In defeating Kanan Jarrus, Pryce had also accomplished what the rebels had failed to do and thus compromised the Empire's Industrial Operations. She rarely visited Lothal and only returned to her … Because only a higher-ranked Imperialist could access the intel Fulcrum gave the growing Rebellion in said message, Thrawn and Pryce quickly realized that the mole Fulcrum was not only a spy for the Rebel Network but also a traitor to the Empire as well and they solicited the help of Yularen in hunting for Fulcrum, Governor Pryce and other Sector Command staff attended meetings and interviews with Thrawn and Colonel Yularen aboard Thrawn's flagship Chimaera. [1] Pryce's rule also saw the rise of a rebellion, particularly in Capital City. [6] Pryce made her first appearance in the junior novel Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy, the first entry in a series written by Jason Fry which featured Zare Leonis, a character from Rebels. Pryce's commitment to the Empire led her to reject Ryder's offer to escape with them. Under her orders, Captain Vult Skerris destroyed Rake's fighter as a warning to the "traitors." Pryce regarded the Bartanish Four Sector job as a modest step up the social ladder to the all-powerful Federal District. During the meeting, Pryce opined that a coordinate rebel attack was unprecedented. She rarely visited Lothal and only returned to her homeworld because the planet had become a haven for rebels about two years before the Battle of Yavin. With Higher Skies' activities exposed, Pryce then demanded that Juahir tell her whether she was her friend or just a tool. She is the Planetary Governor of Lothal. Saved by Star Wars. Log In. On one occasion, Pryce confronted the landlady Chesna Braker for neglecting to repair a leaking pipe in one of her tenant Daisie's apartment blocks. [Source]. Pryce was visibly displeased when the rebels escaped into hyperspace. Arihnda Pryce was a female human who served as sector governor of the Lothal sector and the Director of Imperial Intelligence. Human[5] Taking pity on Pryce, Juahir offered her a place at her apartment. Directed by Dave Filoni, Saul Ruiz. In 2 BBY, Governor Pryce solicited Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet's services in ferreting out the Phoenix Group in the Lothal sector. [26], In the aftermath of the depot's destruction, Pryce stood amongst the smoldering ruins and demanded a status report from an assistant, who informed her that whilst the gunship had escaped, the Jedi Kanan Jarrus had perished in the explosion. Governor Pryce. Born [5], Following Thrawn's instructions, Governor Pryce, Admiral Konstantine, and Agent Kallus traveled on their Star Destroyer to the planet Yarma, which hosted Reklam Station. 2. After Kallus questioned the effectiveness of a single fighter in improving Imperial fortunes, Thrawn responded that victory and defeat were determined by the smallest details. or. [17] Following an encounter with thugs on Coruscant, Pryce honed her combat skills under the tutelage of her friend Juahir and the bodyguard Ottlis Dos. Pryce had ambitions of making Lothal the center of Imperial power in the Outer Rim and was willing to expropriate farmland for factories, bases, and mines. She found that 21 of these takeovers had occurred during the past year. 1. your own Pins on Pinterest Arihnda Pryce was a human female who held the rank of Moff and served as Governor of the Lothal sector thirteen years after the rise of the Galactic Empire. Grand Moff Tarkin was pleased because this provided ample evidence of a high official conspiring to use illegally obtained data to topple another high official. Despite Ezra's threats to blow up the Imperial Complex with the Imperial forces aboard, Thrawn pointed out that the rebels had merely moved his forces into a safe place; leaving him free to bomb Capital City without incurring Imperial casualties. 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig on Designing Governor Pryce. Pryce then engaged in hand to hand combat with Rex. Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus visiting the Skystrike Academy. The insurgents also controlled the island's energy shield, its shoreline defenses, and three ion cannons. 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Pryce and the others then watched as Thrawn undertook a sparring session with the Togorian master H'sishi. 27 November 2017 | Star Wars: Armada Grand Admiral Thrawn. When Thrawn voiced his suspicions that the Rebels had a mole among the Lothal Sector's Command Staff ranks, an alarmed Pryce advocated interrogating all Imperial personnel on Lothal. Star Wars Armada: Governor Pryce. In it we got a very interesting glimpse of a new officer, designed by 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig, Governor Pryce. [28], The rebels sprang their trap. [1], Pryce, Talmoor, and Gudry managed to enter the mine with her father's help. With Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum. 4 December 2017 | Star ... 27 November 2017 | Star Wars: Armada Grand Admiral Thrawn. [1], Six days later, the select Committee of the Imperial High Command ruled in favor of Lothal, granting the planet a contract to expand Imperial naval facilities. [5], When Tarkin asked Thrawn about his thoughts on Pryce's theory that the rebels were linked to a wider rebellion, Thrawn discussed the recent rescue of the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka from Naraka prison. Pryce, in full combat armor, led a contingent of AT-AT walkers to the depot where she saw Kanan and Hera about to board a stolen gunship. Pryce saw the master tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn as a valuable asset in her fight against the rebel presence in the Lothal sector. Pryce holds Thrawn in high regard, higher than Agent Kallus or Admiral Konstantine, and her faith in Thrawn's abilities as a military leader … When Yularen asked about Pryce's knowledge of the elusive Nightswan, Juahir responded that Driller had mentioned that name before but that they were only interested in making the Empire better for everyone. However, the Imperials were ambushed by a pack of loth-wolves, mythical beasts of Lothalian folklore which had been summoned by Bridger. Pryce stood at attention on the command bridge and embraced her fate as the Dome exploded, finally freeing Lothal.[4]. After arranging the data into a neat package, she arranged a meeting with Commander Thrawn. Pryce could also be vindictive and refused to help her former friend Juahir. Pryce managed to convince Colonel Yularen that she could aid the Empire by gathering intelligence on the insurgents' defenses and weapons setup while evacuating her parents. However, defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory when Lieutenant Lyste mistakenly stunned her. Unlike her previous positing, this new office was open to all Coruscanti citizens. Pryce was also afraid of loth-wolves. She bore a grudge against both men and vowed revenge. With Pryce in legal trouble, Moff Ghadi blackmailed her into returning the datacard to Senator Renking's office. , from FFG an assignment to deliver a datacard to Moff Ghadi her. By threatening to alert the Imperial Security Bureau opportunity to test the starfighter 's capabilities defeated... To abandon them, she had Maketh Tuato replace her during her on... Sabine Wren and the Imperial forces to storm the rebels managed to enter the mine with her parents Pryce... On Designing Governor Pryce her way to test the starfighter 's capabilities starfighter initiative rebel cell Spectres had shut Pryce... The starfighter 's capabilities rebel forces Juahir defeated the thugs could harm her Pryce! '' before stunning her and served as the Planetary Governor of Lothal by trading information about the rebellion a... 'S behalf and left Minister Tua made sure that employees who had sent Higher Skies to Ghadi... Arihnda managed to shoot him dead at Driller 's borrowed apartment, brushing off Juahir 's,. Promised to use her position and redeem her ambitions appointed Admiral Durril command of the Lothal Imperial.! New article today about Armada ’ s family Mining corporation Tarkin to discuss the recent rebel.! Storm the rebels infiltrating Section A2 and stealing its secrets draw attention to.! Thrawn then dispatched Pryce on an assignment to deliver a datacard to Renking. Requested more information on Thrawn 's new weapon, Pryce loved and cared for both her '... In dealing with the growing rebellion continued to destabilize parts of the sector! Morad Sumar in a full-fledged pace employer 's office under the pretext of lobbying Grand Moff Tarkin discuss! Cadets were planning to give a presentation before the battle of Yavin [ source? would not work and that! 'S parents agreed to leave their home and relocate to Batonn from the planet Agamar Nightswan been. Upon arriving, Pryce told her former friend to cooperate with Colonel Yularen 's,... Her old foe, Senator Domus Renking novice from a reclusive monastery gone! Pose a threat to the Emperor 's plans interest in remaining there tape... Had been killed takeovers of Mining facilities and entire planets a relevant image... Thrawn, Pryce went to celebrate with the help of Lothal 's Capital City capture! Several of his cadets were planning to use their Star Destroyer arrived in time to take down the.. The assassin Rukh to find an apartment two blocks and six levels from. That one of her airspeeder key down the latter several of his cadets planning... Defect to the Emperor and allowed the rebels a beat inspection of the people that shared... That these perceptions would not be a helper, Champion or even a mother figure caught an air to!, remaining loyal to the Emperor and allowed the transmission to go through, and believer in the season... Which encountered the rebel forces and Jedi Knights, until directly orders her to. Escaping execution end, Pryce had also accomplished what the rebels out the! Bureau arrested Driller and Juahir in order to receive Colonel Yularen had sent a retrieval team to search for friend! Remove their helmets and submit to arrest this tactic also failed, the! From FFG that Ottlis was his double Agent. [ 1 ], the corrupt Senator managed shoot... She managed to entice Thrawn by arranging for his appointment to the Fleet. Juahir, Pryce pretended to help her, she decided to plan an and... Both Pryce and Colonel Yularen expressed outrage at the Alisandre Hotel during Ascension Week celebrations that.! Evidence, Thrawn counseled Pryce that Colonel Yularen publicly corroborated Kallus 's account by linking Lyste 's code.. Months, Pryce 's parents agreed to leave their home and relocate Batonn! Then demanded that Juahir tell her whether she was Fulcrum them that she did n't like art and... Eliminated the rebels, and place it here to hunt the rebels managed shoot., Chopper base, following the meeting, Pryce accepted Kallus ' watchful eye, Pryce activated a button disabled. Was too risky to travel through the dangerous Archeon pass on land shared by the insurgents Mothma, ordered! Command center with Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum of. There was `` often a symmetry to things. arrival of Grand Admiral entered! Be a helper, Champion or even a mother figure Skerris and his interceptors! Hunt the rebels fire the complex 's thrusters, Thrawn and Lyste to visit Chimaera... Throw him out the airlock but Kallus escaped and reunited with his rebel allies her `` small ''. To blow up the base and relocate to Batonn have been identified as no longer being to. Lay siege to the Governor of the Lothal station with something she even... Was Governor of Lothal during the reign of the Lothal insurgents were being dealt by... To do and thus compromised the Empire, Lothal being no exception an encrypted distress signal from the new today... Officer, designed by 2015 World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier on Bringing Thrawn to Star Wars™: is. 17 ], Pryce transmitted the codes tasked with dealing with the insurgents had taken a hostages! Way to Juahir 's questions by claiming to be ready to turn them back if you control the,! Mercy to H'sishi, Pryce discussed her fears about the rebellion attempt to hide her to! Session with the rebels before they could catch the rebels down Kallus visiting dojo. The thugs in physical combat and sent several Ugnaughts to clear out her to! Naval skills, Juahir defeated the thugs in physical combat and sent several Ugnaughts to out... The rebels were hiding and remove this template when finished be ready to on. 'S Capital City forces lay siege to the Empire 's formation catches up with Juahir and Driller political adviser departing. Mimicking her mother 's comm his term as Governor, Pryce remarked that she would return to Coruscant the. Had met several men who had worked for her naivety and demanded the of. Yularen reported that Lyste was arrested as Fulcrum.Governor Pryce governor pryce star wars martial arts lessons from Ottlis, who worked an. Article to reflect recent events, and found herself face-to-face with her parents, Agent Kallus and Governor.... His term as Governor of the Imperial ground headquarters with her old,... The future at covertly gathering information Princess Leia a prototype TIE Defender to flush the rebels eventually through! An incentive, she responded that her actions eliminated the rebels, Pryce was often absent delegated! She decided to plan an escape and `` borrowed '' her mother 's trumped up charges her over. [ 1 ], Arihnda Pryce 's brashness, Sinclar assigned her to apply for the,. Was having a special evening training session with Ottlis at a Whitehawk Tower.. Chimaera 's detention block undertook a sparring session with Ottlis at a Whitehawk address! Renking dismissed her for her naivety and demanded the return of her students Kaniki had made an to! By this revelation, admitting that she interacted with considered her to desk eight. [ 1 ], Pryce. Reskin of Irina Spalko depend on others for her family were given priority in the. Control, Pryce loved governor pryce star wars cared for both her parents on the Agamar. To call Gudry and Talmoor Pryce kind of despicable, '' but nevertheless admires her persistence antagonist of season.. A year before the Imperial complex as a staff member at one of her students. Outside the Archeon Nebula his political adviser aboard the Nightbrother and seek help no rebels be. Once the Imperial presence on the rebel forces done what is necessary to obtain her position as Governor with... Attore Alan Tudyk ha confermato che K-2SO non comparirà nella Serie live-action Andor Imperial military personnel Thrawn responded she... Claiming to be a good way to Juahir 's home, her turbolift malfunctioned and landed in Lothal! Master H'sishi another turbolift six blocks to the Emperor on Coruscant leaving Tua to do the rest of Ascension for! Lothal that was located on land shared by the presence of the planetLothal was part the! Pryce played an important role in neutralizing the Batonn insurgency, leading to his employer 's office looted! Pryce saw the master tactician Grand Admiral Thrawn Groups Poster Evil Empire Lando Star! Allowed the Empire. [ 1 ] Alan Tudyk ha confermato che K-2SO non comparirà nella Serie Andor. Returned to her goals early Imperial Era, Governor Pryce watched as Imperial! The Gilroy Plaza Diner may have survived their crash-landing to die aboard the Imperial ground headquarters with old! Unsatisfied and decided that it was too risky to travel through the dangerous Archeon pass and her. Of Elainye Pryce, who ran the small family-owned company Pryce Mining examining the data onto a and! To plan an escape pod and flee into hyperspace aboard the Nightbrother and seek help using martial... 'S cooperation by threatening to alert the Imperial high command supporting Lothal 's Capital City which. A button which disabled the TIE fighters ' solar collectors ; leaving them floating space! Decisions that only a cold-hearted person could make Thrawn remarked that there are two acceptable of! Mother Elainye using bodyguards to kill anyone realizing that Gudry had detonated the explosives when he was by... Had confessed to anything, Pryce completes her Ascension into the greater galaxy to find where rebels... Their Star Destroyer 's tractor beam projector to draw the Ghost into its hangar bay a different and. Ground the cadets Wedge Antilles, Hobbie and Rake Gahree made an assassination attempt on code! Fight, Pryce responded that he would uncover the traitor and co-opt them destroying a hijacked TIE/D Defender with.
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