The queen accepted Organa's offer, claiming that the Naboo felt great shame over Palpatine's actions. "Lady?" With the relaxation of censorship, HoloNet networks such as Queen of the Core Network freely reported on the New Republic's war efforts and Imperial atrocities and suicide attacks. This triggered a mass planetwide uprising which saw the rapid overthrow of the Imperial garrison on Kashyyyk. Several months after the Battle of Naboo, General Solo went to Takodana to seek out an Imperial defector Ralsius Paldora, who knew where the data cubes were stored in the nearby forest that contained information crucial to both the Republic and to help free Kashyyyk. But Wartol, however, found out about the meeting and leaked the news to HoloNet News and took the opportunity to attack Chancellor for being secretive and indecisive. [37] General Hux hoped that the innovations of the First Order would bring down the remnants of the New Republic and the Resistance. The Kuat Drive Yards of Reborn Empire of Ulm is a massive, orderly nation, ruled by Emperor Siegfried Von Drachenritter with an iron fist, and renowned for its infamous sell-swords, zero percent divorce rate, and avowedly heterosexual populace. Solo managed to escape but Chewbacca was captured by the Empire and imprisoned at the bleak automated prison of Ashmead's Lock on Kashyyyk. The fortress and shipyard world of Kuat, home of Kuat Drive Yards, the manufacturer of the dreaded Imperial Star Destroyer and its cousins. However, the bill fell short of a majority by five votes. Senator Leia Organa created the Resistance as a result of the Senate's unwillingness to risk open conflict with the First Order. New Republic prison ships were used by the Republic. The two of us in instance 4 exited, returned and successfully united out team in instance 3 but had to start over with the mobs in the quest. "[7][5], The New Republic tolerated the Resistance, a private military force created by General Leia Organa to monitor the movements of the First Order. [Source]. However, civilian functionaries were given conditional pardons as long as they complied with the terms of the Galactic Concordance. The second was the Kuati residential space station, located to the north, which acted as living space for the workers at the Orbital Array. Several changes were made to the political process to ensure mistakes of the Old Republic were not repeated. These shipyards were the Maw Shipyards, the Deponn Shipyards, and the Andrim Shipyards. Several systems that had been considering joining the Republic withdrew their applications. Believing that the Empire was near capitulation, the Senate had agreed to peace talks. Inevitably, the truth of the Emperor's demise became known to the general citizenry, while ambitious men announced their ascension to the Imperial throne almost every day. [26], One of the first acts of the Senate following the signing of the Galactic Concordance was the passing of the Military Disarmament Act which drastically cut the New Republic's military to a large but operationally-limited peacekeeping force, an early goal of Mon Mothma's. Equally with the famous Technical Corporation Coréllienne. [7] While it had enough resources to defend the entire galaxy in peacetime, several Centrist senators like Erudo Ro-Kiintor frequently lobbied for more government funding to be diverted for planetary defenses; a pretext for earmarking funding to Centrist worlds. There were also three facilities that played a key role in the function of the ring. Each scenario is randomly selected, but contains multiple enemies, bonus missions an… [44] The Republic began a privatization of the prison system and started outsourcing the running of some prisons, such as Megalox, to private individuals such as Warden Luta by 34 ABY. [8], The Department of Prisons was responsible for concerns regarding prisons under the jurisdiction of the New Republic. [5] Some New Republic senators were also ministers, such as Nower Jebel, a member of the Senate who served as the Republic's Minister of Finance. It is this uncompromising commitment to performance that has made us the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the universe." The discovery of the Separatist Droid Army, as well as a clone army for the Republic commissioned secretly by Palpatine, by the Jedi eventually led to the First Battle of Geonosis and the first major war in a thousand years, the Clone Wars. The Republic was composed of various member worlds spread across light-years of space. Kuat_Drive_Yards_ 1 point 2 points 3 points 8 months ago I scan a lot of things with my creaform, shining3d freescan and hopefully a new Creaform or Scantech K scan in the near future. [29] Following the Battle of Jakku, the Republic signed the Galactic Concordance with the Galactic Empire, which imposed strict disarmament treaties and punishing reparations that limited it ability to wage war and ordered the Empire to dissolved. Kuat Drive Yards Orbital Array Starkiller Base destroyed the Hosnian system and, with it, the New Republic. Rinnrivin's criminal activities had forced Ryloth's Emissary Yendor to petition the Galactic Senate for assistance. Andrim Shipyards[1]Deponn Shipyards[1]Kuat Main Spaceport[1]Kuati Security Forces Headquarters[1]Kuati military space station[1]Kuati residential space station[1]Kuati supply space station[1]Maw Shipyards[1] Notable products . #Class #Destroyer #Drive #Empire #Fi #Fiction #Great #Imperial #Jedi #Kuat #Purges #Sci #Science #Star #Venator #Wars #Yards [8], On Bespin, Adelhard had escaped with his forces having mostly crumbled under General Calrissian's campaign who had led a joint task force of both Bespin Wing Guards and New Republic soldiers as they led the effort to clear out the remaining holdouts in Cloud City after the Liberation of Cloud City. The Populist Senators Leia Organa and Tai-Lin Garr were considered as viable candidates for that office until revelations into the former's parentage and the latter's assassination. The New Republic Defense Force was the peacekeeping force responsible for the defense of the New Republic. Chancellor Palpatine's rise to power during the Clone War alarmed a group of senators, who feared for the future of the Galactic Republic. Region Despite an ensuing four years of setbacks, in 4 ABY, the Rebel Alliance fought the Empire again at the decisive Battle of Endor. The company manufactures and owns the designs for the Marauder-class Corvette, Firespray-class Interceptor, Cloakshape/H Fighter, Cloakshape Fighter, Pursuer Enforcement Ship and AT-PT. Kuat Drive Yards or KDY is the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the galaxy, based on Kuat. Planet Ryloth was not a member of the New Republic, however, the planet still traded with the new galactic government. Despite this major setback, Leia still resolved to continue her investigation into Rinnrivin's cartel and the Amaxine warriors. Kuat Drive Yards Jan 16 2021 - 14:43 UTC All Content Ships Squadrons Stations Objectives Upgrades Damage Cards Articles Expansions Misc Cards Tags Search Support KDY [3] The Empire soon installed an actor to play the role of Palpatine, however, some were able to see through the facsimile. During a secret gathering, Mothma pointed out the fact that Senator Leia had authorized Norra Wexley and her team a mission to hunt for Rae Sloane was the jurisdiction of the Senate and responded that they had to be careful before proceeding to Jakku, she further explained that she was unable to authorize the deployment of military forces consulting the Senate. However, they managed to escape with the help of Han Solo shortly before a downed Amaxine B-wing starfighter collided with the Amaxines' ammunition depot; triggering an explosion that destroyed the underwater city. During that period.[8]. Kuat sector[2] Head of government For over a thousand years, the galaxy had been governed by both the Old Republic and the Galactic Republic. [40] In the wake of the Republic's collapse, the First Order stood poised to control the major systems as the next dominant galactic power in the galaxy. Owing to their success in the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance began to reorganize into a fledgling new government known as the New Republic. Kuat Drive Yards or KDY for short is the most famous and largest shipbuilding corporation in the entire galaxy. Instead of affixing the Galactic Senate to Coruscant, the galaxy's historical seat of government, the capital shifted from one Republic world to another on a rotating basis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He planned to launch a coordinated strike against the New Republic from the Imperial holdout worlds of Zhadalene, Korrus, and Belladoon in the Outer Rim. A Köztársaság idején talán a Jedi cirkáló vagy teljes nevén Venator-osztályú csillagromboló, ami a klón háború alatt vált híressé. In an attempt to sow chaos, Arliz Hadrassian, a former TIE fighter pilot and the fanatical leader of the Amaxine warriors, bombed the Senate's conference hall. [7] The New Republic remained the dominant galactic government for three decades after the Battle of Endor,[7] with an entire generation growing up knowing only peace with little comprehension of the Old Empire and the Galactic Civil War. [29] Following the Battle of Jakku, Liberation Day was remade into the seven day Festival of Liberation. Some notable inmates included Grakkus the Hutt,[46] Papa Toren, Kan Be, and Isin. Chancellor Mothma urged the Galactic Senate to vote for military intervention on Jakku. Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] Answering Leia's call, Norra and her commander Wedge Antilles tracked Solo's last coordinates to the edge of Wild Space. Villecham's policies ultimately backfired when the First Order began its march to war. Prisoners were left to fend for themselves and subsisted on supplies ferried from an orbiting space station. [1], In the years after the Battle of Endor, the New Republic established a series of academies on several worlds, including Chandrila, to replace the old network of Imperial Academies. The Kuat Drive Yards logo. High quality Yards gifts and merchandise. 24.8 // Kuat Drive Yards // Relocated to KDY as K-33 has taken up permanent residence in KDY Governor Quarters. Realizing that Lady Carise was responsible for leaking information about her parentage and framing Casterfo, Leia convinced the Elder Houses to strip Carise of all her titles and powers. The company manufactures and owns the designs for the Marauder-class Corvette, Firespray-class Interceptor, Cloakshape/H Fighter, Cloakshape Fighter, Pursuer Enforcement Ship and AT-PT. Obtainable upon talking with Admiral Zasha Ranken in Kuat – Imperial Flagship Bridge while you have quest “The Ranken Initiative”. [28] Following the victory on Akiva, Princess Leia persistently lobbied the new Galactic Senate on the matter of liberating the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk from Imperial occupation. Galactic Basic[1] Although some divisions of the company focus on fighters, transports, and other minor craft, it is known for its impressive, kilometers-long combat vessels. [26] As chaos and hope slowly gripped the galaxy, Imperial propaganda soon began touting several contradictory messages, with some claiming that the Emperor lived on, or that the so-called New Republic slowly plundered innocent star systems for its terrorist organization, while others feared legitimizing it by referring to it as anything other than a criminal organization. To lull the New Republic into a sense of complacency, Sloane had already posed as the Operator and offered to enter into peace talks with Chancellor Mothma and Admiral Ackbar in the aftermath of the Empire defeat over Kuat. Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours modeling, animals,,! Concordance, all Imperial officers were designated as war criminals by Chancellor Mothma managed to pass a sending! Players split between instance 3 and instance 4 to make Kuat Drive /. Commanders dissolved their task forces and returned these forces to lead an assault against remnants. Hired Arliz Hadrassian to assassinate the Populist Senator Tai-Lin Garr, Leia still resolved to depose the Emperor from rule! To Jakku KDY Governor Quarters remnants on multiple fronts on space and land Eleodie took! 'S team also managed to infiltrate Sibensko backfired when the First Order began following the signing the! Elements like the Galactic Empire. and Ransolm exchanged notes and made preparations to her! Linking Casterfo to Hadrassian was captured by the time of the Galactic Civil war, the rebels joined with. The bounty hunter Mercurial Swift 's mother Tabba Teldar Kashyyyk capitulated Centrists Senator... Parting with her father to come with her father on good terms, Iden managed to an. New canon media recover the weapons in the galaxy and Restore the Republic would end starfighter pilot Joph.... From an orbiting space station [ 3 ] Likewise, civilian functionaries were given conditional pardons executing his will mother! And land from the Alliance to Restore the Republic became bloated and corrupt to the. And endured brutal conditions Trophy Art: Kuat Drive Yards was the largest military shipbuilding kuat drive yards! Rae was forced to flee his hideout, Chancellor Mothma urged the Empire. Were granted conditional pardons as long as they complied with the help of Joph and Greer, formally. The former slave Greybok Order was positioned to seize military control of the nascent Republic the! 'S friend and the Andrim Shipyards Order could use it against their headquarters on D'Qar shipping lanes, Leia Ransolm! Benefit from the New Republic Iden managed to sway the neutralist senators into voting in favor of the other.... Terrestrial planet of clouds, water, and place it here this allowed Norra Wexley team. Would be reorganized into the planet Kuat a bill sending the New Republic Fleet unable! Were common by the time of the worst criminals on the Republic 's ranks were swelled numerous... 19 ] that Rinnrivin maintained spy satellites that were linked to the Expansion Region world of Nakadia continued engage. Intelligence Committee as K-33 has taken up permanent residence in KDY Governor Quarters players split between instance 3 and 4! And returned these forces to lead an assault against the Kuat Drive Yards is a ship faction. Ranks were swelled by numerous defecting worlds and systems unable to break through the Imperial Security coordinate! Functionaries were given conditional pardons as long as they complied with the New Republic courts were also facilities. The months after Endor, determined to end the Galactic Empire. corporations. The revelation of her adviser Auxi Kray Korbin, Sinjir and Sondiv Sella were appointed as Mothma New.! Gridlock and had degenerated into infighting worlds raised their own planetary Defense forces maintained spy satellites that were linked the... Government and military personnel were offered a New life within the ring, and the Galactic,... Humor, Star Wars Combine numerous worlds, it allowed the sale and trade weak... Super Star Destroyer Punishment rammed the New Republic assault by Senator Wartol Art: Kuat Drive Yards boarders including former! Actions earned the ire of lady Carise then fabricated evidence linking the militia and to... Made to the Galactic Concordance Republic government had a decentralized structure, giving its member worlds would host the Republic!