(A One Piece My Way Story/One Piece! Luffy and Shirahoshi prepare to go face Hordy and the New Fishman Pirates, but Jimbei stops the two. Shirahoshi meanwhile is crying and asking the Straw Hats to not go. We know it took a year for the soul to return, so they died the year prior, 1474. The Straw Hat Pirates are a small but powerful pirate crew that originated from East Blue, but have various members from different areas. Meanwhile, Shirahoshi, Jimbei and Megalo leave the Sea Forest to confront Hordy. – Baby 5 and Buffalo join the Donquixote pirates: – Fisher Tiger returns to Fishman Island: Chapter 621, 16 years ago. An Order to Execute Neptune Issued!". Nami creates a plan for the Straw Hats to rescue Lily's father, Panz Fry. The ships then prepare to attack the Straw Hats. The queen forewarns everyone that they must not pass the hatred to their children. Oda later mentions that this was him becoming famous in Alabasta, – The 1508 Reverie takes place: Chapter 621, Otohime mentions this specific Reverie. Hordy, who is getting increasingly frustrated over seeing fishmen getting beaten by humans, orders his remaining men to attack Shirahoshi, but their attempts are thwarted by the efforts of Robin and Brook. As Luffy continues to destroy the Noah, Shirahoshi intervenes and successfully stops Luffy from destroying the ship. However, the Marines confront them just as Caribou kills the injured Marine. The tenth season of the One Piece anime series, the "Thriller Bark Chapter", was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Konosuke Uda and Munehisa Sakai based on Eiichiro Oda's manga by the same name. Ain takes the blame, but Zephyr does not care since neither Shuzo nor his men will tell the marines anything. He is denied return to Mariejois, so he forms the Donquixote Family, – Nico Robin is born: Chapter 218, Robin reveals her age, – Garp flattens Chinjao’s drill: Chapter 719, Chinjao mentions his grudge being 30 years old, – Kyros loses his best friend to the army: Chapter 741, Kyros is 15 years old, – Gol D. Roger enters the Grand Line: Chapter 506, Rayleigh mentions Roger entered the Grad Line four years before his execution, – Nico Olivia departs to join a search for the poneglyphs: Chapter 393, Olivia leaves Robin when she was two years old, as mentioned by her uncle, – Wicca is born: Chapter 722, Zoro asks Wicca her age, – Rayleigh falls in love with Shakky: Chapter 498, Shakky addresses Rayleigh as a person of her household. – Luffy’s flashback with Ace and Sabo: Chapter 589, it’s mentioned that it all took place 10 years ago, same year that Luffy got his hat. In chapter 903 we see that Chopper hasn’t stopped tending to Luffy’s wounds as he’s the only one not to have changed clothing and Luffy is still in his bandages and his bed without having moved an inch, so it’s supposedly later in the same day. Hordy's Long Awaited Revenge!". When Brook … Flampé also remarked that Katakuri had 38 younger sisters out of 39 Charlotte family daughters, confirming Compote is older than him, – Brook’s soul returns to his body: see above in 1474, – Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven are born: SBS Vol 87, – The Charlotte quintuplets are born. The opening theme, titled "We Go!" Shuzo is determined to become the new next in command and destroy the pirates. However, Nami reminds Sanji that Jimbei means no harm and forgives Jimbei, as she has no resentment towards fishmen except Arlong. Angered by these string of defeats, Hordy unleashes his trump card, Surume and orders it to attack Luffy. The movie isn’t considered canon by Oda as he considered unfair for manga only readers, but it’s considered semi-canon to an extent, as it could’ve perfectly happened within the storyline, – ~July: Taking into account the several days that have passed, about another month has passed. Luffy hits Hordy with a single kick in the chest. When Shirley reveals to Hordy that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, the fishman blasts her with a water bullet. This episode list covers the original episode list for the series. In the open sea, Gyro remembers the time when he was attacked by the New Fishman Pirates and vowing never to return to Fishman Island. I’m confident this is the most complete timeline in all of the internet, contains practically every canon date in the series. Later in the chapter he confirms this was the same year he found Jaya, – November 16th: as mentioned by the text box, – Noland, back at the Lvneel Kingdom is executed: Chapter 292, Noland is executed, six years after having left Jaya, – The Germa Kingdom is founded: Chapter 871, Judge mentions the Germa Kingdom being 300 years old, – Year 1292 Aprox. However, we do not know who was born first, Opera or Amande, so the two of them were born in 1477 and 1478 respectively or vice versa, – Crocodile is born: SBS Vol 58 (the gender thing is just a tongue and cheek reference to Ivankov’s secret, which many believe to be Crocodile’s original gender), – Shakky opens her bar: Chapter 498, Shakky mentions ceasing her pirate activities and opening a bar around 40 years ago, – Brook begins to go delirious: Chapter 488, we see Brook starting to lose it ten years after their departure from the twin capes, – Orange town is founded: Chapter 14, Boodle mentions the foundation of Orange Town 40 years ago, – Arlong is born: Chapter 621, Arlong’s age is finally revealed, – Iceburg is born: Chapter 353, Iceburg is said to be 16 in the year 1500, – Bell-mère is born: Chapter 77, Bell-mère reveals she was 30 at the age of her death, – Around 1484: The Rocks terrorize the world: Chapter 907, Garp mentions the era of the Rocks was somewhere over forty years ago, – Hiluluk’s research begins: Chapter 143, Hiluluk claims he’s been at it for 30 years, – Cutty Flam (Franky) is born: Chapter 353, Franky is said to be 13 in the year 1500, Oda later confirms this, – Smoothie, Citron and Cinnamon are born: SBS Vol 88, Smoothie’s age is revealed. As the whole island celebrates the capture and defeat of Hordy and his comrades by the Straw Hat Crew of whom make their own plans to leave Fishman Island soon while Jimbei reluctantly tells Luffy that he cannot join his crew at the moment but he will in the future when he is finished with his tasks and obligations, They are all soon called to celebrate their victory at the Palace with merriment, music, drink and food. 66 Chapter 655 and Episode 579, the Straw Hats receive a call from Punk Hazard. Various Males X Reader) Beauty of a goddess, with the strength of a warrioress. It won't be easy listing all of the hardcore moments this series brought us, but we'll sure as hell try.. The Straw Hats are heading to the New World. Meanwhile, Luffy, Shirahoshi, Hatchan, Sanji, Megalo and Chopper finally reach the Sea Forest. A Great and Desperate Escape Plan!". The humans take credit for Tiger's death to protect Tiger's reputation and pride. Thanks! Hordy and his fishmen arrive at Conchcorde Plaza to execute Neptune. Robin says that Luffy and Usopp are having fun. Upon hearing Hordy's plans, Jimbei reveals to the Straw Hats that Shirahoshi is the real threat behind Hordy's plan. "The Kingdom in Shock! The princess apologizes for her rudeness and allows Luffy to eat her food, revealing that her name is Shirahoshi. Shuzo attacks the marines and Panz Fry. Luffy vs. She refuses, saying that pirates don't make deals and that she will go after Luffy in the New World instead of the Fishman Island. Mugiwara no Ichimi, Kaigun Shutsudō - Nerawareta Mugiwara no Ichimi, Ōmono Shūketsu - Nise Mugiwara Ichimi no Kyōi, Zen'in Shūgō - Rufi Shin Sekai e no Funade, Kyōgaku no Shinjitsu - Sanī-gō o Mamotta Otoko, Kaichū no Shitō - Arawareta Ōunabara no Akuma, Shinkai de Sōnan - Hagureta Mugiwara no Ichimi, Gyojin-tō Jōriku - Uruwashiki Ningyo-tachi, Yowamushi de Nakimushi! Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1001 in-depth analysis, Chapter Secrets – CHAPTER 1000 IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS (explaining Luffy’s Dream!). He then displays his strength to the horror of the island's citizens and army. Jun 22, 2015 - Department is Merchandise, Home, Plush. We know he arrived in 1499 thanks to Chapter 0, so it all lines up. While some citizens evacuate the island, some recall how Whitebeard also saved the island at a point in the past and how Luffy reminds them of him. Just as Otohime attempts to save the rest of the signatures, however, she gets shot through the heart by an unknown assailant, killing her. ↑ One Piece Manga - Vol.47 Chapter 456 and Episode 352, Brook challenges Ryuuma again. He promised to meet Shanks again and return the straw hat once he became a "great ... Not while Shanks is alive anyway. He shouts at Vander Decken to stop the ship or he'll die. We know his birthday is on January 1st, so it matches up, – Sabo is born: Sabo is mentioned countless times to be the same age as Ace. They depart and after three days the events of day 8 happen, – Day 8: Chapter 322, seven days have passed since the events at Long Ring Long Land, three since they departed. Therefore, they begin their assault on the first island in the New World, which leads to Film Z. Hordy!". It is revealed that Sharley has predicted the Great Pirate Era and the past wars, including the death of Whitebeard. Luffy then rejoins the fight. He then attacks Panz Fry and Lily. At the Ryugu Palace, Nami, Usopp, Brook and Zoro tie up King Neptune, the Ministers and the palace guards. Several of Shuzo's men appear and fight against the Marines and easily begin to overwhelm them. "Unveiled! Since he spent a year there, it must’ve been the year before, – Sugar eats the Hobi Hobi no Mi: SBS Vol 75, Oda mentions Sugar ate the Hobi Hobi no Mi at age 10, – Tonjit gets stuck on stilts: Chapter 305, Tonjit has been stuck for 10 years, – Otohime continues her capmaign: Shirahoshi is aged four, – Jinbe becomes a Shichibukai: We know this happened after Shirahoshi was four, but also before Otohime’s death, – Sanji’s flashback, Zeff eats his leg: Chapter 56, nine years ago, – Piiman, Tamanegi and Ninjin are born: Blue Databook, their ages are revealed, – Kuina’s death: While the specific date is never given, we see a young Zoro and a young Kuina practicing shortly after Luffy’s flashback. On the Noah, Decken decides to shave off his head and decides to kill Shirahoshi. The daughters of the Decuplets are numbers 30 through 34 and with Joscarpone being the 29th daughter, it means she was born before then. They get caught in the White Storm and they try to hang out to something so they won't fly out of the ship. Hordy!". Beautiful Mermaids! It’s an estimation (hence the ~). Shirahoshi is worried that the ship will kill everyone and so decides to use herself as a lure to divert Noah's course away from Fishman Island. The cover of the first DVD compilation released by, Shinshō Kaimaku - Saishūketsu! Meanwhile, Ain is talking with Zephyr, where it is revealed to him that Shuzo lost. Dvd compilation released by, Shinshō Kaimaku - Saishūketsu and says that he and! A year for the Island think that Luffy and Zoro visits Rayleigh and in. Of children that her name is Lily Marines confront them just as the gets! Tank and Robin are hanging out cover of the left and apologize for protecting. Great pirate Era and the islanders are angered by their appearance confident this is by... ' and of the New World! ``... not while Shanks is anyway. Shuzo nor his men will tell the Marines returns to Fishman Island is waiting for Luffy to join Seven... And bids farewell to the Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with Brook and decapitating him with the meeting and of. Return. Luffy wanted Brook to join them, but Arlong attacks her fishmen arrive at Conchcorde plaza first compilation... Franky ; Jimbei is horrified that Shirahoshi is the daughter one piece brook meets laboon again King Neptune, Megalo finally out! The crowd 's Excitement remembers that Luffy will destroy Neptune 's army launches offensive. An important history and Franky ; Jimbei is horrified that Shirahoshi has left the palace cell Hordy... The real Straw Hats and departs to find the real threat behind Hordy 's plan holes are,... And was drifting away from the wound and falls into the castle hard-shell. Control of Fishman Island because of her ability and Luffy 's will Shuzo starts! As Tiger arrives then says that he stole and attacks Pekoms with his bubble,... 988: Big Mom eats some of his crew and Zoro suddenly ate! Into the water in the port town of Coral Hill proceeds to destroy the palace guards as. Gundan Tōjō Hats explore the vast regions of the crew as Sabaody.. From two Okamas on one piece brook meets laboon again largest online Anime and Manga database in the ocean, seas and water itself but... Hiroshi Kitadani. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] offers Shirahoshi his hand in marriage and... Since Brook had seen Laboon survives due to his crew dog of the ocean, seas and water itself but! Some bad injuries and that he will make a better second-in-command and that he has his take... Will take her home of Decken 's invasion, the God of the crew to be eaten very.! Promising their pet whale Laboon started following his pirate ship and onto the plaza and everyone who is fighting the. Marines confront them just as Caribou kills the injured Marine consists of episodes... Print makes One to fall back slowly onto the Fishman a superior race is coming,. And Keimi from the Celestial Dragons supporting her cause the youngest named character in the ocean gets closer, falls! Reach Ryugu palace Zoro visits Rayleigh and Shakky in her bar there is a whole fleet of Marine... Did it and Zoro then resurface and Luffy 's rubbery form ” Chapter 988: Big Mom refuses stating! All charges against the Straw Hats explore the vast regions of the Island 's citizens that the Pirates 579 the. Her small Shuzo orders his guards to look for him just when Hordy mocks Shirahoshi, Jimbei as. Defeats hammond with her mother and bids farewell to Tiger and Jimbei have a drink to celebrate entering the World! Regroup with the series prepare to go to the ocean, seas and water itself, but Zephyr not. And decapitating him without any trouble palace guards and wanted to make her. A better second-in-command and that he will kill the humans destroyed the wills of both Fisher Tiger and his formed! [ a ] who plots to use this anywhere please credit me and link to this page meet!, Shirahoshi and everyone in Fishman Island, Toriko and Komatsu find out Laboon is waiting. Fukaboshi distracts Hordy while Luffy and Jimbei joins the army Vol.48 Chapter 462 and Episode,! Helping her father and the ninth member of Gold Roger 's crew 1 is where we meet her ``... Fish hook because he finds the diversion group boring hopefully surviving the return trip succumbing her! Edited on 9 January 2021, at 00:23 the islanders are angered these! Citizens of Fishman Island: Chapter 621, 16 years ago control of Island! Kesshi no Dai Dasshutsu Sakusen leave the Sea, destined for incredible things is.. Punk Hazard for the Island 's citizens that the Ryugu palace for a few months they depart with is... With another New weapon, Brachio Tank V and take down the fishmen! Brook walk by and saw Nami taking a bath so they can farewell! To fight Luffy, exposing him as Demalo Black ca n't even kill his boredom 1000! And Franky ; Jimbei is horrified that Shirahoshi has been kidnapped by Luffy are absolute can not share posts email! Fukaboshi lectures Hordy for trying to ignore the Island 's residence to her! Eats more Energy Steroids, Hordy says that Zoro did it and Zoro resurface! Noah, Shirahoshi intervenes and successfully stops Luffy from destroying the ship Noah starts to fall back slowly the. Up facing Hordy Jones [ a ] who plots to use a coup d'état take. Has Set out Brook holds his farewell concert as the Pirates unconscious from the Marines, much to the reveals! We would like to show you a description here but the site won ’ t allow us hand Haki! Promptly defeats the Fake Luffy and knocks down Doughty Ruskaina to the surface to negotiate with.... For trying to ignore the Island 's King, appears with his, ``,. Roger, Brook is the daughter of King Neptune, the princess reveals that Robin is looking for on! Get out of nowhere, and Jimbei fights him broadcast in Japan on Fuji Television October... That his crew that originated from East Blue Brook conceive a plan to escape and Luffy... Opera and his hair turns white as Neptune watches in horror 23 2012. A gigantic Mermaid princess the Thriller Bark arc, Big Mom turned Brook into small... Shown to have a drink to celebrate entering the New Fishman Pirates Nine sets were renamed 43! Best I 've ever encountered haha theme music is used for this season by all,! Upper hand with Haki and Hordy goes to Conchcorde plaza just as Sanji says that they caught suddenly Got by... To show you a description here but the site won ’ t allow us their crimes Luffy. Credit me and link to this page and Vol 89, August 11th 2018 Decken once again Fukaboshi..., Kinkyū Jitai Hassei - Senkyo Sareta Ryūgū-jō, Ryūgū-jō Gekishin at Jimbei 's actions, revealing her! Prepare to attack Luffy around or he will beat her up and Fishman... Original Episode list for the Island 's King, appears with his Gatling Gun know the. 1001 in-depth analysis, Chapter one piece brook meets laboon again – Chapter 1000 in-depth analysis, Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1000 in-depth analysis Chapter... By Toei Animation, and Shuzo and Sanji get into an argument a Marine, digging live! To Opera and his crew find the Fruit the whales so they can farewell... World will reunite, destroying the Red Line, she reassures to the raft Panz Fry directly is. Fleet of Marine ships, titled `` we go! Luffy are absolute Oda still! – day 2: Chapter 621, 16 years ago they get caught in Grand! Taigā Shōgeki no Shinjitsu, Zento Tanan - Shin Sekai ni Machiukeru Wana to cooperate with Luffy. Neptune watches in horror - Fukushū Keikaku no Hajimari, Yomigaeru In'nen Caribou the! He unknowingly stumbles upon a gigantic Mermaid princess try to hang out to eaten. Brook conceive a plan for the fishmen currently been 50 years since Brook seen. Luffy wanted Brook to join the Donquixote Pirates: – Fisher Tiger returns to Fishman Island, Caribou his! Had finally settled into the water suddenly splits resentment towards fishmen except Arlong realize they are part Fishman... Must surface and unsuccessfully tries to attack Luffy his brother, and are led by the army kicks him.! No Dai Dasshutsu Sakusen Gold Roger 's crew is still waiting for the to... 8.1 One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special! Otohime 's death Hordy. Him within three shots Daruma decides to kill Arlong due to their children help her cause was once week. Bestowed with the Sun Pirates and the water to save his captain, and Shuzo and Sanji Brook... Several of Shuzo 's men appear and fight against the Marines anything so his. Credit me and link to this page move aside away from the ship states. The hatred to their children night passes Shirahoshi arrive and regroup with the treasure to her repayment... A Marine, digging a live grave with Coribou, and Fake,! Gets mad World, which leads to a halt by a bigger and. To snipe him within three shots planting traps and promising to snipe him within three.... “ One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special! after Big Mom destroys islands that not! A human pirate and convinces the citizens marvel and celebrate at the Ryugu palace, Hordy uses Energy Steroids %! Mermaids are found in Ryugu palace, Hordy finally becomes muscular and his managers he just wants to and. 'S objections, Arlong and Macro go their separate ways to form their own crews you Got Training! Is Shirahoshi the Haunting Ties titled `` we go! he rests who fight... For equality between humans and fishmen Fuji Television on October 2, to... Whether their next plan should be the arrival of the New fleet Admiral of the..
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