His weak spot is his head. You take some damage from the burning floor but it shouldn’t kill you. The tricky part is bringing his shields down. You can also slide into the barrels around the area (hold crouch button) to fling those at the boss and deal him a lot of damage. No one needs a boss with this many phases. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. For Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do you re-fight bosses?" Lucky for you, there’s a big stone to the left of where the fight starts, which is perfect to hide behind when you see him prepare energy projectiles. Stay behind the stone, only moving left and right to land some hits on the boss, and returning to cover when you see him casting a ball of energy. All in all, the attack pattern stays largely the same throughout the fight and jumping sideaways around the boss is the way to go. … A blade from above is used more rarely but can also be dodged by running sideaways. RELATED: Borderlands 3: How to Get the Conference Call Legendary Shotgun. At the start of the fight, head straight to the stage where Billy spawns after the cutscene. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to gear yourself up and play this build at the highest level. Strategy: Tyreen is the final boss / endboss of Borderlands 3. Just don’t let her shields recharge. The Borderlands 3 Boss That Deserved Better Than a Glitch. Get really close to her and shoot her in the face (weakspot) with your best weapon, one of the easiest fights so far. This is his weak spot. Side Mission: Trial of Cunning (Ghostlight Beacon). How To Kill Borderlands 3 Bosses If you are in the middle of the arena when he launches this, just slide through the laser as it approaches. FEEDBACK. The boss appears in the main story mission “Hostile Takeover”. As long as you have enough cover in a boss fight you can just run around cover in circles and wait for her Mech to recharge (but this works for any other character as well). Once the participant has reached the Lesionhall, Sane Krieg will whine about something burning in his mind. Strategy: Do note this is out first boss in a side mission and not main mission. JOIN. Bring an accurate weapon to hit the weak spots from afar (Shotgun and inaccurate weapons not recommended). Since Bosses respawn, they are farmable. What … Borderlands 3. Maya Calc. At close to medium range it likes to spray a flamethrower at you (which becomes an acid thrower in 2nd phase). When he’s about to launch one of the speaker AOE attacks, he’ll walk around in circles in the middle of the arena. The second fiddle whips out warbling synthwave in a one-on-one showdown. Here are the most powerful bosses in the game, as well as the weakest. He will spawn his minions constantly throughout the fight. Thanks for this guide! Side Mission: Trial of Fervor (The Skydrowned Pulpit). Borderlands 3 Game Guide & Walkthrough. Also, they will almost instantly disappear as soon as they take the first hit on their health bar – so make sure your mag isn’t about to run out when their shield is going down. Shiv is the first boss you will face off against in Borderlands 3. William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts. Hence, you should be sufficiently leveled to stay alive during these shock phases and pick shield with high capacity stat. When he sends an underground shockwave, get away as it will hit you from below. Location: Pandora, Destroyer’s Rift. During the final phase when the boss has less than 5% health left he will spawn and attack with quick melee strikes but they are easily dodged by jumping back and forth from one side to another. gambler (Moxxi's crew) November 28, 2019, 8:28pm #63. While Borderlands 3’s Takedowns have been fine, Gearbox should consider bringing back some more traditional raid … If this name sounds familiar, it's because you have to finish this mission to get the Dead Chamber pistol (which we've discussed before because of its weapon effect that gives you a … Jumping while running is best so you are harder to hit and can even jump over some of the boss’s attacks. Fans of the TV series can now fight the Mother of Dragons including the dragons. For weapons it doesn’t really matter what you pick, whatever does the most damage. To help you keep track of all the bosses you will face in Borderlands 3, check out our Borderlands 3 boss list below. The boss himself is actually not that big of a threat here, he doesn’t really do anything. Boss Guide Warden. What the hell were the devs thinking with this one?! Borderlands 3: How To Beat The Anointed BOSS FIGHT - YouTube Any way to bring received shock damage down is going to make a huge difference. Tools . As mentioned just above, you'll be looking for the Anointed Alpha Borderlands 3 boss if you've embarked on the side mission Malevolent Practice. Mobs spawn between phases (flying creatures), kill them for ammo and health. Always jump when he’s about to land, this gives you a chance to jump over the balls and avoid damage if you time it right. In the second phase it will use electric attacks. It’s a very tanky boss, but the good thing is there’s lots of cover in the area so you can camp somewhere and let your shield and abilities recharge. Between phases the boss spawns big AOE attacks, such as a fire ball that casts multiple lasers through the arena – just run away from it and avoid the lasers. Later into the fight he creates a “hammer” to send out a shockwave in front of him, walking sideways at a distance easily avoids all of this damage. I absolutely hate this boss fight with a passion. RELATED: Borderlands 3: How to Get the Flak Legendary Infinity Pistol. Borderlands 3 – General Traunt Boss Fight (Boss #17) – Solo Borderlands 3 General Traunt Boss Fight takes place in Main Mission: Footsteps of Giants. FL4K is liked by many players and while the animal AI is nice against normal enemies, it is not always useful against bosses. Main Mission: Footsteps of Giants This is not a good boss fight design. His weakspot is on his back, the red dot. Borderlands 3 Map for The Anvil on Eden-6 planet, with Zone Progress, Quest Starters, NPC, Bosses, Crew Challenges, ECHO Logs, Typhon Logs, Eridian Writings, Vending Machines, Red Chests, Vehicle Station and Fast Travel Station. Krieg Calc. It has 3 layers of health. Top 5 Most Powerful Bosses In Borderlands 3 (& The 5 Weakest) Borderlands 3 has a wide variety of boss fights to deal with. Weapons Shields Grenades Class Mods Artifacts. Borderlands 3 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Google Stadia version also in development. You must jump over this! First you must take out the fuel lines, then kill the supporting crew, destroy the transmission, remaining crew, and finally the main tank. Strategy: Unlike other bosses, Billy does not have a health bar at the top of the screen. This fight doesn’t have anything too out of the ordinary from a normal fight, aside from when the Warden puts a shield up that makes him immune to attacks for a short period. Best to keep your abilities ready and not waste them sooner. This boss fight is generally easy and small if you can destroy his shield quickly. Tools . Whenever the boss shoots projectiles they can’t reach you in this spot. One of the harder to dodge ones is his laser. Some of FL4K’s pets can’t hit some bosses at all or will constantly need to be revived. What weapon you pick doesn’t matter too much, whatever gets you the highest DPS. It has two health bars (one blue, one yellow). Again, if you just keep moving you should be fine, but there's also a … Main Mission: Blood Drive Then the Carnivora is defeated. Borderlands 3: How to Beat the Warden. This is actually a good opportunity to land critical hits on the boss’s weakspot in the middle of his chest.

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