BC ZLY couldn't be famous right away? Organic redox-active materials are promising for redox flow batteries (RFBs) owing to their inherent low-cost, vast abundance, and high structure tunability. With YM, she actually started with a small leading role and small supporting role, both at the same time. @Anon 8.e — The difference is that most of the actress/actors that can get lead roles almost out of the bat is because they graduated from schools that specializes in performance arts. In the past ZLS had talent and looks but never the luck, once the luck came in she gets a good role (TROTAR), that's why she is popular now. And some people, usually the less pretty, they take a longer route because people have to get used to them first. Later, he entered the director department of the School of Continuing Education of Shanghai Theater Academy. @1d and @1f, It's only a fucking drama. Ding Yu Xi. https://dramapanda.com/2020/06/ding-yuxi-caught-between-two-couple Moreover, YM leaded more than 5-6 really good dramas before she can conquer dramaland. I haven't watched any ZLS dramas so I can't say anything about her acting skills – who knows, she could be awesome – but according to mydramalist her first drama was in 2018. Share this article via social media. yu ding definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. She has chemistry with pretty much every male lead she is the star on. Prev; Next ; Research Interests: 1. In fact, ZLY conquer dramaland way faster than YM. The actor have to be in a good production but also look good, and bonus if they have talent. That is why the trend is getting seasoned older actresses to work with much younger leading men. Recommend to a friend Email a link to the following content: * Recipient's Email Address: * Your Email: Your Name: * Subject: Send me a copy of this email. These days if fans can stand up for an idol to the point it affect the production's success in a positive way, their recipe would be. She updated her looks too, she lose weight for the role and I admit she looks prettier now. “Chen Xiaoqian fans are heartbroken” said one commenter while another asked “why isn’t there one for Han Shuo and Xiaoqian? YM played about 6 roles before Guo Xiang. "I honestly don't 100% blame people for hating on ZLS or any other up and coming actress because of how they are getting popular so fast. It's not true that just because it's a small role it should be given to new people only and they can act horrible on it. I watched both dramas though I never got around to finishing neither of them. I don't see why it's wrong, sometimes it is just what it is. Top 3 WeChat CRMs You need to Recognize . As if IL fans are innocent. No actors should ever teach their fans with such misconception, very unprofessional of them, they should learn from YM. "– This has nothing much to do with moderness. DNA molecular markers for authenticating germplasm of medicinal plants; 2. Until now, there has been rare information about biogenic OSs in the air of highly polluted areas. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Ding Yu Xi est un acteur et mannequin chinois originaire de Shanghai en … Biotechnique of rare and endangered medicinal plants ; 3. Yu Ding. It could be their looks, or their personality, or their charm, but they just have that "IT" factor, and sometimes it is not because they are the prettiest or the best looking either. But I read that the IL fans were the ones that started to fight with TROTAR fans on weibo. This makes WeChat one of the most popular tools for social media marketing in China. Sorry I guess I kind of got sidetracked and kinda went onto a different topic. Anyways, both sides need to chill and just do what they need to do and that is to support DY, LZS, and ZY. Yes, sorry Autocorrect cut off the D >.<. If she did not have this luck, she can keep starring in 10 more bad productions, she will still get nowhere even in 10 years even with good looks and skills. Of course this doesn't apply much to popular actresses like YM and ZLY, I'm just saying in general. My reply was meant for 1e and 1f only. Romance is a huge genre nowadays and of course seeing a bunch of 50 year olds fit that isn't exactly the most exciting lol. How could anyone hate Zhou Lusi? Clearly, people sitting behind the keyboard has no idea on the in and outs of actually being out there working and hustling on contracts and projects. She made it to top 10 most billable list already. Just like Zhao Lusi who played about the same amount before Qianqian. Top comments Top comments; Last comments; Roles. His other two previous dramas are really good also. my gosh this article is childish, these comments are childish, This is why I hate fan culture. one of the main couples in KO One.Xiao Yu began to show signs that he was in love with An Qi in Episode 9, right after Da Dong and An Qi became a couple.Because of he respected Da Dong and Da Dong is also his best friend, Xiao Yu kept his feelings for An Qi to himself. So it doesn't seem very smart to come out with a music video of a previous coupling while you have a current series playing. @ 1.cYou are right. You can have looks, even if your talent is bad, people will see you. Unfortunate but if he wants to become a big star he will need to deal with this. Male have to act male-ly and female has to act female-ly. But anyway, The Romance of Tiger and Rose does have something extra up its sleeve for fans – it’s not a music video but the drama is releasing easter eggs from today onwards up to the 15, Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLkNDMDJmUWZ5YlVr, Li Yifeng signs with Bravo Stars as his new agency, Yang Mi to star in the drama adaptation of Once Young, Hit Taiwanese Film More Than Blue To Get A Drama Adaptation, Zhang Heng Debunks Fraud Rumours, Inadvertently …, Rebel Princess Author Supports Decision to …, Patrick Shih’s Cryptic Post on Instagram …. An actor can be in a good project but if they ugly, doesn't work either. In his recent livestream, Ding Yuxi seemingly responds to the criticisms – “, I have to admit I kinda feel bad for Ding Yuxi because I’m sure he put in a lot of effort to film the music video. 0 mentions. But she is different from ZLY, people actually love both her small role or leading role. What are we in, primary school? 101 Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations (And What They Mean!) Personally, I think TROTAR is more popular than IL when you look at the drama ranking on WB. Or they could try attacking just anybody working with her, maybe they will even fight for her salary and top bill status too. Since Chinese dramas make advertising money per episode, young and good looking are the norm nowadays for idols. Why do y'all act like you know the ins and outs of this mess? Purpose The unprecedented growth of social media in the past decade has resulted in an increasing interest on social media research. He recently finished filming rom-com Moonlight with Yu Shuxin. Découvrez sa biographie, sa carrière en détail et toute son actualité. Intense Love – As Zhou Shiyun. 0 mentions. You can have both looks and talents together but if you have no luck (connections) there is no way you will be famous because you don't get to be in a production that is good. If she done that earlier she would been popular sooner. Of course I don't want to change the way the industry works or anything, I just think maybe you should get some more experience before taking on a big role? Even though she quickly became a big female lead most of the time, she still goes back often to play small roles time to time. She wasn't pretty, but she was on a good production and her performance was well received so she's remembered. Please wait... × Post. The following year 2011 she played Princess Qing'er, even though it wasn't the main lead it was still a really huge role. Some can act even better than the seasoned older actresses. Of course I don't think getting popular quick/overnight is a crime, like who decides that lol. Pei Wang, Yu Ding, Mingshen Sun, Huibo Wang, Tongxin Li, Rundong Zhou, Zhaofeng Chen, Yiming Jing Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE 42nd International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering in Practice (ICSE-SEIP '20:) Towards Memory Safe Python Enclave for Security Sensitive Computation Huibo Wang, Mingshen Sun, Qian Feng, Pei Wang, Tongxin Li, Yu Ding 35th Annual … On Exploring Semantic Meanings of Links for Embedding Social Networks, Linchuan Xu, Xiaokai Wei, Jiannong Cao and Philip S. Yu. Even TROTR is still only a web drama, the reason why it propelled her is because the directing and scripting is much better this time. Conservation biology of rare and endangered medicinal plants; 4. Ding Yu Xi Philippines. They probably grew up thinking that when they grow older they will be invited to take on main roles, but times have changed and now it's the opposite. In other words, nobody liked ZLY from her support roles, they only liked her in leading roles. They even went so far to insult Zhao Lu Si on one of Ding Yu Xi's livestreams. [10] Ding started gaining increased popularity for starring in these two dramas, receiving the title of "May Boyfriend". WeChat allows for one-to-one personalized interaction between brands and users. But I won't underestimate looks, sometimes seeing ZLY, she is a game changer. Cited by. They were probably in many dramas but served as a placement girl.Tony Leung (Internationally Famous), Felix Wong, and others from the 80's 90's Hong Kong TVB golden years pretty much was given lead roles right when they graduated from TVB acting class. 25 Desember 2020. Therefore, they already have the acting chops from the get-go due to so many years of intensive training. It wasn't like she didn't deserve it. They're both petty, IL fans esp Zhang Yuxi fans should stop acting like they're the only victim here. @8.d What I was trying to say about the whole modern thing (I should've explained) is that 1) social media now makes it so much easier for people and productions to become popular and 2) like I said, make people want pretty little young leads. They are delusional since Intense Love is below the popularity of Tiger Rose who was Tencent’s most popular Webdrama the last weeks even though I think YAM will change that soon. Her next projects are looking very good too so they need to get rid of her before she can grow any bigger than this. [5], In 2019, Ding starred in the web drama, Just an Encore. The only drama that is airing currently that closes to YAM is "You Are My Destiny". Learning from Multi-View Multi-Way Data via Structural Factorization Machines, Chun-Ta Lu, Lifang He, Hao Ding, Bokai Cao and Philip S. Yu. The Smiling, Proud Wanderer – As Dongfang Bu Bai. If you look at Chinese Paladin 1, everybody in it actually got their fame within 1 shot. In the past Zhao Liying wasn't pretty at all that's why she had an even longer route than the rest of actresses her age. Ding Xiao Yu and Huang An Qi are . About YM and ZLY.YM was popular really quickly, through such a famous role like Guo Xiang in 2006 and casting alongside somebody famous like LYF, she was really popular almost right away. they're super popular. View the profiles of people named Ding Yu. The weibo screenshots are created by IL fans so of course it would be biased, they won't show their ugly side, you can't trust it. in Russian and American Studies (University Paris-Sorbonne), a Ph.D. in Financial Accounting (University Paris-Panthéon-Sorbonne) and an "Habilitation à diriger des recherches" ("Qualified Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor"). One comment on Ding Yuxi's weibo went as far as saying "You need to wake up. Join Facebook to connect with Ding Yu Xi and others you may know. I wasn't trying to blame anybody, just had to had a rant, sorry if it mad you uncomfortable . But YM is a child actress and probably have more professional connections. Anybody can star in a really good project, but if they don't have that LOOK they will never get anywhere. Name: Ryan Ding Yuxi Chinese Name: 丁禹兮 Height: 182cm Ethnicity: Han Chinese Profession: Actor Social Media Account: Weibo Love Meter. He played the young and beautiful, fashion-loving heroine Zhou Yiyi's boyfriend Cha Jian. Some of those dramas she was only in it for a few episodes or worse, a few minutes. She didn't get good projects right away, or all the time, that's why there are ups and downs in her career. Why can't people just be happy for him that he is doing well? Why would you think it doesn't make sense? Join Facebook to connect with Ding Yu and others you may know. This allows brands to communicate directly with their followers through the messaging functions on their account. Biogenic organosulfates (OSs) are important markers of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation involving cross reactions of biogenic precursors (terpenoids) with anthropogenic pollutants. Hervé Stolowy holds a Degree in Business Administration (ESCP Europe), a Master's degree in Law (University Paris-Val de Marne), a B.A. The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020) as Han Shuo; Intense Love (2020) as Zhou Shiyun; Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020) as Su Shi; Reset Life (2019) as Cai Tianmu; Just an Encore (2019) as He Xinliang; New The Smiling, Proud … [4] Later that year, he also participated in I Actor, a variety show where rookie actors and actresses improve their acting skills along with strengthening their morals. By the way, I'm not really talking about ZLS, because I don't know much about her, but younger actors in general. FANs are always the common denominator when it comes to celeb problems. I hate how IL fans acted like the victim here as if they didn't do anything wrong. Look it up now! 23 Desember 2020. I guarantee you nobody gonna care if the story is good at that point, but will only look at how ugly she is. There are too many crazy people. That's … that was not even two years ago. Talent. Lmao… they are as toxic as some kpop band fans… why they fought over this? How do you know people you're supporting aren't buying hot searches? They screenshot TROTAR fans' comments on weibo and created a hashtag about it and bought hot searches for it to trend on weibo ALMOST EVERYDAY while TROTAR fans are busy voting on sina awards instead. Not the prettiest, but good looking enough. I feel sorry for these artist sometimes. The purpose of this study is to examine the state-of-the-art developments in social media research and to develop a thematic research framework. 8.b I'm sorry but you sound narrow minded. Verified email at corp.netease.com. When TROTAR blew up,they insulted Lusi saying she doesn't fit Ding Yuxi and that she's ugly and fat. Anon 8.e Playing small roles first doesn't always mean actors will slowly gain experience. Read more about this below. Beijing Enlight Media: Chinese name ; Traditional Chinese: 丁禹兮: Simplified Chinese: 丁禹兮: Transcriptions; Standard Mandarin; Hanyu Pinyin: Dīng Yǔ Xī: Yue: Cantonese; Jyutping: Ding1 Yu5-Hai4: Ryan Ding Yuxi (Chinese: 丁禹兮; born 20 July 1995), is a Chinese actor. Y Ding, K Prepin, J Huang, C Pelachaud, T Artières . ZLS didn't just get popular overnight though, she was only a second lead when she started and wasn't that pretty especially in Cinderella Chef. @ 7I agree with you. Luck2. The strongest 8 will be chosen at the end and have a drama specially designed for them.

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