display: none !important; Hand watercolor illustration isolated on white. Anime girl names are also a great source of strong girl names. She is the personality that can mirror many of us. Baby Name List: Cartoon Characters. You can consider this redhead as one of the most courageous cartoon girl of this age. Funny Disney Dog Names 2020: According to you what are some best Disney names for male and female dogs? Please reload the CAPTCHA. Mia is a beautiful name, I love it! Anime Warrior Girl Names. If you were inspired by Disney movies growing up, you might consider the name of a Disney character for your child. Violet: Jul 19, 2019 - Explore Krista McDougal's board "Female Character Names", followed by 947 people on Pinterest. Baby shower, invite. If you’re looking for a twin girl name to go with a twin boy name, please visit our twin names for boy/girl twins. 37 Handmade Valentines Day Ideas and Crafts …, 40 Creative DIY Paper Mache Crafts Ideas …, 40 Creative Crafts Ideas using Old Picture …, 36 Inspiring Bullet Journal Ideas To Start …, 40 15-Minute Easter Decoration Ideas that look …, 30 Most Popular Black Anime Characters | …, 35 Famous Anime Characters With Blue Hair …, Top 25 Famous Anime Characters With Glasses …, 25 Fascinating Pink Haired Anime Characters | …, 20 Cute Cartoon Characters With Big Eyes …, 25 Famous Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair …, The Most Classic Cakes Tastes And Interesting …, 40 Romantic Couple Cartoon Love Photos HD, 40 Free HD Halloween Wallpapers for Desktop …, Importance of Documenting Photos of Your Fun …. setTimeout( Buttercup, bubbles and blossom- you better mind the names! All the Girl Disney Dogs. From the movie Bolt and played by Miley cyrus. notice.style.display = "block"; She’s brave and cute! Use this list of cartoon character names to help name your puppy, kitty or … No, we can’t consider only one girl! Here is the infographic with only 63 character names. .hide-if-no-js { Akatsuki - from Log Horizon, means "dawn" in Japanese ; Arale - from Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball Super; Asuna - from Sword Art Online, means "tomorrow's apple … Angel: From Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure, Angel is Scamp's love interest. Famous Cartoon Names Here's a fun list of the most famous cartoon names just in case you were wondering. Cartoon Dog Names Depending on how you define “cartoon,” the first cartoon was either invented in … 24 Extremely Hot Anime Girls Who Will Blow Your Mind. Elastic-Girl (DC Comics) Firebird (Marvel Comics) Molly Hayes (Marvel Comics) Hellcat (Marvel Comics) Isis (DC Comics) Jubilee (Marvel Comics) Kismet (Marvel Comics) Lady Blackhawk (DC Comics) This was the time when animation was not introduced to us, but see how simplicity can be the best. Gossip Girl fans are already familiar with the name Leighton as it's the name of one of the show's stars, Leighton Meester. 58. Cool Cartoon Character Names. But not all of these cartoons are for kids. Jessie is a cowgirl and you can easily get that by her look and attire! If your cat has a delicate appearance, you’ll need to choose her name using how she looks. Helen Parr: In recent years, though, the name has catapulted to the top of the ranks. 5 Time limit is exhausted. Yeah, jasmine! Or her features may mature as she grows. What are the most famous cartoon character names you can remember? That upturned, little nose and huge eyes scream “I’m cute!” She may keep that kitten-like face into her adult years. From: The Powerpuff Girls. Unusual names … This list could also be useful if you’re looking for a last name to give a character in a story you’re writing. For some of us, watching The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Lady and the Tramp shaped our childhoods. Astronaut cartoon girl flying. },