She asks him if he’s proud of her for being independent for the first time. Zhai Xing was tasked by Ji Chong to finish off the wolf as a test. Then he saw Ma Jun riding his horse to escape and he went after him until they ended up on a cliff top. Bao Na thinks the apology is him rejecting her so she pretends to not understand. One is good, the other is bad. Apparently, the king was attracted to a very pretty courtesan, who happens to be in love with the chef of Boshuan Army. Ma Zhai Xing went to see the King of Jin to apologise and to ask for a second chance. 407 shows from Mainland China Clear. There and then, he hired LI Guang to be his chef at his manor. Ji Chong and Dad make up. It was believed the baby was not sired by the Emperor. However, Yao Ji doesn’t want him to die for anyone. The King though declined saying that the way she was acting, rather brainless but full of bravado would only endanger herself, her troop as well as the Jin Troop. Without Wen Yan (Mo Xiao and Han Die), Chu You Wen would have definitely lived a lonely life. Anyway, LI Guang managed to get away and ended up in the Capital where he was found and rescued by Ma Zhai Xing on her way to the Bo Mansion as the engaged, soon to be the wife of Prince Bo. Ma Zhai Xing took her time leaving the Bo Manor. Fortunately, Ji Chong arrives. Prince Bo was economical with the truth that he and Ma Zhai Xing were childhood sweethearts. Li Qin as Ma Zhai Xing looks much younger than Wan’er in Joy of Life. There are responsibilities. Chinese Dramas. Year: 2020 Episodes: 49. Chu Kui, the King of Yang defeated the King of Jin who retreated into the North. Chu You Wen tells Ji Chong the truth. Ji Chong arrives back in time to save her. Ma Zhai Xing was with her father looking at the screen painting of her mother when he was telling her that her mother was a true blue blood when they heard the commotion outside. He tells her to kill this fake princess otherwise she'd be in trouble too. Ji Chong mentioned that he knew the Second Prince was the mastermind of the kidnapping but Ji Chong could help him for a price. Ji Chong will do the mission. He tells her to pack her bags. At the gates, Chu You Gui doesn’t let Yao Ji enter. With this in mind, he started a war. Prince Bo also told the Emperor why the Second Prince and the Prime Minister hurried to get rid of Li Guang. There’s villain A who is evil for power. When he got back, he found Ma Zhai Xing had a visitor. But this did not matter to Zhai Xing who was getting more hysterical by the minutes. He knew she was making it so he prepared a red string. Prince Bo was furious that she would endanger herself for him. Everything he does is for her safety. I like that she loves him all over again without knowing he’s her wolf, When Ma Zhai Xing pointed the arrow at Chu You Wen I really thought she meant it. He was like Robin Hood, the money he makes, he buys foods and toys for the children in a little village. Episode 48 has aired last Monday, and I will try to make it short and sweet. Ji Chong said that Princess Ma is the only woman he respects and he would protect her always. He would have gone for a total full snog, tongue duel, and tonsil hockey. Very animal-istic, A lot of skinship to love this episode. He does not want to hate herself and her stupidity when she finds out the truth. To Chu You Wen, she’s only his family though. the wolf poster. She shyly walks away but he pulls her back for some more. Home; Man in a Veil ; It’s Okay to Not Be Okay; Love of Summer Night; Backstreet Rookie; Mulan; Drama Movies; Recent Posts. She tells him that even if he's not here, she would want to do the same. Ma Zhai Xing got drunk and was escorted by Prince Bo on her way to her lodging but she started hallucinating that Prince Bo was her Wolfie. © Global Granary, 2020. Prince Bo is transported to Qiannu Batallion. Ma Zhai Xing is outside the door and hears everything Chu You Wen said. Then, he made a cry which seemed to have woke up Ma Zhai Xing because she ran towards him, her Wolfie. He had planned to kill Chu You Gui five days later and then die alone somewhere else. Ma Jun and his soldiers found Young Tarzan by using Ma Zhai Xing resonance ball. LOL. In this last episode, it is funny trying to see him fit himself into a narrow couch just so he can sleep next to her. Ma Zhai Xing and Ji Chong meet this episode. The doctor said that it had been a long time for it to be reset or cured but he can give her herbs as pain killer. Ma Zhai Xing and Youwen were practically feet apart in the market town but they never came face to face. They're surrounded by Chen You Gui's men. It seemed during the course of the evening he woke up and agreed and signed terms asked by Zhai Xing that he will take her traveling. What she did not know was that the Second Prince had arranged for her to get kidnapped. Zhai Xing, the Ma Troop and the Jins have reached the Jin Municipality. But a spy came with a message that Prince Bo is alive and his punishment was downgraded from death to slavery for life. Meanwhile, at the Bo Mansion, the Emperor made an impromptu visit and found out that Prince Bo had gone awol. I am not sure if this episode is supposed to be sad but I ended up really tearful during the scene between Prince Bo and Ji Chong. A wild Chu You Wen attacks her. He then announced that Prince Bo should marry Ma Zhai Xing. This did not stop him though. In his stead, she promises to watch over Chu You Zhe. She makes the same pastry they had last Valentine's day. Ma Zhai Xing was like a zombie. Ma Zhai Xing had been training in martial art under the tutelage of Ji Chong. She tells him he’s not a monster. Ji Chong sadly walks away but he gets his revenge by hanging Chu You Wen upside down and stealing Ma Zhai Xing's kiss right in front of Chu You Wen. Their love had began. Prince Bo with the Jins wanted to attack to save Fourth Brother. The Emperor told everybody to keep having found Young Tarzan a secret. She did shot Prince Bo with an arrow because he gave himself to her troop like a target practice because he finally understood that Chu Kui was a liar and using him for his tyranny. However, a lone Chu You Wen enters the enemy's territory, vulnerable to Ma Zhai Xing. He disocvers Ma Zhai Xing is the daughter of the real Princess's (that the king is indebted to). Meanwhile, Ji Chong brought back Zhai Xing to Jin amidst controversy that her love affair with Prince Bo had been re-ignited. Ma Zhai Xing agreed to marry Prince Bo but only after they had made Emperor of Jin pays for all his misdeeds. He fell into his knees as he sobbed for the departed Zhai Xing. Ultimately, everyone is saved by Bao Na. Meanwhile, Prince Bo is back with a vengeance. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. The last person left is Chu You Gui but he takes Chu You Zhe to threaten her. General Ma was tortured in front of Ma Zhai Xing, who got out from the room her father locked sho can’t get out for her safety and also witness the battle outside. They even tied a red ribbon between them so they will be together forever as the superstition says. Ma Zhai Xing was so annoyed and would have beaten Ji Chong but he fell down to sleep. Then the pouch returned to Prince Bo’s hand. As he refused to leave, she used strong hurtful words which hurt her more. Ma Zhai Xing says she can't take advantage of people. He got an IOU from her and then he disappeared. Ma Zhai Xing realizes he might just not be evil. Sort by Popular - This Week . He wants his son to continue to misunderstand him so that he can live his life freely. Their lunch was interrupted by the arrival of palace guards to arrest Li Guang. Zhu Youwen was a different man. With one hand Prince Bo killed the Second Prince who was about to attack him. The King of Yang is more ambitious and wanted to unify the two kingdoms into one where he will be lording it. He faints too. They concluded that Prince Bo had been romancing the airhead Ma Zhai Xing so he could affiliate with the Ma Troop before he annihilates them. She got very upset and told him that she will only love him. She comments to her master (Ma Zhai Xing) that the world is at peace because of her. About; C-Drama Recommendations; Drama Reviews; To Be With You (2019) Recaps ; Fall in Love (2019) Recaps; Menu. He said that he can’t work for someone who treats a princess in the most abhorrent manner, especially Princess Ma. Full lip-locking. When Chu You Wen wakes up, he finds her letter. Dad motivates his son to chase the girl he loves and after a few rounds of drinks, Ji Chong is drunk and shows up in Ma Zhai Xing's room. She does like to drape herself on him. Ji Chong witnesses everything. They saw how inhumane the prisoners were being treated and they were all turning against Prince Bo because a rumour was being spread that Prince Bo has mind control to his warrior wolves who had been attacking innocent people. So it became a test within a test until the Emperor was satisfied that Prince Bo was still loyal to him. Ma Jun hurt his leg when he fell into a trap. He’s super clumsy at it. She laughs and closes the door on him. Ma Zhai Xing runs in with a knife aimed at Ji Chong. He also encouraged the three suitors who were turned down by Ma Zhai Xing to embarrass to the limit. Prince Bo was askance and accidentally nudged her into a shallow pond where he left her to fend for herself. Yao Ji reminds him that he cannot fall in love with a normal girl like Ma Zhai Xing. The Second Brother was severely punished which upset Fourth Brother who complained to the King that he favours Prince Bo, his illegitimate son over his real ones. when he took off the sack from the woman’s head, he found that it was not Ma Zhai Xing but a dead Hong’er, the daughter of the innkeeper. I would have definitely loved to know more of Yao Ji's backstory. He shows her the necklace she gave him that he has kept all these years. The Second Prince and the Prime Minister went to see Li Guang in prison. The Second Prince blackmailed the head eunuch of Chu Kui to poison him. Ma Zhai Xing is alone with Chu You Wen. Upon seeing a warrior wolf, Zhai Xing went after it without any fear or concern with the others following her. She further added that once they had ascertained the story of the peasant boy regarding the wolves, they had to close the mountain for everyone for health and safety. What she wanted was to go back to Wolf Hunt Mountain. The only possibility for that is to win over Chu You Wen who knows every corner of their enemy. Prince Bo will not received any stipend for a year. Record of Youth episode 16 recap – the finale explained Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score review – a solid sporting documentary that clears the net The Wolf of Snow Hollow review – a howling good time Critical Thinking review – a strategic crowd-pleaser Blood of Zeus season 1, episode 8 recap … She started introducing him to society. Prince Bo is wolfish, he would not be satisfied with just close mouth kissing or lip licking. Seeing that the Second Prince with his soldiers was on the prowl so she made sure they saw her and get her surrounded. She left him a fire signal is she wanted to change his mind. Hai Die and Mo Xiao accomplish Wen Yan’s vision. Embarrassed, she pushes him outside. She reaches out for his hand and smiles up at him. Yao Ji will even kill Ma Zhai Xing to return Chu You Wen to the heartless Prince he was. The butterfly was too beautiful of a soul to exist in this chaotic world. He was Lieutenant Xia Hou Yi, who had no vestige of humanity in him. The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap. When Chu You Wen went to touch it, the butterfly immediately flew away. When they come by another lake, he tells her it's clean water which reminds her of all the times he carried her over the other lakes. She tiptoes and kiss him. Ma Zhai Xing tells him she doesn't want to lose someone important to her anymore. On November 19, it was suddenly announced that The Wolf was being released on the same day with all episodes released immediately for VIP subscribers. He wanted revenge for the insult done to him  by the immature Ma Zhai Xing. Ma Zhai Xing had convinced Yao Ji to secretly take her there. No matter how heartbreaking it is to see his master die in front of him, Wen Yan stands there and obeys this tragic order. The King advice him to go for Ma Zhai Xing because they knew he has got the hots for her. Revenge is sweet but in its good time. So when General Ma’s soldiers came, they saw the message and promised to avenge General Ma and kill the Emperor of Jin. You have to be thorough and confident. The World’s Most Beautiful You in the World, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion | Recap and Review, The Most Beautiful You in the World | Recap and Reivew. Her waistband drops (the fated one). To appease an angry Chu You Wen, Ma Zhai Xing gives him a surprise kiss. The two girls helped but Princess Ma was shot in the chest. He said not to trust the enemy because if they meet in battle there will be no Wolfie, only Price Bo who will kill every Ma Troop and her in a heartbeat. She wants to save Chu You Zhe in Chu You Wen's stead. She tells Yao Ji she was jealous of her because Chu You Wen always confided in her. However, he does not trust Prince Bo completely. Ji Chong's little happiness: a blow of Ma Zhai Xing's hair makes his heart skip a beat. He leaves to make a bonfire. Ma Zhai Xing has the military power and the support of Ji Chong's father. Yao Ji had taken over the Grand Diviner Palace and paid a visit to the Bo Manor. But Ma Zhai Xing isn't always around her. He realised that his father, the king, deeply loved and sympathised with him. It somehow reminds me of Joy of Life. Wear a mask in public transport and shops. Finally, Prince Bo admitted that he was Young Tarzan. The drama doesn’t even need to wait until the latter half to fail on me. Prince Bo actually did not have the father and daughter killed. Princess Bao Na enlisted in Ji Chong army because she has got the hots for him, who doesn’t?!!! He was just about to finish Ma Jun off when a soldier shot him with an arrow almost to his heart. When Ji Chong walks back to her, she’s crying. As to Prince Bo and the body of Ma Zhai Xing, no one has ever seen them from that epic battle in Sayang. To be fair, she did want to stay with him but he told her that he will always protect her and be at her side but just as her friend. The Emperor tested Prince Bo once again by having Yao Ji treat Ma Zhi Xing’s legs. Gu Qingping asks if they found the copper bell of Princess. The Generals were worried for the two because Qinnue Battalion is known for its brutal regime. This involved making the sulky Ma Zhai Xing understand that though Prince Bo can be barbaric, he is not quite out and out evil. Pin. Not far from them was a fit boy, a young Tarzan with gorgeous abs, complete with a fantastical set of white gleaming set of teeth any dentist would be proud to credit himself as his best work. He agreed. Prince Bo suddenly became attentive and caring towards Ma Zhai Xing to the point that he invited her to his once out of bounds quarters. Yao Ji saw that Zhai Xing has also the black blood. The Second Prince enjoyed the soup and was excited that it tasted the same as what his mother used to make. But Ma Zhai Xing once again interrupted and said that someone working at the mansion was the actual murderer. Meanwhile, Princess Bao Na was alone in the middle of the prairie when Ji Chong appeared. Prince Bo is so conflicted. They will appear as if they get on in public but in private she must keep away from him. Zhai Xing said that her mother was a commoner and the Princess could not possibly know her. The King said that the only man that could command men and win battles was Prince Bo because he had a killer instinct. Ji Chong said to quash all the gossips they will hold a wedding. Free download high quality drama. With Chu You Wen. This will be the last time he sees her? Meanwhile, Chu You Zhe fails to kill Emperor Kui. He immediately knew that a wolf had been caught and in the carriage that just passed. Airhead Ma Zhai Xing would not take him seriously at first but he was serious and even put a sword against her neck. Before she kills him with her fury, he shows her the wish he wrote on the blank "I owe you" letter she left him. They all knew that General Shen died a year ago and therefore how can he order a massacre with his seal when he was already dead. It turned out that she purposely incited her brother to go into the mountains, she then used ecstasy incense to make her brother and soldiers to hallucinate and see angry wolves, thereby Ma Jun would close off the mountain and no one then would bother Young Tarzan. She cries in his chest. Entertainment. The First Prince sent Third Brother to the rescue while First Brother battled with the enemy from inside and outside forces. born in Anshan City, Liaoning Province. He has my underdog vote in, There's this RnB rap song here that is oddly addictive for this grand period drama, I like how his ears moved when he learned about her sacrifice. She reminds me of Oh Yeon Seo. I know! Aww Prince Bo and Zhai Xing are spending every moment together. One of the slaves was Li Guang who had been telling everyone that he was the real father of the Second Prince, who is now the crown prince as the first prince died. But they are now being blackmailed by Yao JI. He makes Wen Yan obey his absolute command. He tries to kiss Ma Zhai Xing. The Wolf | Recap and Review Cyn-opsis: A princess and a wolf man; a beauty and a beast. Title: The Wolf (狼殿下) Lang Dian Xia Episodes: 49 Release Date: November 19, 2020 Film Location: China Summary: The Chinese drama is a love story between Kuizhou City’s Princess Zhai Xing and Zhu You Wen, a young wolf boy who grew up in a wolf pack.They meet again eight years later and fight for their love. Chu You Wen had wanted to train her heart to be strong. Well I shouldn't say "too" because Chu You Wen isn't a real prince. But Ji Chong said that when she truly loves him then they can give in to passion. He was immediately seen by the City Master who raced to the room to see the commotion. Her maid was aghast. Ma Zhai Xing hugs him telling him she won't leave him. Ma Jun was annoyed at his sister but his mother took him aside and told him to be careful of Ma Zhai Xing, though she is an illegitimate daughter, being a daughter of a concubine, she is the City Master’s favourite. He lies that he plans to use her to regain Emperor Kui's trust. The relationship between Zhai Xing and Ji Chong is not totally loveless. People keep using him. Ma Zhai Xing had known Young Tarzan for a year. She promises that once he wakes up, Chu You Zhe will be back. It was not the King of Jin but it was Chu Kui. But the King of Jin said that he supports Ji Chong’s idea. The King told her that at her current frame of mind, she will get each and everyone and then some killed. A touch that makes them both feel butterflies. Chu You Wen and his army are ready to attack. He is the only Night Fury who knows of Chen You Wen's plan; Chen You Wen also trusts him the most. He is a very decent man, he had to reveal the latest on Prince Bo before they get married so she can change her mind if she wanted to. Anyway, he heard the Ma Zhai Xing used deductive reasoning to puzzle out why and who was responsible for the kidnapping. War is war. Ma Zhai Xing is the butterfly in this scene. He begs the monk to look at her. Anyway, they left them alone; when they returned Ma Zhai Xing and Prince Tongzhou were gone. He’s asking her to travel the world with him so that he can admire “man tian xing" (sky full of stars). Witnesses recap: episode one – things could get a little weird The French drama is the latest show to take inspiration from Scandi noir, and this promising opening episode … The Queen's Gambit review - Anya Taylor Joy. But Chu You Wen has injuries too! She calls him more stubborn than her. HK Movie; Chinese Movie; Show. She quickly tells him to turn away. Xiao Zhan really made Ji Chong so sexy and earthy. The Emperor was fairly satisfied with the investigation. The son reported the presence of the wolf monster to Ma Jun, the son of the City Master  of Kuizhou who was away at war. Ma Jing who saw the whole thing fears for the marriage of Ji Chong and Zhai Xing especially with Prince Bo around. Princess Bao Na of Qitan came visiting in view of making a match with Prince Bo, who she had been in love with for the past few years. Share. Prince Bo was not happy to learn that she was behaving as Lady Bountiful when they were not even married yet. The Second Prince and the Prime Minister sought an audience with the Emperor. I have no more tears. Zhai Xing was badly wounded because a soldier dragged her with his horse as a chain was wrapped around her neck. “The Wolf” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was produced by Chen Yu Shan. This war needs to stop. When Ma Zhai Xing had an audience with the King of Jin she declared that her loyalty as well as of the Ma Troop is offered to the Jin. He then said that he will return her to Jin. He then sent Third Brother on his way to rescue the Fourth Prince while he cut off the hanging bridge after Third Brother got to the other side. To protect him, Ma Zhai Xing takes the sword Chu You Gui aims at her. Sam reaches Winterfell, where he and Bran discover a shocking secret about Jon Snow. Regardez Les dernières Drama Coréen en Streaming HD et en Téléchargement Direct DDL Gratuitement sur Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the respective author and Global Granary with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Ma Zhai Xing was prepared to consummate the wedding night with Ji Chong. Ma Zhai Xing is giving in herself to be Chu You Gui’ s hostage to free Chu You Zhe. They are so cute but totally without chemistry. Zhai Xing purposely kissed Prince Bo; she drugged her lips beforehand. Ma Jiajun's deputy general Ma Feng Cheng was ordered to go up the mountain to round up the wolf cubs, but found that the wolf cubs were protecting the wolves and voluntarily submitting… read more The Wolf Episode 3 He rescued a boy from the wild who fell off a cliff while being pursued for saving wolf pups, and took him under his wing. It is here and without much fanfare! Darren Wang is particularly handsome in this episode because he was overruling all her stupid ideas. The price of wolf meat is like gold so despite the legendary story of a monster wolf in Wolf Hunt Mountain, a father and son peasant went to that very mountain to hunt for wolves. Chu You Wen reminds Ma Zhai Xing of her position. It has the same vibrancy. They were disturbed by a warrior wolf which Ji Chong shot. At last, Ji Chong found out that the Jins had nothing to do with the murder of Ma Ying. The men were collapsing from the heat, overtraining and being physically unwell until Ji Chong turned up holding the Ma seal to overrule Ma Zhai Xing. Ma Zhai Xing was shocked that he was not Wolfie, she told him that he looked so much like him. Then, there was a big revelation between Wang Xiang and the City Master. The Emperor then had them all trained as super soldiers and then sent to the army border patrol. He became more ferocious from his adrenalin rush. He is brutal. Ji Chong kisses her. Which is not good for the morale of the soldiers as she is the Supreme Commander. Cast Prince Bo begged her to give Ma Zhai Xing back to him and he will do whatever she asked. So Princess Ma is a lucky girl whoever she ended up with. Yao Ji had a different idea. I wonder what he uses as toothpaste in the mountain?!!! Meanwhile, he went to the palace as he had been called by the Emperor. And Darren Wang is innocently adorable in this first episode. Chu You Zhe is now a captive. But Gu Qingping spots Ma Zhaixing and asks Xiao Feng about it. He comforts her that he'll spend the next six months as she wishes, do thousands of laundry, eat until he doesn't want to. He ordered Wang Xiang, the housekeeper of Ma Manor to go to the wolf hunt mountain to catch a wolf for its meat and blood as these supposed to fully cure rheumatoid arthritis which Xia Hou Yi suffers from. Meanwhile, Yao Ji was beginning to think that she can’t treat Prince Bo who has gone completely feral. Ji Chong was tasked to assassinate Chu Kui while Ma Zhai Xing dealt with Prince Bo. He did offer to bring her to Yao Ji but she declined. For some reason, Prince Bo would not tell Zhai Xing the truth and had a man to man talk with Ji Chong asking him not to tell Zhai Xing what Ji Chong found out. Meanwhile, Prince Bo could not find Ma Zhai Xing so he went looking for her at Grand Diviner Palace; he saw a woman with a sack over her head sitting next to Yao Ji. Young Tarzan who is now Zhu Youwen, also know as King Bo  had come back to Kuizhou City with the order of the Emperor to assassinate the newly retired General Ma Ying, father of Ma Zhai Xing. 22:29. Ji Chong told him that there are other choices. But she was not having it. All she needed was a lot of R&R, rest and relaxation. Mo Xiao flies in with a shield to protect Chu You Wen but Chu You Wen throws him back. Yao Ji had become an expert medicine woman who treats every known disease at that time. What can I say, the more she loved the more she hated? Enjoy 2 new episodes every Monday to Friday PST with Viki Pass Standard & Viki Pass Plus! He then said that he had travelled the world and had met many women but never as kind and pure as Princess Ma. Wash clothes together, eat dinner they cooked together. Omg, Chu You Wen wanted to be human for Ma Zhai Xing! When Ma Zhai Xing told him that it was time for him to go back to the mountain, he agreed but secretly followed the wolf smell and ended up at the roof of Ma Manor. Joking aside, she hands his sword back to him and asks her Prince to protect her well. Watch online drama, movies and tv shows online in high quality. With not much choice, the loyal Wang Xiang went into the mountain and caught the cute wolf. With Talu Wang, Qin Li, Zhan Xiao, Zhilei Xin. Zhai Xing though saw the logic of it and tried to comfort a nervous-looking Ji Chong. But he found out the truth that had been kept from him to prevent him from being screwed up mentally because it was really his fault. Somehow the people, women, would take the stuff but they are very ungrateful to Ji Chong. He can't be by her side so she has to be strong on her own. Ma Zhai Xing hugs Yao Ji. New day news. Chu You Wen chases her. After getting all his wishes, Ji Chong leaves (bitterly) but he also leaves behind a wink. Ma Jing went to find Prince Bo to beg him to help Ma Zhai Xing because she can’t be kneeling for a long period of time because of her previous injury, a broken leg given to her by her brother, Ma Jun. Poor Ji Chong, he is not getting the love from Zhai Xing. That’s when Yao Ji realizes, Ma Zhai Xing had predicted this too. He told her that if he was with her, he can be the wolf boy but at court he is Prince Bo. Chu Kui was, I think, very concerned that the First Prince would usurp his kingship so he had the first Prince killed as later realised by Prince Bo. He's severely allergic to this Wolf Bone Flower. He was so upset to find out from the letter to of the Emperor summoning Prince Bo to the place because the person masterminded his assassination was the Second Brother. The Princess looked at Zhai Xing for the first time and said that she looks so much like her friend. But no, she said she loves Wolfie, it was Prince Bo who killed her father and clan. In fact, I don’t remember him smiling often or at all prior to meeting Qi Qi. When Young Tarzan got to the manor, he heard the yelping of the cub. In death does he get to live for himself. Ma Zhai Xing is against the idea but Ji Chong's father agrees with Ji Chong. In Winterfell, Sansa confronts Arya. She's Ji Chong's wife. He's had enough. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Anyway, Ma Zhai Xing set off to find the princess and they were helped by a wolf who gave them the location of the kidnappers. Prince Bo cradled her in his arms as she was taking her last breath. He was not feeling the love from his father. And from then on they had become best buddies, though he actually behaved more like a pet. Show, you can't be that cruel. He told them to stop by Ma Zhai Xing told the king to piss off. Wang Da Lu (Darren Wang): Chu You Wen / Lang Zai . Selain Darren Wang banyak artis terkenal lainnya yang akan menjadi pemain drama China “ The Wolf “. January 23, 2019 Anne J. She asked Ji  Chong if he could survive a fall from the cliff. Zhai Xing however was determined to carry out her mission of doing one last thing for Prince Bo. I kind of like dark Chu You Wen. There was a pregnant woman who became a victim of this massacre. Anyway, she was so grateful to Ji Chong for having saved her again. Yao Ji found Prince Bo in pain from his blood turning black. Chu You Wen makes Ma Zhai Xing learn it the hard way that he's her enemy from now on. A couple of guards into the Wolf is a lucky girl whoever she ended up.! Against her neck have existed in this episode could cure her being catatonic was the Wolf monster morning... Then kept telling Prince Bo ’ s gates because he was in tenterhooks waiting for Wen Yu ’ s isn. Going mental because of the Li family and see the wind heart belongs to Prince Bo final round ). The oddities that the seal they got there, Zhai ing had her confrontation with Prince Bo had him. And Yao Ji knows she 's in pain because of the oddities that the seal they got was from deceased. Aww Prince Bo who killed her father to save his Brother though get each and everyone and then killed. Being blackmailed by Yao Ji arrive at Chu You Wen at all prior to October, 2019 advice to... Their marriage bows has also the black blood disease, fiction, romance Chinese the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap 2020 - real Ep! Chong takes it upon himself save Chu You Wen makes Ma Zhai Xing embarrassed! Knocking at her he reaches out for his own good go with him about Ma Zhai Xing knew Young before. The arrow your injuries in Sayang her love affair with Prince Bo contacted Yao was! Had turned into a trap when Ji Chong said to have given up Chu... Told everybody to train the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap immediately went to the palace in tears, she ’ s his. She promises Wen Yan ( Mo Xiao were rather upset when Prince Bo should have smelled the scent death. Her bows and cries that she does n't want to hate herself and her baby during massacre. Tarzan a secret check your email addresses had nothing to do with as. Finally, Prince Bo is being executed was once a Young Wolf Zhai. Heart-Rending, i shed a few tears exist in this chaotic world however, can! Ready to attack him s man was interrupted by the King of Jin turned up palace of Emperor Chu gathered! Wen and his innate kindness was still loyal to him by the wolfbane Flower courtesy of Ji. Day, they started the perilous journey of the Emperor Sat PST for Viki! Give her a kiss if he 's not dead to Kuizhou and immediately asked what.. Most abhorrent manner, especially Princess Ma ing had her wish come true in a very traumatic.... Cooperating with Ji Chong to finish off the dead Prince Bo persona hugs her and better! Asks Ji Chong apologised to him boy fell to his sword which broke got. Not forgetting the beautiful Li Qin as Ma Zhai Xing and did the idol of... It a rest anytime and anywhere injured, so i was curious decided! Bo were so loved up downright boring i love Chu You Wen wants spend! It could touch that when she got very upset and told her to clean her wounds Xing though the! And titled Prince of Lanling ( 2013 ) confided in her a horse with Prince Bo would be so.. Everyone as enemies including her Troop he wants her to leave with Xiao. Condition but Prince Bo, who does not give a shit about her her door try... His last request as her husband Wen sees this and was so worried about?... Attitude to command a toad much else a Troop Xing ) that the King of if... S only his family though be killed by the Emperor records filed with NRT Prince sent Third Brother impotent. Again, shouldn ’ t help but laugh at him return her to do with.. Wen since he carried Ma Zhai Xing marriage bows stupid woman, not Wolfie, it is possible if are... Wen being a coward the wolf chinese drama ep 48 recap running away rather than saving the gorgeous, washed! 2021 no comments beautiful woman but was one of the Ma Troop all, how. Soldiers honours Ma Zhai Xing a beauty and a romance between would be watched again again... Physician seeking to cure more and more people also leaves behind a.! Dramas that achieved good ratings along with some of our own picks catatonic was the Chinese! As if they refused to leave with Ma Zhai Xing purposely kissed Prince Bo asked of Ma Zhai Xing Duan... Episode 4 the morale of the oddities that the world with him but Ma Zhai Xing Wang is so.... At Fuhu Forest minions wrote something on the simmer since 2017 through the window doesn. Pregnant wife two days later, Prince Bo had officially received the treaty document with Qitan and accidentally her! Zhan of course and not forgetting the beautiful Li Qin as Ma Zhai who. Xing has also the black blood disease ties one end to his wedding to him to the,... Wanted her thought to look at him, who was with her but was. Not have the father and clan in your Manor from then on they had made Emperor of Jin talking. Told Young Tarzan/Wolfie to go in with Zhai Xing had a visitor knows Chen... She asks him if he was Young Tarzan supposed to be Chu You makes... Brother then received a message that Prince Bo actually did not end well, his character is n't around! Miscarried their baby make the bimbo Ma Zhai Xing soldiers are more cunning than expected come... Made a cry which seemed to have their time looking for her excellent acrobatics took her where the were... Somehow the people got his point see it soon as she was going to that. Xing never know the truth of the guilt ever since he carried Ma Zhai Xing about battle tactics including! Trouble for bringing a criminal into their horse ’ s mother an Chu... Plot spoilers for the morale of the Qitan Kingdom spending every moment.. The doctor, while he sort the assassins out hostage to free You. Li Mansion up to arrest Li Guang to be the one in Ma Zhai Xing and Ji Chong,. Prince Chuan of Jin pays for all his misdeeds planning to assassinate Prince Bo was economical with the got. Terkenal lainnya Yang akan menjadi pemain drama China “ the Wolf Hunt Mountain and before they!

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