You must use painters tape. The paint itself seems quite 'watery', not how it looked in your photos. Was wondering if you could cure the glasses with a letter sticker on? Glitter Tumbler: Tack It Method Mix Tack It and a bit of water. You see crafty things like this all over Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. August 18, 2012, The pouncers really shouldn't be the issue. Hi Jen, Just found you off of Pinterest!!! I’m so excited about this project. Glittering your glasses looks amazing on plastic champagne flues, and your basic plastic cup, too! Just finished making these for my bridesmaids! Jen | SomethingTurquoise Hi! Yes of course! April 20, 2012, Hi Tiffany! Have a blessed day:-), Anne Laureano Broadfoot Any ideas? The ones ive been trying out don't stick once i put one coat of the glitter paint on. I'm not 100% sure about baking ceramic mugs. I love the gold one the best. OVEN CURE: put painted glasses (that have dried for 72 hours) on baking sheet and then into a cold oven. Hi Rachel. Beautiful glasses! You can create a painting with glitter, too! Would love to send you a picture of our glasses we made from your post!! It just so happens that I also love wine.… I was just wondering if there was anyway to give the flutes, or in my case, stemless wine glasses a smooth finish with all the glitter paint on it? I saw other paints on Michaels website but I'm worried the other paints won't look as beautiful as yours :-) Thanks for the help!! Required fields are marked *. September 11, 2012. Jen | SomethingTurquoise No clear coat needed for this project :) The Martha Stewart Glitter Craft Paint actually holds the glitter in a clear-gloss type paint already! I would just make sure that the paint area isn't touching any other glass, the cookie sheet or any part of the oven. Sometimes in tutorials it seems like you go from photo to photo and wonder "wait, what happened in between those two!?" Since we are using the Martha Stewart Craft Paint, after these glasses cure… they are dishwasher safe. Thanks for answering me :). I stood mine up regular on their base, but because of the height of the glass, I had to lower my oven rack. My glass is completely cloudy. April 10, 2012. Anything else like foil? Jen | Something Turquoise Should I re-bake them or will that just ruin it? Oh, you had me at glitter and now I’m having a trillion ideas of what I can do with it! Thank you for this. I made some martini glasses for my bridesmaids using your technique and they turned out great! Can you believe it! I am thinking of doing the monogramed version on wine glasses for my best friend for her shower gift, for the wedding party to use at the reception. Would I still put them in and then turn it up to 350 degrees? Send me a picture of your martini glasses - I'd love to see them! It's definitely not smooth like glass... yes, a little bumpy. Grab a glitter nail polish of your choice and shake it for a few seconds until smooth. May 23, 2012. This paint really goes a long way... you might be able to get 15-20 glasses out of one bottle. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All three styles will need at least two coats of paint and at least one hour of drying time in between each coat. Btw, this is a GREAT idea! Jen | Something Turquoise Lapis Lazuli (Blue) looks great. Since I wanted a really bold monogram square, I used three coats of paint, with an hour of drying time in between each coat. I was wondering if you can use Martha's non glitter paints, let them dry and then top them with the glitter paint for a more solid effect. Jen | Something Turquoise We are also writing different quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald on the bottoms so guests can tell them apart. It can be any type of glass! Hi Lynn, I'm sorry your having troubles with this project. I actually just bought 12 of them from for $26, I got the "bright" collection and the colors are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, I linked your tutorial on the picture I posted on pinterest, I hope this is ok :), Jen | Something Turquoise I would love to see what you do with your glass glitter! I don't recommend brushing it on with a regular paint brush. Bound and get it right. Couldn't find the Martha Stewart version. Hi, do they still make this glitter paint? My favorite thing about Martha's new line of craft paints is that it's truly 'multi-surface', and can be oven-cured on glass to become dishwasher safe. Hope this helps!!! Hope this helps! Sadly, that's not the case. Hand washing gently might be totally fine with the glitter and modge podge alone, if the other tutorial says it works - then it might! Turn to 350* and set the timer for 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the glasses cool down inside the oven completely. Jen | Something Turquoise I am so glad that you enjoyed the tutorial!!! I actually made these yesterday with purple glitter and they came out beautiful!! This easy project will make terrific bridesmaid gifts, or wonderful toasting glasses… but even if you aren’t planning a wedding these glam glasses make drinking champagne even more fabulous!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'somethingturquoise_com-box-3','ezslot_1',101,'0','0'])); Gold Glitter. I chose Turquoise as the color. Wash the item in the sink using soap and warm water. Hi Angel! Stephanie Kristen Burns My wedding colors are chocolate, pool (I used turquoise) and ivory, but I used chocolate and turquoise for the glasses and I love them. Jen | SomethingTurquoise My finished pictures are on my blog, with a link back to you here for the instructions!! That with Libbey Champagne Flutes from Bed Bath and Beyond with another coupon the project cost me less than $20 for the four glasses I needed. I suggest putting a towel or piece of cardboard under the bag that you are rolling, just to protect your work surface. If any paint bled under your monogram sticker, using your nail gently scratch it away. August 27, 2012. Thanks for this great idea. I am currently making some now!! There are so many lovely posts going around right now, sharing beautiful Christmas ideas. Jen | Something Turquoise My best friend and I are throwing a Great Gatsby themed party in a few weeks, and each guest gets to take one home! Okay, I have a silly question. October 28, 2012. Hope this helps. When you are finished, you can return the excess glitter to the bottle. December 21, 2012. sorry for the late response, but I just found this site. Jen | Something Turquoise Make sure to find a coupon for the store you are buying the paint from - every little savings adds up! December 5, 2012, Deborah Cleary Woody Thank you so much! Love the tutorial. March 11, 2012, Hi Christi! For this exact project I DO NOT recommend any other paint. Jen | Something Turquoise or do they have to be glass ones? Thank you for this wonderful tutorial and the inspiration to make my own for my wedding this summer!! If only I had kept all the broken ornaments over the years because I LOVEgl glass glitter!! Thank you! Jen | SomethingTurquoise Any ideas? November 22, 2011. I would love to hear how the glass glitter turns out for you! We also bought glass ornaments to try on as well. I wanted to create a box around my monogram so I taped it off using Martha Stewart Craft Paint Stencil Tape. I love these! Jen | Something Turquoise I, however, did not allow the paint to dry 24 hours before I oven cured it-I tried reading everywhere for that instruction and was not able to find it until I read the comments on here. Can you believe it! Use glitter on almost the entire glass, leaving a stripe on the top for easy sipping. I dont know how to attach a photo because I dont see a upload button but they look so good! When the paint is partially dry, remove the tape – you can even softly run an Exacto knife along your design and the tape for perfect tape removal. I told myself, not to worry, the drying period would take care of that. October 30, 2012. Keep trying! Thank you! I was wondering if you needed to oven cure the glasses in a certain amount of time? Jen | SomethingTurquoise Send me pictures of the party if you have a chance :). Quick question - when you put them in the oven for curing - I'm assuming you just put them on a cookie sheet? March 29, 2013, Hi Erica, the oven-cure method is simple: place glasses in a cold oven, turn to 350 degrees, set a timmer for 30 minutes, once time is up turn the oven off and let the glasses cool down along with the oven. I'm going to keep the gold glass, since it looks great hanging upside down on the wine glass rack :) If you want the look for the wedding it's one thing - making guys happy with glitter paint is another! Just like the gold glass, dab much more glitter paint onto the top of the glass and much much less towards the bottom of the glass. You might be a little critical of yourself! Gina Marie Barbieri Or maybe the paint was old or had sat in the sun for a long time. June 15, 2012. I hope that this helps and that you try again :). DIY:How To:Make your own glass glitter and cheap!!!! Good luck! Dilute enough to easily brush onto cup, mix well. One question, though--how long do you recommend I let them sit before I cure them in the oven? March 4, 2012, Not for this exact tutorial - I'm a huge Martha fan :). do you know if its microwave safe? Thanks again! it looks like a sponge but i wanted to make sure. January 20, 2013, Hi Christine, if you put a sticker on your glass it will not withstand the oven or dishwashing. They can be done in any color/colors and other patterns are available upon request. headphones), wipe it down with a damp cloth instead. I have the pouncer and the martha stewart craft paint. thanks!! A couple coats and your good to go, good luck! What stickers did you use for the monogram style? Next, draw a level circle where you’d like the top scallop design to start and bottom edge of glitter to end. I put 3 coats of the Martha Stewart glitter paint on each glass and let then dry for 2 days. I had so much fun and it was really easy to do! Jen | SomethingTurquoise I tried duct tape and that doesn't work. Holding the glass over your catch paper, sprinkle the glitter until all of your adhesive is covered. Yes, you should put them on a cookie sheet. The darker colors look the best. When the last coat of glitter is dry, paint a final coat of … February 7, 2012, Jen | SomethingTurquoise Advertisement. Good luck! Make sure to paint a little past the glitter line, this glue dries clear so you won’t see it. In one of my pictures with the pink glass, you can see the white before it is dry. I'm going to try the pink idea, since I think it may work better with the roundness of a wine glass. I recently made 50 champagne glasses for our wedding in a couple of weeks...and I oven-cured them, not knowing that you shouldn't. I did 3 coats of paint like you said and the blue painter tape and all of the letters peeled off, I used cursive letters do you think maybe they were too swirly and that is why? I just finished four glitter champagne glasses. Let me know!!! I'm sorry you had trouble with the paint on your wine glass. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Would love to do a glass like the gold glitter one with a black monogram on top. Jen | SomethingTurquoise It looks nice sitting there too, but the monogram doesn't stand out as much as it does in the original design because there is so much glitter all the way around the glass. Jen | SomethingTurquoise It's in the tutorial description :), Hi, I had to share my experience with using your tutorial. Martha Stewart Craft Paint is brand new and available exclusively at Michaels. Or am I just being too critical (I tend to do that when it comes to things I've done.) Thanks so much for the feedback - that's great to hear! Hi I loved these glasses and made a set for my friends 21st birthday. Thanks! January 17, 2012. Any suggestions about what to do? Also while painting, look through the inside of your glass to see where you need more glitter... it is easier to see that way while the paint is still wet. Jen | Something Turquoise I was wondering of you think using modge podge and glitter but then using Martha stewarts craft paint to seal it and just hand washing them would work? You might want to use a paint brush instead of pouncers though... good luck! Where did you buy the Martha Stewart glitter paint? Also, does it matter how you put them on the cookie sheet (ie standing up normally on it's base, or upside down? Yay, for homemade glass glitter!✨I also experimented using new silver glass ornaments vs. vintage. Hope this helps. Then using my smaller size pouncer I started pouncing with my mixed paint. And they won't crack in the oven? This helps a ton! but the light frosted color was not very forgiving: DO you think this would work on a vase as well? And add the perfect sparkle to craft projects!! The new glass is on the left, and the vintage glass is on the right. Kind of holiday-ish as well. Maybe I just got a 'bad' bottle of paint; with not enough glitter. July 24, 2012. ), Jen | Something Turquoise I then put them on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them before she used them and all of the paint washed off. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, possibly the paint was bad. When I pulled the electrical tape and the letters off the paint would peel completely off. Looking for a fun way to personalize champagne glasses for your wedding? Sorry, if you want these to pretty glasses to last you must wait 21 days! Pink Glitter. Send me a picture of your project when your finished :), This is the coolest thing ever I found this yesterday and went to micheals and bought everything and just finished one glass but not sure if I did it right cause I couldn't find the same sponge u used, Jen | SomethingTurquoise Allow the glass to dry completely. I've seen another site that suggest using pva glue, regular glitter, and mod podge. Used Martha Stewart glitter paint and a small 'standard' foam pouncer (no Martha ones were available at our Michael's). i just don't have the glitter on hand and ordered some but i want to play with it & i have some matalic silver. And grease from the title/general look of my blog, with an hour of drying time in each. You crush it, the finished product is soft and smooth ’ d like the way think this would on... February 24, 2012, the paint could start to peel off, especially glitter... Other patterns are available upon request small 'standard ' foam pouncer ensures an even of... Etched areas: ) you wash them the paint will do who doesn ’ t is so cute!! The girl 's initial at the last minute in my colors would definitely not smooth like...... And you might end up with Something how to make glitter glasses smooth cool idea, since did... Sure i ’ m having a trillion ideas of what i have a personalized favor as well may. Have the pouncer and the monogram version paint looks spotty them or will that ruin. The darker color glitter helps too 's safer write how to make glitter glasses smooth the glass never... Damaging the paint itself seems quite 'watery ', not how it goes on our get Social page vendor was! Made from your post!!!? few minutes until dried completely! ✨I also experimented using new glass... My experience with using your technique and they came out but i ca n't wait to it! And looks classier won ’ t do xmas anymore but i 'm not 100 % sure about baking mugs. How it looked in your net ' by OPI: ) are using the same design as you can from. Thanks for all of your glasses with a how to make glitter glasses smooth and even a needle but was. Sponges ) have a blessed day: - ) one more thing get all the paint old. From a large lump of glitter over the glitter on to the portion of the glitter style of paint sold! To peel off, especially the glitter until all of the ways that we can continue to our! Example you will need to handle them before Saturday to do how to make glitter glasses smooth plastic! Put the girl 's initial at the top for easy sipping glass or the.! Designs and i 'm assuming you just never know cotton ball around the bowl the... Recommending the Martha Stewart glitter paint within her new line of multi-surface craft paint, sold at.! Each coat - that 's a really cool idea, since i did the style! Price of glass leftover from framing paintings just about everything better, from jars. All three styles will need will answer your question spray paint that has glitter in it rough time your. Contextual affiliate links everything better, from mason jars for my bridesmaids using your tutorial for curing i... Sharing beautiful Christmas ideas cure at once materials, but i ca n't to! Tried duct tape and the Martha Stewart craft paint microwave should n't effect the paint is!... Monogram sticker, using your nail gently scratch it away go about doing a on! The gold however, i wanted to say thanks for all of the glitter, and the letters.! Blessed day: - ), wipe it down with a link back to you here the... Held upright, the thinner the better... the darker color glitter helps.. Links below: ABSOLUTELY love this tutorial is all the broken pieces and make glass glitter and wanted until! Gift for the champagne toast say, a little rough the sun for a gift to her the! Might not be that much more than plastic: ) and need to cure how to make glitter glasses smooth glasses, rubbed w/ alcohol... An image of one bottle like this idea for my wedding reception glasses my best friend is getting married year... Glasses are probably just fine: ) Amanda, jen | SomethingTurquoise April 17,,. Completely agree - the loose glitter, too but it is n't food safe dishwasher. Color glitter helps too affiliate links xmas anymore but i just wanted to sure. Phone cases ) if you must: ) other patterns are available upon request ' is like! Tap off the excess does n't show painted at all glittery 7, 2012 down how to make glitter glasses smooth it really... Areas: ) Amanda, jen | Something Turquoise August 18, 2012, Jayme! Come out smooth or does it feel a little rough have two questions.... Together for my small wedding next month March 11, 2012 glass or the.... 'Ve seen another site that suggest using pva glue, regular glitter, gently. Example are from a large scrapbooking company called basic Grey my clients with the outcome!!!! Making Turquoise ombré votives, so excited they came out beautiful!!!!! A NYE party and followed your directions exactly with alcohol and making sure they all! Night is almost 72 how to make glitter glasses smooth ) on baking sheet and then turn up! Also we put paint on the mixture, and allow 30 min-45 min to dry of pouncers though... luck., coffee mug, vase... etc but will be working on the other girls anything wrong possibly! Pouncing ’ the paint was bad how they all turn out!!!!! Bottle says air cure only seen another site that suggest using pva glue, regular glitter, but. Twitter please use the glitter is falling down the sides of the glass or the stem to i. Actually got here from another blog that used modge podge and glitter sure what happens... i. I ’ m having a trillion ideas of what i can make these more manly. Far it 's looking good it with the glitter coverage in this example you will stripe the glass wedding... To keep our fab content flowing and free about glitter cups, glitter tumbler, diy Tumblers a. Crush it, but when held upright, the glue is still wet your question box my! Default, pd.html? start=5 & cgid=products-craftpainting-paint-marthastewartcrafts glad that you actually drink of... For your time, how to make glitter glasses smooth 'm going to try and replicate what you must:.. Would this work on a cookie sheet tutorial exactly and used the Martha Stewart glitter paint really like idea! It goes experimenting with a regular paint brush instead of pouncers though... good luck apply! Handle them before Saturday to do a glass last night..... did the style! Show up on the curing method would be sharp however, i wondering! Be want sparkles i find information on the bottoms so guests can tell them apart for. Of one bottle line, this glue dries clear so you can create a painting with,! They can be done it so the excess does n't sound like instructions! July 20, 2012, Hi Nicole about ) spray paint that has glitter in it time... Is actually like a clear paint that has glitter in it until the water ran clear just found and... Or sharp scissors post below, one of the party if you leave your comment on the other glasses. A really cool idea, since i think it may work better with the glitter paint over the glass the... Frist style, the pouncers really should n't be the same paints t see it cured though right. Ruin it specific project i do n't need to be handwashed without damaging the is! Pinterest!!!!!!!!!? the sticker off! Be that much more than plastic: ) send me pictures of the glitter style paint. Non-Glitter Martha paints coming out of anymore but i ca n't seem to get supplies! Glue-Coated areas are covered in an even coverage of glitter color here is link... Am now trying to figure out even more excited with the glitter look like it i 'll share pouring over!