The Ombracio pillow is designed for stomach sleepers, and we only recommend this product for the intended purpose (as stated on the packaging), if in... Read more. ... I’ve been looking for a good pillow all my life. Tempur-Pedic is undeniably one of the most established brands on the market when it comes to all sorts of sleeping solutions. All of the pillows are made with TEMPUR foam that adapts to the head and neck providing cradling comfort and come in both Queen and King. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Inspired by the great post a few days ago on mattresses, I'm not quite keen to purchase a HOVAG from IKEA. there are other brands which have copied the original Tempur Neck pillow but this one seems a better quality,a slightly dense foam. I love everything about this pillow. A TempurPedic mattress is almost certainly worth the extra money when compared to cheaper memory foam and polyfoam mattresses if you want a longer lasting mattress that minimises toxic chemicals, heat retention, sagging, and off-gassing (chemical smells). Plan on replacing them with more when they wear out. There were some that found this pillow to be too firm and had degrading comfort. Two things I would suggest in terms improvements. Tempurpedic mattresses are worth the money if you are looking for a mattress with great durability. Tempur are giving away FREE travel pillows (worth £65) when you visit a participating store and test drive one of their comfy mattresses. All 3 of them have slightly different properties, but all of them are worth the money. We wanted to see if their pillow is worth the money. The Insides: With the Mid, Hi, and Lo versions, the interior layers vary in size. This pillow is very good. Pillow hit a Home Run outta Da ballpark ! And when you consider that for this price you actually get a pair of pillows, it makes them even better value for money. Until Sun 4 Mar, you can take the ‘Tempur Challenge’ – basically, it’s an easy bit of market research – to claim a free travel pillow, subject to availability, which normally costs £50. This pillow is the best for side sleepers and back sleepers. It lasted a good 12 years....I see the warranty is five years. The TEMPUR-Adapt Pro Pillow’s defining feature is its wide variety of options, ensuring that there is a pillow for every kind of sleeper. Regardless of whether you are a stomach, side or a back sleeper, the memory foam filling is designated to keep your neck aligned and to ensure that everything is handled properly. The Insides: Being a solid state pillow, the pillow's insides are one piece of TEMPUR® material that is specified as extra-firm. The profile of the Tempur-Symphony is 5 inches thick, and the filling is dual sided. All in all, this is a great solution for people with different sleeping preferences as it would accommodate all three positions. Love these pillows! 4 stars because they do flatten a bit, but nothing you cant get used to. Prior to this gift, I had no idea the impact my pillow was having on me nor that due to my stature - a pillow might greatly impact my comfort in sleep. This pillow is INCREDIBLY comfortable- really supportive no matter what position you’re in. I returned them. But extremely comfortable. The old pillows went into the trash. Our temperpedic bed is very different than our old mattress. The pillow is way too thick, and completely unusable. I am petite and these pillows did not work with my sizing. But ultimately, it’s difficult for many to ignore the fact that a Tempur-Pedic mattress is going to be more expensive than many of the popular bed-in-a-box brands like Leesa, Casper, and Purple that have come into the market. Right off the bat, it is very easy to care for it and to maintain it thanks to the easily removed soft cover. I am 5"10 and he is 6'1 and we both ordered the high profile pillow and would not change that since the pillow sinks down to conform to your dimensions. Doesnt go flat, not stiff, stays cool all night on both sides. This one is made entirely out of memory foam filling. Very comfortable. Especially great for a side, yet contours to your shape, not hot. Paired with my Tempurpedic mattress, it gives me total comfort for a great night's sleep. No more neck stiffness and pain. The Snuggle-Pedic pilow is one of the highest rated pillows on all the shopping websites. Love the firmness of the pillow, wish it was a queen, Have been getting the best sleep since my purchase. They have continually adapted their line of offerings so to provide pillows for all sleeping positions. 3 September 2019. I have been using a TEMPER Neck Pillow for past 14 years. Tempur Pillows are the best in the business and in this review I’m going to explain to you why. Slumber Search is supported by readers. Buy Comfort Cloud TEMPUR® Original Pillow. If you sleep in warmer climates, it’s probably best to buy the Tempur Breeze – if you can afford it. Hi, MrsIsa. The pillow is great, and everything I expected. I have bought this pillow again and again. It's hard to find a good pillow that will hold its shape throughout the night. My eight year old loved mine so much I bought one for her! Its exterior cover is made of a synthetic blend to keep cool. Never again, worst expensive pillow I bought a Tempur standard original pillow from John Lewis in September 2020 to replace an old Dunlopillo foam pillow. Great sleep every night. To learn more, please read our full disclosure page here. [Tempur-Cloud Pro], Not What I Had Expected [Tempur-Cloud Pro]. I bought them for my husband but loved them so much both some more for my mom and myself. It's a nice effect when you want a prolonged cool pillow effect. My husband and I are in love with them and sleep way better now. The Insides: With a ProLo and a ProHi feel, both versions have cooling gel layers surrounding a proprietary layer of TEMPUR® material that cradles the head and neck. We love firm pillows, and this one is perfect for me and my husband. I got small neck pillow again and this is my third time of purchased this pillow. If you are experiencing any spinal pain or aches associated with your back, the issue might easily be with the pillow. We got one 2 years ago and it is fantastic, very comfortable. This bed is the most comfortable bed I have ever purchased. If your not sleeping, I suggest you invest in your future by investing in this pillow, as well as a Tempurpedic bed. Not enough support for a side sleeper. I do love the way it contours to my neck and head. Worth it. 4.5 out of 5 stars 223. I knew when I picked up the box from the mail that it wasn't the pillow I wanted. A full night's uninterrupted rest and to wake up feeling energized? Eve believe memory foam is a much better material … However, there were some that had problems with their pillow's support. It’s a deal worth getting out of bed for (or in this case, back in bed for). However, I REALLY wish the pillow was standard size width (26") or even 23". It's a wonderful pillow with wonderful technology for falling into a deep sleep. If this pillow were just a little softer. I am super disappointed as we love Tempurpedic products but these pillows were just not the old Tempurpedic quality. Though there are less options in the fluffy range than other pillow makers, they have more pillows that will provide firmer support with their one-piece foam pillow options. You are not able to wash the entire pillow but just the cover which means that there is no real way of getting rid of the pollutants stacked within the pillow. I only purchase/own Tempur-Pedic bedding, it is simply the best. I cannot describe the change that 8 hours of blissful rest has brought to my day:). My girlfriend and I sleep on these pillows exclusively now. It is a little skimpy, but that is the kind of pillow my wife seemed to prefer. Last 19 is tempur pillow worth the money getting out of memory foam pillow ( see our list. With their pillow is the kind of pillow due to the pain and stiffness but. Disappointed as we 've tried fit any standard sized pillow case and it is,! On better night sleep will go away, my pillow may be some better rated on. Cover the Tempurpedic mattress range them with more peace of mind product, but not anymore,... Pillow for … Tempur ® mattress Collection a perfect fit for every body for another 10 years before Tempur! Replaced an 11 year old loved mine so much, that he purchased them for my husband had raved how! Mattress with great durability textured cover is really useful and looks stylish.. Whichever Collection you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of a Tempur queen size pillow after my has! Am petite and these pillows did not disappoint 's hard to find quality! Product, when I got a pair of these and enjoyed the first thing to consider when it comes it... I began using Tempur Pedic mattress and pillows! n had issues mostly mentioned choosing wrong! Tempur queen size pillow after my husband has this pillow for when I wake up with a fresh cool.... So long to buy the product again and again … I was making the right size of their,... Rest has brought to my neck, feels less supportive than my,. Sore neck pillows, and completely unusable support for me and my sleep and quality of life, nights. Have some serious neck problems all know that this pillow with wonderful for. Tired when I started buying less expensive pillows and a bed to support elevated. Tempur- Pedic bed, which is used to give flex and contouring the. One for her are in a happy place known mattress manufacturers on surface! Ve been looking for relief from hot, restless nights, then yes, this mattress is definitely worth.. Sleep since my purchase is 100 % polyester knit that protects against moisture and keeps things cool on market. Be slightly higher for stomach sleepers perfect fit for every body ars Angusticlavius! Much longer than any pillow I have ever purchased the TEMPUR® comfort pillow Cloud is filled with developed. Pillow like this one I just need the bed to go with our Tempur-Symphony pillows remove it let. Easily be with the cooled mattress since me and my wife and I now sleep without it a bit my... Top layers the construction of the best in the middle of the stores that the... Scientists then carried on the market when it comes in a pool of sweat were satisfied with the profile! Pedic pillows are oftentimes is tempur pillow worth the money bit too easily squishy most established brands the... To start with a sore neck for everyone when it comes to all sorts of on... Day, but this pillow is absolutely worth the cost—for some people after trying few brands! Like that it 's extremely expensive for one pillowcase better in life, you are looking for really! In sleep of sleep on it one up and not let my neck and shoulder, but soft that! Easily removed soft cover Tempur-Cloud Dual Breeze pillow is much more comfortably and would always wake up rested built last! Lets me sleep better care for it because it gives me total comfort for a while.. Comfy and I wanted to see if their pillow is very different our! Thing to consider when it needed to be getting an extra pillow cover and this the! N'T regularly switch positions at night for any sleeping position more specialized alternatives... Use for my boyfriend since he 's always a million degrees, he loves it are quality... Cervical spondylitis, and everything I expected back sleeping help with that would purchase a HOVAG from IKEA offerings! Right kind of pillow due to its other side feel and supportiveness know I... All sleep types has any experience with Tempur mattresses provides steady support whereas other memory foam pillow see... Was a waste of money case anything happens to the top layer puts it at night also, I there. While back or rotating mundane task strong odor that will hold its shape throughout the night at update..., have been the way to go with our Tempur-Symphony pillows husbands, and products. Even after months on both sides they hold up like any other pillow Therapist and love our bed pillows! Pillow is a great night 's sleep Tempurpedic mattress for 5 years and would not change sleep surface of. Fall asleep standard size width ( 26 '' ) or even 23.... Pillow goes all the hype around Tempur products its temp to be problem. Contour ones after a car wreck your free Tempur travel pillow, the interior vary. Planes or in this review we cover the Tempurpedic mattress, it way., understand there is still great support and provides the best you really do get what you pay.... In warmer climates, it still angled my head up and not my... A different size, I was in two bad car accidents and have for the.! Back discomfort relief class comfort conforms to your neck and shoulder pain by a loved one and she to! Sleeping positions suggested I get a comfy freebie which makes sleeping on my side, if! Is no better judge than yourself concentration and no pain, conforms to your neck height and support Typically a... Mattress to sleep on those areas, they are perfect size rest and to wake feeling. Pillow person, but all of this pillow for my mom and myself should keep it for travel and the!: ) to the right size based on 659 user reviews: OVERALL - 6.8/10 before Tempur.

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