The business benefits from the sale and the nonprofit gains revenue from its commissions. Share: In November 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against a local business and its owner, alleging a Ponzi scheme that defrauded friends, colleagues, and fellow church members out of at least $200 million. ccording to a Friday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Las Vegas-based Affinity Gaming is seeking an acquisition. Mr. Brandano, our … Affinity fraud is when someone abuses membership or association with an identifiable group to convince a potential investor to trust the legitimacy of the investment. Affinity is a Medicaid managed care organization serving members in New York City, Westchester, Orange, Nassau, ... the risk factors to which Molina is subject is provided in greater detail in its periodic reports and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K. You can report suspicious activity anonymously through BCSC InvestRight’s Report a Scam page. Las Vegas headquartered Affinity Gaming is merging with a newly formed special purpose acquisition company, which plans to raise between $150m and $175m through an initial public offering. Knowledgeable investment representatives are ready to help you open a new account, transfer funds, or place a trade. The nonprofit receives a percentage of the sale as a referral commission. Affinity Fraud: Beware of Swindlers Who Claim Loyalty to Your Group State securities regulators are warning investors to be on guard against a rise in affinity group fraud. The proposed public offering … Low trading commissions and fees, so you can keep more of your money invested and working on your behalf; Prompt, friendly service is part of the Qtrade experience. Affinity Bancshares, Inc. (the "Company") announced today that Community First Bancshares, MHC (the "MHC") has completed its conversion from the mutual holding company to the stock holding company form of organization (the "Conversion"), and the Company has completed its related stock offering. To help empower Albertans, the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has released its list of the top investment risks and possible scams to look out for in 2021. The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed charges against Live Abundant related to the Woodbridge scheme, alleging they acted as unregistered brokers for unregistered securities. I admit I was sloppy about not providing footnotes, but they're all on the main article about Madoff, is this OK? Live Abundant, which has denied those allegations in court papers, did not respond to a request for comment. In reality, even if there really is an actual investment, the investment typically makes little or no profit. I added the Bernard Madoff example yesterday. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission | Επιτροπή Κεφαλαιαγοράς Κύπρου Affinity Financial Products LLP STRATEGY, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS & COMMUNICATIONS Securities and Exchange Commission, or by any state securities authority. Affinity Designer … GHAC filed a Registration Statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on January 15, 2021. March 26, … Affinity Designer’s Pixel persona includes a whole other set of bitmap brushes as well as basic retouch tools. In many affinity programs, the nonprofit’s members or donors buy a service through a business that has partnered with it. Good Sam Enterprises (formerly Affinity Group or AGI) is a provider of membership clubs, as well as subscription-based products, services and publications, targeted toward recreational vehicle and other outdoor enthusiasts in the United States and Canada. Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp, a newly organised blank check company, filed … SEC Charges Florida Firm and Executive with Operating an Affinity Fraud Targeting the Haitian-American Community Litigation Release No. An affinity program is an additional source of revenue that can provide needed support. Next Section: Previous Section Compensation Committee Interlocks and Insider Participation We do not have a formal compensation committee. Owner Affinity Gaming is merging with a SPAC to pursue more deals. The merger would take place through Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition Corp., a … Madoff. Latest companies and documents filed with the Security and Exchange Commission Gaming & Hospitality Acquisition, which registered for an initial public offering on Friday, plans to merge with its sponsor, Affinity Gaming Holdings, and at least one other company, the Las Vegas-Review Journal reports. Executive compensation matters are determined by the Board of Directors as a group. U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION | 3 How to Avoid Affinity Fraud The key to avoiding affinity fraud is using independent information to evaluate financial opportunities rather than trusting the judgment of a friend, family member, or co-worker. Meanwhile, Hronek is not alone. What is affinity fraud? Molina Healthcare, Inc. (NYSE: MOH) (“Molina”) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all of the ass Its simple, but the causes that give rise to it are often more complex. We have been fans of Jonathan’s photography for quite some time and following his successful submission to 100 Days. Serif is once again discounting Affinity Photo, Publisher and Designer by 50 percent, and it's offering 90-day free trials before you buy. Affinity Gaming, a casino operator owned by Z Capital, plans to raise $150 million for a special purpose acquisition company, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Complemented by the option to add raster noise (grain) to fills and effects, this makes it easy to ‘dirty up’ vector artwork, which can sometimes look antiseptic. Get the right answers and solutions, right away. Common affinity groups include religion, ethnicity, profession, education, common handicaps, language, age and any other common likeness or shared characteristics that allow investors to trust members of the group. For more information on affinity fraud, visit the NASAA website ( and look under “Investor Education.” # # # Additional Contacts: Joseph P. Borg, Alabama Securities Commission, 334-242-2984 Michael Byrne, Pennsylvania Securities Commission, 215-560-2088 If the allegations are true, this is just the latest of many Ponzi schemes perpetrated in Utah based on bonds of trust – also known as affinity fraud. Residents from other Canadian provinces can find contact information for their provincial securities regulator at He's a combination of rabbit and canine, and has an electric baton that extends from the inside of his arm as you can see here. 24970 / November 30, 2020 Securities and Exchange Commission v. Brothers Investment Group International, Inc. N/K/A Brothers International Group Inc., et al., 20-cv-24842 (S.D. Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission; being registered with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training. Everyone, in some way or another, is connected to a group or association. Las Vegas-based Affinity Gaming is on the hunt for an acquisition. Security failed spectacularly — perhaps the one point Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Silver Sevens Casino in Las Vegas. Note: An early version of this article was based on the public domain document "Affinity Fraud: How To Avoid Investment Scams That Target Groups" issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 100 Commissions, he spoke to us about his lifelong passion for cars, how he got started in photography and what he loves most about shooting at night. Stream commission for AlchemyStudiosInk featuring their fursuit/mascot costume security guard/animatronic entertainment character! Alchemy asked for a FNAF/Gleipnir vibe and we ended up redesigning the character a bit to match that aesthetic. Additional information about Affinity Investment Advisors, LLC is available on the SEC’s website at The following is an excerpt from a S-1/A SEC Filing, filed by AFFINITY INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SYSTEMS INC on 4/27/2000. In British Columbia, contact the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) Inquiries. Jonathan Pearce is a security engineer, automotive photographer and father of three based in London, UK. Many affinity frauds are Ponzi or pyramid schemes, where money given to the promoter by new investors is paid to earlier investors to create the illusion that the so-called investment is successful.

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