Additionally, Goku has a decent Ki and DEF Buff, with the right allies, a powerful ATK Buff, and a useful dodge & critical hit mechanic. You can’t fool me with that zamasu! How to get LR Goku Medals Under 2 Minutes! You can farm the EZA medals for STR 3Ku right now. PURE HYPE OR MID HYPE? almost ready for the lr goku eza. share. report. This aspect I don't mind, the problem lies in my above statement where the EZA Areas you need to do in order to EZA the unit needed for the main LR EZA are the issue. Gaming w/TallenV 60,776 views. level 1. With Goku in Other World Gohan and Goten have stepped up to take on any threats the Earth faces. level 1. Dj10 inhambane 2020. That’s almost 4 years. 1500 MEDALS! Only been getting 7's. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. Its usually cards who are related … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. i’m NOT grinding 777 medals again,**** that unit. Want a STACKED Dokkan account?! save hide report. level 1. That goku will not age well fir obvious reasons. best. Kefla's event will be open on Thursday and one day on the weekend, as normal, on rotation. you got time. Rainbow EZA Gohan + Ginyu Force: DBZ Dokkan Battle - Duration: 7:13. A 10 medal drop seems pretty rare for me right now. hide. I'm a F2P in disguise. 6 months ago. I used the 100 stones for one round each on the two banners. Common sense on dokkan???? La película es dirigida por Tatsuya Nagamine y forma parte de la conmemoración del aniversario de la vigésima película de Dragon Ball. You couldn't even use keys. What's even worse is not having 20/20 hindsight and not getting an EZA Beerus so that you could link him with your LR Beerus, especially when you got STR Gogeta that you can't even use on any teams really. 39 comments. 76% Upvoted . Another minor issue is that the SSJ Goku Card name is one of the most contested in Dokkan, and Bandai releases multiple versions of him every year that can’t be used together in the same Team. The medals themselves work exactly the same, and the actual buffs the EZA gives an LR are usually better Leader Skills and the ability to get SA25 The Dragon Ball … save. SSJ2 Gohan has a great EZA that is a lot better than it appears due to the Card having incredible stats, the second part of his passive stacks separately for an insane +181% ATK. Advanced Guides; Beginners Guides; Items. User Info: Zeero_Beat. ... Wow i forgot the medals drop in that event. With incredible stats, a Passive Skill that provides Ki, high ATK & DEF Buffs, and a powerful Active Skill this Card is going to shine in any fight. 92% Upvoted. No Sig Needed. Video Title: THE GRIND DONE TWICE! Other cards you'll need EZA'd and rainbow'd are:-STR LR Zamasu (Goku's Body)-TEQ Super Android 13-INT Raditz-TEQ Lord Slug (comes out tomorrow) … Zeero_Beat 2 years ago #2. This is the same bs when LR sba Goku was in the coin shop and his medals unavailable. Gaming w/TallenV 61,430 views. So far they either give you all the medals (in the case of PHY Gohan and AGL 1,000 Day Goku) or in this case it’s an EZArea. if you’re a global player, i recommend you are prepared. Sort by. I just checked my date and I’m 1400 days away. Rbx clearance. Python calendar scheduler. :D Done all SBR (I miss only Vegeta's Family but not far from complete it too) -> DONE Only regret I didnt get the new LR TEQ SSJ2 Gohan... but alraedy tried 3 or 4 pulls (and got other amazing units) so I think I should stop thinking about him Easiest for me was Time Travelers . The PHY SSJ2 Goku gives an ATK boost to all allies pre-EZA, but post-EZA, he only gives it to SSJ2 allies. Gotcha pokemon go. This thread is archived. 7:13. Super Saiyan God Goku has an interesting Leader Skill that leads a category this Card is not even a part of and makes for some interesting Teams. How to get LR Goku Medals Under 2 Minutes! Int Beerus likely doesn't need one desperately either. User Info: dulldrohl. By the most players get to EZA him, he will be outdated yet again. To compare them shows how little you understand of the game. 26. share. Last edited: Dec 28, 2020. Sort by. This thread is archived. Ver Dragon Ball Super: Broly online gratis HD completa en español latino en . I imagine Frieza's actual EZA stage will be way easier than let's say that … While this Card may face a few hurdles in terms of Ki, or activating its Active Skill in certain events, these are minor … For those that got the LR Goku medals to drop 20 times, how often was it? Events List; Main Story Quests; Guides. Just in case anybody forgot to EZA those two cards you need both max EZA'd and rainbow'd for the upcoming LR SS Goku EZA in two days. Card List; WT Team Guide; Top Tier Teams; Free To Play Teams; Tags List; Story & Events. Someone said it dropped frequently but, I have yet to see it. Sub0GFQ 744582874 "Yeah, you all don't know? Report Save. ?The 2 situations aren't remotely the same. Dragon Ball Super: Broly es la vigésima película de la franquicia Dragon Ball y la primera de la serie Dragon Ball Super. Mods, pls … Is … New User . Finished Broly but I have next to nothing and I'm going to need it when Gogeta EZA drops. So if you haven't already get the medals for those two cards farmed now. He does require a Super Saiyan Goku ally to be at his best, though. And I like to make a lot of F2P topics to blend in with the freebies ;)" samxmas . … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Fluff. Got with medals the LR TEQ Vegito I missed! Super LR Tier List; Extreme LR Tier List; EZA Tier List; Beginner's Ticket Tier List; Cards. 38 comments. Go ahead and get it done now if you can so you won't have to later. Rainbow EZA Gohan + Ginyu Force: DBZ Dokkan Battle - Duration: 7:13. 100% RAINBOW STAR LR 1ST FORM CELL! Super Saiyan - Warrior Gods - Kamehameha - Prepared for Battle - Over in a Flash - Shocking Speed - Fierce Battle Realm of Gods - Pure Saiyans - Full Power - Representatives of Universe 7 - Goku's Family Super Saiyan - Warrior Gods - Kamehameha - Prepared for Battle - Over in a Flash - Shocking Speed - Fierce Battle Realm of Gods - Pure Saiyans - Full Power - … The medals should have automatically been given to anyone that is day 1000 and above. share. Prodigy hack script 2020. best. Unfortunately, this Card has two Ki Links which can be an issue if players do not maximize … The problem is the medals are for 2000 days. SSJ Goku has a suboptimal Leader Skill that offers lower 130% Stats and high 4 Ki to a category that usually has a lot of Ki and benefits more from a 170% Stats leadership. So do you have to do the 1-30 stages again? It's an interesting change, and it makes me wonder if they somehow accidentally switched the passives between the AGL and PHY SSJ2s . 7:13.