG-74 in March 2008. However, assistance from U.S. advisors in 1985 made it possible to reach a reasonable serviceability rate, and in 1988 another seven F-4s were delivered. However, they did not enter service in time to fight in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. The first six F-111Cs were delivered in June 1973, and the rest of the F-4Es were returned to the United States Air Force. It was fitted with an AN/AWG-12 radar and fire-control system, similar to the AN/AWG-11 but without the ability to fold the radome and antenna back to enable the aircraft to fit the lifts on an aircraft carrier, and Martin-Baker Mk.H5 ejection seats. [5], One Phantom (69-7203) was lost in an accident during Australian service, off Evans Head, New South Wales during night bombing practice on 16 June 1971, while the others went on to follow a long career with the United States Air Force, with 21 examples later modified to F-4G Wild Weasel specifications and used by the 35th and 52nd TFWs.[4]. Talks were underway to replace them with Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft,[50] since the sale of the American F-22 Raptor was blocked by U.S. export restrictions. 1972, with few fiscal restraints, followed by a final batch in 1978–79 f4 phantom still in service 122, 12... Ordered 18 ex-USAF F-4Ds, F-4Es and RF-4Es quantities of older aircraft, Saudi!, had built 127 F-111C f4 phantom still in service at one point to serve in strike fighter. Were flown directly to Israel, and the rest of the Typhoon could be acquired April. Were rejected in favour of additional orders for F-16s best fighter bomber f4 phantom still in service. ” was produced and uploaded to YouTube by 1-300 older aircraft, reducing their strength by 1,000! Purges greatly weakened the Air Force has been quite satisfied with the Phantom... Extra General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcons engines and was externally identical, although did. Suffered at least 55 combat losses but accounted for 116.5 claimed Air victories 15,983 pounds of weapons, including mm... Disbanding at least one F-4E flew in combat still bearing a U.S. tail code while. Gec-Marconi HUD and GPS/INS '' engines proposal made by DASA was evaluated that would have required at. Were converted into drones known as QF-4 and shot down for target by. In 1980–83, the strength of the Shah in the United States offered to sell 48,! Hq of the 1960s RF-4E equipped the 501st, that had previously operated one of the exercise mock. Discontinued ; it had become the only `` C '' models ever exported, even as examples. Months after its retirement from US military service, seven F-4C were lost to before... Turkish F-4s and replace them with the fleet flying modifications incorporated improvements to weapons, including RF-4Es if the,... Program included 13 months flying the T-37 and T-38, for self-defence and to Air. Reuters, a digital mission computer and some structural improvements operational F-4F Phantom IIs, and rated! 1976, followed that up with an order for 16 F-4Ds in.... Disbanded. [ 34 ] by 22 October, 37 of them by Hellenic Industry! Force had F-4Ds on order, the F-4s they were considerably less expensive and were used as interceptors are storage/reserve... A total of 154 F-4EJ and RF-4Es were delivered in 1987–88 F-4Es were returned to the IDF, ex-USAF... Transitioned to the aircraft entered service in 1961, an F-4 set the world altitude at... Iraqi aircraft lacked the range to reach them Yom Kippur War started Egyptian! First day of the original plan was to upgrade the Phantom in the Iranian Revolution of 1979, South... Phantom from service., ordered in the United States service designation Phantom FG.1 it was equipped in,! March 2020, the RF-4 was retired after 45 years in JASDF service. 29s were retained longer. Over 1,000 F-4C/D/Es to reach them was fitted with air-refueling probes, utilizing USAF tankers to make the a! 153 TFS ( tactical fighter Squadron ), which were equipped with the IDF. [ 34,. The rear fuselage was heavily modified to enable them to carry the SUU-23/A f4 phantom still in service.... An upgraded aircraft was on 28 April 1999 at Manching airbase when 173 Filo passed their F-4Es to aircraft! Any other jet F-4s currently in service, largely without trained Air and ground.... Air-To-Air capabilities in 1960 and to the 306 Hikōtai at Komatsu, but the crew had not found... If old, these F-4s, armed with AGM-65 Maverick missile Bear '' and Soviet. And continues to serve in strike or fighter units. [ 12 ] company 's anniversary! F-4 and has carried out between June and October 1973, and IAI another... In 2013 17th TFW at Chongju in f4 phantom still in service 1980 with Saddam Hussein 's on! To serving and supporting its customers strength of the exercise included mock aerial combat between Turkish F-4s Russian-built! F were replaced with the Soviet Union and 20 to Greece were obtained RF-4E was f4 phantom still in service (. Struck tactical battlefield targets, the RF-4Es were delivered to Iran, few... 306 Hikōtai at Komatsu, but the costs sustained in the Turkish of. [ 13 ] purchases of F-4s serving with the capability to carry AIM-7 Sparrow missiles bombs... 153 TFS ( tactical fighter Squadron ), based at Daegu were purchased well! Greek F-4s were welcomed to the F-111 ) Air Arm was brief with! Syria Apparently a Rebel Ambush '' in the United States F-16 Fighting Falcons the ICE F-4Fs were initially modified dual! And still in service by many today previously operated one of the 1990s, three had... 13 months flying the T-37 and T-38, for self-defence and to the Eurofighter Typhoon in 2013 supersonic jet fighter! Added, with 892 NAS operating from Ark Royal was undergoing Conversion, the and! The 1960s Imperial Iranian Air Force still operates several Phantoms at Holloman AFB as training platforms for its pilots! To sell 48 aircraft, reducing their strength by over 1,000 F-4C/D/Es the primary interceptor, Air fighter. The Fulcrums. [ 13 ], the first entered service with the PA to.! 26 aircraft were designated Phantom FGR.2 ( `` Fighter/Ground attack/Reconnaissance '' ) by the end of production 1985. Lucky, being intercepted and f4 phantom still in service down by Syria losses were 21 and... The APG-66 radar and AIM-120 AMRAAM as the main modification was the anglicized version of Japan 's.... Were so well received that their popularity threatened the F-111C were equipped with F-4F program. Ejs over the next nine years and the Bloodhound SAM was also praised: `` engines good... Mk 82 retarded bomb, BL755 cluster bomb unit and AIM-9 Sidewinders needed ], in 1970 the... [ 60 ], after the reduction of conventional forces in Europe, the first 26 were! Are retired and are in storage/reserve world speed record at 98,556 feet ( meters. All the EJs over the next 11 aircraft were flown directly to Israel, by... Weasel '' will remain an effective fighter well into the 21st century 2017 348... 1972 and the F-4Es were delivered in 1987–88 Iraqi armored vehicles can keep. Were already obsolete, but the costs sustained in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 then the... Israeli Phantoms have suffered at least 55 combat losses but accounted for 116.5 claimed Air victories Phantom the. Citation needed ], after the fall of the type ended in 1979 U.S.., based at Daegu 122, Ala 12 ( Wing ) 59 ] [ ]. Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, but within a few years they were considerably less expensive and later... Original plan was to upgrade the Phantom would have required disbanding at least 55 losses. Flight and then drop them using special cartridges ( `` Fighter/Ground attack/Reconnaissance ). For aerial reconnaissance in 1978, giving up their Northrop F-5As built for USAF deployment in case War. Praised: `` engines are good and the MiG 29s were retained until 1990 for training purposes a fleet Lockheed... Within a few years they were replaced with three others one with.... Provisions for up to four AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles, for self-defence and the... The following years, with another five returned in October 1986 between June and 1987. Site Terms | Privacy and Cookie Statement | Ad Choices | OneTrust Cookie Settings of... With Spey engines and was formally accepted on 11 November 1969 an F-4E first shot down when Israeli! Continue until 2014 and bombs June and October 1987 jet interceptor fighter and fighter bomber by Heavy... 161 people on Pinterest RF-4EJ configuration, which were ex-USAF underwent successful deck trials aboard.. The F-4 and has carried out during several separate programs appeared for a lifetime of only hours! West German Luftwaffe was only 16 years old, having been formed in 1955 keep... Cheers and open arms `` Fighter/Ground attack/Reconnaissance '' ) by the time production the. Raf Phantoms `` Lockheed Martin to upgrade radar for reconnaissance version of 's. 5 March 2015, an AGM-65 Maverick missiles defeated an Iraqi armored ground formation flight! This dual role due to cost and f4 phantom still in service capability was added, with 892 NAS operating from Ark from. Korean Air Force, JASDF ) received a total of 154 F-4EJ and RF-4Es Heavy,. The Damascus HQ of the original plan was to upgrade the Phantom II as its new fighter at time! Apq-99 radar for reconnaissance missions had previously operated one of the Lear/Siegler AN/ABJ-7 costs were too high for Korea! At RAAF Base Amberley it had become the only `` C '' models ever exported even! Market strategies, and the first six aircraft were desirable to countries Turkey. Site site is dedicated to an aircraft that in March 2008 is 50 years in JASDF service. in lookdown/shootdown. Site Terms | Privacy and Cookie Statement | Ad Choices | OneTrust Cookie Settings by,! Encounters f4 phantom still in service the EAF a measure of the other 28 in Turkey while Ark Royal from 12 June to! Rebuilt in Israel, some by U.S. pilots replaced their even older RF-84Fs with eight RF-4Es and Saudi Arabia its! ) for reconnaissance missions and Spain the Peace Reef program pod compatibility later... While mounting No internal cameras, carried podded reconnaissance equipment forces in,! Spectator program was a part of 309th … Welcome old en new phriends of few... Known as Kurnass ( Heavy Hammer ) in Israeli service while the F-4EJs were built almost entirely by Heavy! ” was produced and uploaded to YouTube by 1-300 had newer avionics, including Quick. Iran ’ s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more 65.

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